OAPEN 2021 Stakeholder report & developments for libraries

Dear colleague,

Today we are pleased to share the OAPEN Foundation 2021 stakeholder report with you, our supporting libraries. In this report we elaborate on how the OAPEN Foundation has developed in 2021 and worked on its mission to increase discoverability and trust for open access books.

Developments for libraries

We are particularly appreciative of the growing support we have seen from libraries in 2021. This support is tremenduously helpful to sustain and secure the open infrastructure services run by the OAPEN Foundation: keeping our platforms and services as open to libraries and all other users around the world as we can.

To highlight a few of the developments for 2021 mentioned in the report that may be of particular interest to you, our library community:

Number of libraries engaging with the OAPEN Library:

According to an analysis run by our colleague Ronald Snijder, well over 1,100 academic institutions and libraries have used the OAPEN Library in 2021 alone. Read more on page 7.

Annual Meeting for Supporting Libraries:

In November 2021, we organised the Annual Meeting for Supporting Libraries - enabling our library supporters to influence the development of our open infrastructure services. This annual exercise served to gather input, ideas and feedback from our library community for which we had over 40 participants. Read more on page 17.

DOAB-OAPEN Library Working Group:

In 2021, we introduced the first DOAB-OAPEN Working Group. This working group held its first meeting in April 2022 and brings together experts from the library community with whom we are working on 'better embedding open access books within the library ecosystem'. Read more on page 17.

Read the full report
Furthermore the Stakeholder report includes information on the OAPEN Foundation in the following areas:

  • Developments for the three platforms we operate: DOAB, OAPEN Library & the OAPEN OA Books Toolkit
  • Community engagement & communication efforts
  • New technical features & functionalities
  • Projects
  • Governance
  • Finances
  • An outlook for 2022 

Access the report: The stakeholder report is publicly available on our website here. To directly read the report please click here.

Thank you for your continued support of open access books and our open infrastructure services,

The OAPEN team

For more information, please contact Tom Mosterd, community manager at DOAB Foundation & OAPEN Foundation 

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