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DOAB receives SCOSS funding from French Open Science Committee

The Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) is delighted to announce that the French Open Science Committee has decided to grant the DOAB foundation with an overall amount of  €125,000, as part of the SCOSS second round funding cycle. This decision acknowledges the fact that DOAB is considered as key open science infrastructure with great potential for improving the current situation regarding the visibility of open access books.
Eelco Ferwerda, co-director of DOAB, said: “the support from the French Open Science Committee to the SCOSS second round funding cycle is the first public commitment in this cycle, and it is a very substantial contribution. This funding will enable DOAB to invest in community management, to support the SCOSS campaign and to engage with the open science community.”

SCOSS, the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services, was formed in early 2017 with the purpose of providing a new co-ordinated cost-sharing framework for enabling the broader OA and OS community to support the non-commercial services on which it depends. SCOSS launched its second funding cycle at the end of 2019, selecting both DOAB and OAPEN, and also PKP and Open Citations. Each of these infrastructures will receive funding from the French Open Science Committee.

Recruitment: DOAB Community manager

The SCOSS funding from the French Open Science Committee enables DOAB to recruit a Community manager, responsible for communication and acquisition. This is a full-time position for 12 to 18 months. The primary focus for acquisition will be managing the SCOSS fundraising campaign.

Further details about this new position can be found here

About DOAB

DOAB is an online directory and discovery service for peer-reviewed OA books and OA book publishers. The primary aims of the service are to increase discoverability of OA books so that they can reach a broader audience, and to support trust in OA book publishing. Publishers provide the metadata of their publications to DOAB to increase dissemination, visibility and impact. Aggregators can integrate this metadata into their commercial services while libraries can do the same into their online catalogues, making it easier for scholars and students to discover the works. The directory is open to all publishers of academic, peer-reviewed books that are published in open access and that meet academic standards. All publishers included in DOAB are screened for their peer review procedures and licensing policies. 
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