New collaboration between Dutch Research Council (NWO) and OAPEN
We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between The Dutch Research Council (NWO) and OAPEN. NWO is stepping up its efforts to increase the open access (OA) availability of academic books in the Netherlands. The OAPEN Library will be the mandatory repository for depositing these publications and ensures global visibility for these open access titles.
The cooperation follows previous partnerships with research funders such as the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and Wellcome. OAPEN is very pleased that NWO now further intensifies their OA policy specifically for books. The policy is in line with Plan S  by cOAlition S but takes it even further by emphasising the importance of the transition to OA for books.
NWO has set up a funding page where project leaders or co-applicants of awarded NWO research projects can apply for funding of the costs of OA publishing of academic books that result from NWO funding. For this purpose, NWO has made available 500,000 euro a year from 1 June 2020 onwards. Applications for this ‘Open Access Books’ call for proposals can be submitted throughout the year as long as the budget lasts. Open Access Books is a continuous call, initially until 2022. The total budget is 500,000 euro per year with a limit of 10,000 euro per publication.

The funding page can be found here:
The collaboration enables the mandatory deposit of these titles in the OAPEN Library and in addition OAPEN will build and maintain a NWO collection. Starting now with around 80 titles, but aiming to quickly increase the number by aggregating academic books resulting from NWO research that are currently not yet in the OAPEN Library.
The new NWO policy can be found in short on the OAPEN website and in more detail at the website of NWO.
Hans de Jonge, Policy officer Open science and Quality of NWO, said: “Open access to scholarly articles is well established. We now have to turn our attention to open access for academic books if we don’t want to leave entire fields of research behind, particularly in the social sciences and humanities. That’s why I am looking forward to working with OAPEN to increase the open availability of books arising from NWO-funding.”

Eelco Ferwerda, director of OAPEN Foundation, said: “NWO helped to establish the OAPEN Foundation and was a partner in our first pilot project for open access books, OAPEN-NL. We are delighted that NWO has joined the group of research funders that support OA to academic books and are looking forward to working with NWO to increase usage and impact of NWO funded research.”

Background Dutch Research Council (NWO)
NWO funds top researchers, steers the course of Dutch science by means of research programmes and by managing the national knowledge infrastructure. NWO is of the opinion that research results paid for by public funds should be freely accessible worldwide. Since 2009, it has been committed to ensuring all publications which result from NWO funding are made available in OA. In 2015, NWO made further agreements on this with the State Secretary at the time, Sander Dekker, to push for progress. In 2018, 68% of the publications resulting from their funding were OA.

OAPEN Deposit service for OA books
The OAPEN Deposit Service has been set up to support open access policies of research funders and practitioners (research institutions, universities and their libraries). The Deposit Service provides an institutional uploading service for researchers and publishers and is adapted to the specific demands for academic books, making use of the existing metadata standards, classification schemes, and distribution channels for academic books. OAPEN works with the Dutch Research Council (NWO), Wellcome, the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF), Knowledge Unlatched (KU), the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), and the European Research Council (ERC).


For more information, please contact Eelco Ferwerda, director of the OAPEN Foundation

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