Protect Your Peace and Your Mind

In all of these times of uncertainty, it is very easy to get caught up in the "what if's"... We begin to panic as anxiety and fear take over and all of the progress and goals we've set out for ourselves get thrown out the window.

This is our reminder to you to NOT GIVE UP!

When those negative thoughts start to creep in, remind yourself that you are: POWERFUL, STRONG, CAPABLE and DESERVING!  Then acknowledge the fear and the stress and the anxiety, because it exists and is very real and we can't just pretend it isn't there.  

Once you've acknowledged all that is stressing you out, find the GOOD... find the opportunities and celebrate them!  This is the time to tackle those items on your to do lists that have been nagging at you... spend extra quality time with family, read a book, or just be outside in nature!

So, how can you stay positive?

  1. Move Your Body - This mood booster is HUGE!  It doesn't have to be intense and it doesn't have to be at a gym... as long as you move your body one way or another EACH day, you're releasing those "happy hormones".
  2. Focus on the Present - Live in the moment and that's it!  There is so much joy that we overlook on a daily basis because we are constantly living in the future and we lose so much time because we are living in the past... this is your moment... you are alive right now so live and embrace it!
  3. Accept Your Failures - Failure is one of the best teachers in the world!  It helps humble you and is a learning experience!  The fear of failure will consume you... you will remain stagnant, still or frozen and this alone can be far more damaging to your health than accepting the failure and moving on.
  4. LAUGH - EVERY. SINGLE.DAY!  Find something or someone who makes you laugh... and do it - DAILY or even hourly!  Laughter helps work those deep core muscles, it can lower your blood pressure and stress hormones, boost endorphins and T-cell levels (aka the immune system cells) and improves your overall well-being.
While our doors may be closed for the time being... we are still here for EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE of you!  We are currently working at ways to deliver classes online and will be sharing videos, meal ideas, workout ideas, whatever we can to keep you all sane!

Questions? Concerns? Just need to vent?  Send us an email, a message or a text... whatever it is - we've got you!

If you're ready to start your own Transformation, our 12 Week Transformation is now COMPLETELY online and can be started whenever you are ready... the best part?  There is a home workout version! ;)

Ready to start?  Click the button below and shoot us a message and let's get the party started!
I'm Ready
We will continue to support all of our clients from "afar" until this pandemic is behind us... because it will be behind us one day and we will all meet again, hug it out and then laugh about all the crazy things we did while we were stuck in our homes trying not to kill our partners LOL.

Be well, stay healthy and be happy!

- Mary & Lindsay
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