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Library Membership Programme and KU new pledging round

OAPEN KU partnership

The partnership between Knowledge Unlatched (KU) and OAPEN has led to a new initiative which will launch in September: The OAPEN Library Membership Programme. Find out more about this programme, and also about KU’s new pledging round and KU titles in the OAPEN Library in this special KU & OAPEN newsletter.

The OAPEN Library Membership Programme

The OAPEN Library Membership Programme is set up specifically for libraries and their institutions. Thanks to their membership contributions, member libraries enable the essential work of OAPEN and DOAB for libraries, scholars and the general public: to provide free and unrestricted access, improve discovery, and preserve OA monographs.
Members of this programme get:
- customised feeds of all the OAPEN collections (including enhanced MARC21 feeds);
- regular usage reports and benchmark reports about the usage of OA monographs;
- general reports regarding the transition to OA books;
- and are listed in our website and newsletters.

In addition, members can make use of the OAPEN Deposit service, consisting of an uploading service to host and disseminate OA books and chapters from member institutions and affiliated researchers.
KU has created an overview including benefits and tiered fees in a convenient flyer, which can be downloaded here:

And more information at the Partner section at their website:

Knowledge Unlatched new pledging round

KU has launched its fifth pledging round on May 2nd. New in this round are the inclusion of STEM content and the addition of six new partner models.

This round KU will offer 343 books and 3 journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) as well as two new collections of STEM content, comprising of 100 books and 8 journals.

Partners include: Luminos (University of California Press), OpenEdition, Latest Thinking, MDPI’s HSS program, HAU Books, Open Commons of Phenomenology, DeltaThink’s OA Data & Analytics Tool and the OAPEN Library Membership Program mentioned above.

Libraries can pledge their support until the end of November 2018 at

More information in KU’s newsletter:

KU titles in OAPEN

Our collaboration with KU has led to an impressive number of titles in the OAPEN Library. As part of KU Select, there are now over 500 titles in OAPEN. Including these, the total number of titles from all 4 pledging rounds is now nearing 900! Check out all KU titles in the OAPEN Library.
For more information, please contact Eelco Ferwerda, director of the OAPEN Foundation
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