20,000+ OA books, Advisory Board, ERC update & Diamond OA

OAPEN Library: 20,000+ Open Access Books


We are pleased to start this newsletter by sharing that the OAPEN Library has recently reached a new milestone: now hosting more than 20,000 open access books

OAPEN Advisory Board
We have also further developed our governance structure and now introduce the newly established OAPEN Advisory Board. The role of the OAPEN Advisory Board is to provide the Board of Directors with solicited and un-solicited advise on the business matters of OAPEN. The Advisory Board also has the right to render a binding nomination for one member of the Board of Directors.

The following individuals are part of the OAPEN Advisory Board:

More information on our governance structure can be found on our website here.

ERC & OAPEN Project Update: forthcoming usage dashboard, notification service & deposit service
As part of the ERC-OAPEN-2019 project, we are developing a new dashboard and notification service for all our stakeholders.

We are pleased to share a sneak peek of a new usage analytics dashboard to be made available to our community before summer. This dashboard will help libraries, publishers and funders and the researchers they serve to gain further insights into the usage of open access books and will easily run and download reports.

In parallel to this, we are developing a notification service which will allow our users to see when new, relevant, open access books become available.

We would also like to remind all publishers of the obligation to add their books by ERC-funded researchers to the OAPEN Library. More information can be found here.

Endorsement of Action Plan for Diamond Open Access
On March 2nd, OPERAS, cOAlition S, and the French National Research Agency (ANR) launched the 'Action Plan for Diamond Open Access'.  

Together with more than 40 international organisations we've endorsed this Action Plan to 'further develop and expand a sustainable, community-driven Diamond OA scholarly communication ecosystem'. It proposes to align and develop common resources for the entire Diamond OA ecosystem, including journals and platforms, while respecting the cultural, multilingual, and disciplinary diversity that constitutes the strength of the sector.

Further endorsements are welcome via this link

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