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6 November 2014
DMA Institute, the leading European technology Innovator in Digital Performance, is proud to announce the strategic partnership with Nextplora. The official Partnership was launched during the over subscribed ASSIRM 2014 Market Research Forum in Milan, where Nextplora - as the Platinum Sponsor, introduced the Multi-touch point Conversion Attribution into the Italian market.

A key Italian market leader since 2010, Nextplora has been assisting clients and media agencies with a suite of solutions ranging from digital media post-evaluations, to digital campaign tracking studies. The Italian digital market in general, more specifically video, has enjoyed a 30% growth per annum since 2011, and only the video market was estimated to exceed €270 million in 2014. This strategic partnership will allow Nextplora to introduce this premium technology to Italian Advertisers as an independent, objective and transparent provider of the DMAi solution. The Italian Advertisers have shown an increasing appetite for data and especially Performance related data about the effectiveness of their investments into digital advertising. Using the DMAi solution, Nextplora will be able to provide quantifiable and actionable data to Advertisers who can then use the “big” data to analyze and optimize their digital spend throughout the campaign period. 
“We are happy to announce the partnership with DMAi in the field of digital media auditing” – says Andrea Giovenali CEO of Nextplora – “we have been scouting for a long time for a valid solution to reinforce our services. The DMAi solution is essential in meeting the increasing demand of our clients in understanding the real value of digital spend in relation to the contribution to the conversion and the Viewability of their campaigns. This partnership will allow us to participate and offer coverage to our International Clients”.
“Together we will innovate to improve branding and performance results drastically, simply by adding full transparency to the digital media ecosystem.” The CEO of DMA Institute Marcel Vogels believes that "The combination of cutting edge technology and in-depth market knowledge and experience will provide Nextplora Clients with the tools and knowledge to gain control of the digital spend by having transparency and actionable data at their fingertips.  In other words, driving your digital advertising budget further!".
We look forward to bringing Digital Transparency and Actionable Data to Italy!

DMA Institute, the leading European technology Innovator in Digital Performance, focuses on the digital footprint of the Consumer. The Consumer is and will remain the prime focus at every touch point along the digital journey. As every impression should contribute to the Performance of a digital campaign. The DMAI data analytics can be used to provide Actionable insights, tangible and measurable KPI’s to assist Marketers to maximise the efficiency and effect of their marketing spend.

Nextplora, as the leading market research organization in Italy through innovative and technology-driven methodologies, is well suited to provide indepth insights and advice for Performance marketing. The breadth of knowledge and experience within Nextplora is well placed to introduce and lead Italian Marketers to not only optimize Performance efficiency, but also support the continuous performance efficiency with media research both online and cross media. Nextplora is the exclusive distributor in Italy of the DMAi solution for the advertisers, the media agencies and the publishers.

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