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available at Sandhill. Erin K. Mace compassionately works with clients to find innovative and meaningful solutions to a variety of disputes. Contact Erin for more information.

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Stefanie Pisarkiewicz specializes in adolescent anger management and self-esteem building.  Stefanie helps clients ages 10-20 address issues that include, but are not limited to, identity, anxiety, depression, grief /loss, life transitions, communication, and conflict resolution. Contact Stefanie for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

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Therapist Specializes in the Mental Health of Athletes and their Families
October 7, 2014

Alexander W. Ochoa, MA joins the Clinical Team at Sandhill Counseling and Consulation.

Alex received his Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and is currently working on a PhD in Family Therapy from Saint Louis University. Alexander provides individual, couples and family therapy for children and adults. 

He specializes in sports mental health counseling and the impact that sports have on the emotional mental states of individuals, couples, and families In addition, Alexander helps clients address issues that include, but are not limited to struggling with fears of reinjury, communication, identity loss, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and conflict resolution.
Alexander developed an interest in athlete mental health while completing an undergraduate degree at Occidental college on a football scholarship.  Athletes are asked to undergo immense physical, mental, and emotional stressors in order to live up to the ever rising expectations of coaches, parents, and fans.  An athlete’s mental health is of paramount importance as an athlete wades into a competitive sporting culture that  often favors performance over the person.  Alexander noticed the impact that a positive mental state had on both player performance and rehabilitation from injury.
Currently ,Alexander is working with the Lindenwood University Rugby Program to help the coaches and players understand their sense of identity and purpose and combat any feelings of excessive fear, anger, anxiety, depression, or thoughts of doubt.  He holds the belief that an athlete will perform at his or her best when they are most healthy and aware of their whole person (body, mind, and spirit).  Bodies and minds are connected, and the preference and attention of one at the expense of the other will inevitably lead to mental or physical injury. 

Alexander focuses on an athlete's overall health, worth, and mental well being that can lead to increased performance on and off their playing surface.  One cannot be a healthy athlete if they are not first and foremost a healthy person. 

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