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In our last e-newsletter, you read about the first leg of my historic 26-day trip to Asia - Vietnam, where we launched DVA's Vietnam Project in the county of about 60 million Buddhists, led by the Venerable Thich Thanh Huan, a leader of  Buddhism in his country.

Without your generous support, none of this would have been possible.


Now I would like to share with you the second leg of my trip, Sri Lanka. I was picked up at the international airport by our Kandy Chapter Leader, Dr. Chamith Nanayakkara, who drove me directly to my hotel since it was after midnight, only to pick me back up early the next morning to visit the Bellanwila Dhamma school where he and I were joined by Dr. Rohansen DeSilva for our one hour presentation to 700 children about why they should avoid eating animals because of the Buddha's teachings and because animals cherish their lives like all of us do. 

Dr. DeSilva walked into the audience of children with the microphone, asking for volunteers to answer questions, such as "does the fish want to be on your plate?"  "Does the fish want to be eaten?" "How did the fish get from the ocean to your plate?" and "Does the fish on your plate have a mother?" The children were very eager to take the microphone and answer these questions. All of the dozen or so answers were fish-friendly. We would like to replicate this presentation at other Dhamma schools.

Several days later I met with the Speaker of the Sri Lanka Parliament, Karu Jayasuriya, in his office to discuss a meatless Monday for the Si Lankan Parliament, important legislation involving animals, and our Dhamma school project.  The Speaker has been a very strong supporter of DVA over the past three years, lending his excellent reputation to support our Sri Lanka Project. 

I spent much of my eight days interviewing a number of people, some a second time, and our two finalists a third time, for our Sri Lanka Project. We hired two Sri Lankans: Asitha Punchihewa as the Director of the entire Project


and Shamika Gamage as the Coordinator of our Dhamma School Program.

As we try to take full advantage of our opportunity to make presentations at the 8,000 Dhamma (Sunday) schools in the country.  We also have been invited to write a Chapter for the textbooks used by the schools about our relationship with animals and how that informs our decisions on what to eat.

I also visited our Colombo offices at the VoV Coffee Lounge, hosted a press conference with major newspapers and websites (eg. The Daily News is a major newspaper in SL and met with a number of other key people.

When you enter the office we share with the VoV coffee lounge, our colorful, painted display on the wall grabs your attention.

DVA's logo can be seen outside our office from some distance as drivers approach the Indian Ocean.

Without your generous support, none of this would have been possible.


Our next and final e-newsletter this year will highlight the final leg of my historic trip - Thailand, home to nearly 60 million Theravadin Buddhists.


In order for us to build on our extraordinary successes with exciting new initiatives here in the U.S., in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the rest of Asia and the world, I’m asking you to consider a year-end GIFT to Dharma Voices for Animals. The generous gifts of our supporters empower us to continue to develop innovative projects and actions to spread the message of a compassionate diet around the globe. In doing so, we will together save the lives of countless, precious animals. 

As the only international Buddhist Animal Rights/Animal Advocacy organization in the world, we are the only Voice for Animals.  If we aren’t able to reach the approximately 1 billion Buddhists in the world who will? Your support is critical in making this happen.

Support for our work is particularly important today in order to realize a matching gift commitment of $95,500, which we just received, and which will soon expire, from an extremely generous supporter. With our fundraising goal AND 2019 budget at $191,000, we now have a match for the first $95,500 raised which will allow us to reach our $191,000 goal by raising $95,500 and further our message of compassion! 

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The GIFT you make today will go twice as far to support DVA’s important work in the US, the Buddhist countries of Sri Lanka and Vietnam, and the rest of the Buddhist world by extending the Buddha’s teachings on compassion and non-harming to ALL sentient beings, which will protect the lives of millions, perhaps billions, of animals. 

No gift is too small.

The GIFT you make today will support DVA’s important work to significantly reduce animal suffering worldwide.

A monthly GIFT provides a consistent stream of revenue which allows us to best plan our projects.  No gift is too small.

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Your support is critical in making this happen. Make your GIFT to DVA now so that you can say you were part of that achievement. 

Your support is greatly appreciated.
Bob Isaacson
President of DVA
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