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At some point, life is going to go back to "normal"... how are you preparing for this shift?

We've all been blessed with some form of time over these past couple of months of #socialdistancing, whether you continue to work 40+ hours a week from home or you have been granted an opportunity of time, the busyness of our lives has changed.  Drastically.

We are no longer rushing from place to place, with various time commitments pulling us (and our families) in multiple directions.  For the most part, we are actually more connected with our spouse/partner/family/friends than we likely have been in a very long time!

Our lives have changed... our souls have grown and we are continuing to not just survive #Covid-19 but thriving (one way or another!).  I know many of you might not necessarily feel this way, but I want you to dig deep and find the good that has come from this - I promise it's there.
During this time, you've likely developed some new habits... both good and bad!  

It's completely natural and necessary in order to adapt to our current reality.
So the big question... when the world "turns back on" and our lives begin to go back to the "chaos" and the every day busyness we had back in February.... ARE YOU READY?

- What new habits are you planning on keeping?
- What habits do you need to nip in the bud?
- How are you preparing to "go back to normal"?

Experts have said that it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit.  So that being said... what practice(s) do you have - or going to - put in place to ensure your transition to another "new normal" is as smooth as possible?

I encourage you to sit and think about it, write it down, and start your plan.  Just because our transition in to our current "normal" was quick, and maybe even slightly traumatic, it doesn't mean this next one needs to be.

We have an opportunity right now to take charge of our lives!

And remember - it takes AT LEAST 18 days.... Are you ready?

Studio Update:

Many of you have been asking "when will the studio open again?"... Unfortunately at this time, that is still a very difficult question to answer.  We continue to follow the directions provided by our Government and Public Health and to date, we do not even have an estimate of when we will be able to begin a phased approach to opening.  

We continue to offer our live classes TWICE per week in our private Facebook Group (you can join below) and any clients who have punchcards or sessions will continue to remain on hold - you will not lose anything!

As soon as we have an update and/or timeline, we will share the information with all of you!

Thank you all for continuing to support us by attending our live classes, sharing our posts, and just being there!

We cannot wait to see you all again!

- Lindsay & Mary
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