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I hit the self destruct button this month!

I want to start by apologizing for this June update being slightly later than usual! With end of financial year consulting deadlines and finishing TypographJournal vol03 I have been burning the candle both ends of professional and passionate practice (which has not left a lot of time for anything else!). As a direct result in the last few weeks I have very much been a professional designer and amateur human! (Massive thanks to Mike for holding the fort at home and putting up with a crazy type obsessed lady for a wife!)

One of my biggest struggles through June was not so much about managing my time and conflicting pulls but rather about balancing my own frustration and excitement with what I was producing. Volume03 of the journal covers the math and magic of type and is an area of particular interest to me. In hindsight I could have filled 800 pages with research thinking and experimentation on this theme. I was also really keen in this volume to profile more of the amazing work the TypeMakers of our community are producing. Fitting in more great content made it excruciatingly hard to keep the document under 249gms (a constraint imposed by postage and customs regulations) after working with KW.Doggett (who were super helpful) to find a great light weight Australian made paperstock. I still had to cut two articles (which will feature in a future volume!) to get the weight down. Thankfully Jo Hoban (editor extraordinaire) was on hand to help ensure my restructuring of the document still comes together in a cohesive, informative and hopefully inspiring little package of TypoMusing!

TypographJournal volume 03 includes articles by; Veronica Grow and David Jonathan Ross and features; Vince Frost, Kris Sowersby, David Wolske, Lyn Tran, Carla Hackett, Maarten Van Wout,  Aurelie Maron, Leona Fietz, Manolo Frausto (and plenty more fresh talent in the #TypographComp and new TypePorn sections)! The feature colour this volume is pantone 172u (and the above is a little sneak peek to the chapter opener design).

Collaborating with people like Jo, Corinne (form Doggett) and all the amazing contributors for this volume certainly makes all the late nights worth while! And I am really excited to share the latest volume with you next month when its back from the printer... (I will include an exclusive discount code for you too!)

I am now looking forward to a really full (and fun) July with talks, workshops and the volume03 launch! So stay tuned for your next update - as you will be first to know when vol03 is available for sale.
8faces (and TypeWorship) have compiled the 25 most admired typefaces by typographers, type designers and letterers. Over four years 8faces interviewed 64 world-renowned designers, asking them to list their favourite faces. After counting the number of times each typeface was selected they have published the top 25. The top 10 designers’ favourite fonts will be quite familiar to many but hopefully the full list will allow you to discover some new typefaces to use and admire.

Check out this excellent video on type, branding, letterpress and carving. Pure Pākati was designed for exclusive use by Tourism New Zealand, who were looking to move their “100% Pure” campaign away from several years of Middle Earth. This shift included an overhaul of their typeface and visual language. Pure Pākati a contemporary typeface carved in wood to represent Whanau. The typeface was designed by Phil Kelly, Rangi Kipa, Karl Wixon and Kris Sowersby (Kris is also featured in TypographJournal Vol03); the design process for Pure Pākati has been turned into this small (fantastic) documentary.

I was super excited that Veronica Grow (OSNS founder) contributed an article on Tactile Mathematics to TypographJournal vol03 - Old School New School has a bunch of fantastic new courses and workshops coming up for copperplate, brush script and a Short Course in Independent Publication Design! Knowing how to produce a beautiful publication can also be useful knowledge for any designer whose work is speculative, including multidisciplinary design teams of architects and urban designers who use design as a tool to inquire, to research, to anticipate and must produce their findings in visually compelling ways (especially when pitching for work). I am a big fan of the work OSNS is doing and recommend checking them out. 

Very honored to have Ash Tucker and Liz Watson from the Asia Pacific Design Library visit the studio last month. We talked (over a gluten free cake and a fresh brew of tea!) about balancing professional and passionate practice as I showed them through the print pavilion and my studio. Ash followed up with an article on DesignOnline you can check out the full feature there.
More student tickets have been allocated to my Alphabet is Code analogue type workshop with Design Assembly! Come learn techniques to draw type and get expressive with visual language in this full day workshop in Auckland next month. Grab your tickets via eventbrite here
If you are in Brisbane and free the evening of Tuesday 7th of July... I am speaking at the next Brisbane Creative Women's Circle event. I will discuss the evolution of my professional and passionate creative practices, establishing TypographJournal, my journey of setting up and maintaining a backyard letterpress studio, as well as a little about what I have learned in business along the way. After the talk, join us for a cuppa and get to know your local community of creative women.

Details and tickets here

Monotype recently conducted a font marathon, giving two designers the task of designing new typefaces in less than a week. Both designers spent five days in Monotype's New York offices, working late and even sleeping in the office in order to meet their deadline! Read more here

Love lettering? Love letterpress? Love learning? The LOL workshop is for you! In this 2 day workshop you will learn both lettering and letterpress with the Ladies of Letters (Carla Hackett and Amy Constable). Spend a day learning how to create your own Drop Cap with Carla (who is also featured in TypographJournal vol03) then come back for day 2 and print your design in letterpress with Amy.  Book here

typ gr ph c mid-winter workshop, #5, Speech Practice. This one-day workshop will offer the opportunity to use your voice, to explore and experiment within the disciplines of typography, graphic design and art practice. Details and booking
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