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Why hello there - I usually get in touch with updates the last week in the month - so those of you who live and die by your calendar (like me!) apologies for sending you this out of sync... But I was really looking forward to sharing the new site with you (and I am out of my studio next week) so here I am in your inbox a little early - hopefully to set you up for your Friday afternoon (or perhaps weekends?) reading and viewing pleasure!

As I mentioned previously I have been working on updating the site so I can publish more digital content (& profile more of you and your work!). The new site has a built in events calendar for design, type, calligraphy and lettering workshops, conferences and exhibitions. You can submit your events (and your work) using this new submit feature on the site.

I have been collaborating with Justin from Flying Fox Media on the build. I wanted to include a shout out to him (as he was awesome to work with)... if any of you are looking for assistance with your digital presence, I highly recommend you get in touch with Justin.

This month, as well as the launch, I kicked off a new Student Spotlight feature with talented Kiwi Design Student Nathan Stevens. His work in progress graduation project seeks to define type characteristics with the potential to improve dyslexic literacy and apply the findings into a new typeface 'Literae'. I think Nathans work is really clever and I am excited to see how the project develops. Follow the link to see a case study of Nathan's process & thinking - Student Spotlight: Nathan Stevens (Whanganui School of Design, NZ)

Thank you so much for the ongoing interest, encouragement and support -
I would love to hear any feedback you may have on the site... (or any of this months content)!

x Nicole

I have a great selection of typoMusings for you this month!
Check out this excellent article on on Type designer, artist, educator Gerard Unger
I asked designer/letterer Daniel Coull to share with us the process behind his Rise Magazine editorial submission.
I am really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of 'Type: New Perspectives in Typography' this awesome new book published by Laurence King and curated by Henrik Kubel and Scott Williams. This A to Z survey of typographic design documents some of the most accomplished and exciting type work produced in the last fifteen years. The book showcases over 100 carefully selected contemporary designers, including the best examples of their current work and also features an introduction by Rick Poynor.
Brim Narrow - Designed by type talent Jamie Clarke has just been released via Brim is inspired by antique woodtype and chromatic type from the 1800s. Its various styles stack together creating a variety of decorative combinations. Each layer can be assigned its own colour, resulting in a rich assortment of eye-catching results. I have had the great pleasure of playing with this font and it's layering and dimension is sensational.
The Project Passion exhibition series is inviting submissions of self-initiated typographic pursuits. The next event will celebrate letters, numbers, and symbols—the building blocks that make up our visual language system—are finite and yet infinite in their application.

Utilizing typographic parameters such as kerning and ligatures in an experimental manner, Ruben Chumillas Guilty Hand font allows the user to construct illustrations, and expressive letterforms from repeatable elements.

Melbourne based designer Rachel Chew created Type that both grows and decomposes simultaneously for this 'Decomposition Book' promotional project.

Pentagram’s Natasha Jen and her team have designed the graphics for the event, which feature custom typography that celebrates the adaptable quality of architecture. The designers created a playful typographic system based on the idea of reconfiguration of space—similar to the nature of architecture itself. Expanding and contracting, the typography visually echoes the way buildings and structures adapt to fill available area, especially in cities and urban environments. Check out the Dynamic type in action and read more here

The Well-Traveled Ampersand by Starshaped Press questions 'Can a typeface give voice to a city, a region, a country?' and further pushes this line of inquiry further to ask 'Can one single character accomplish the task?'

Luke Lucas has just released this fun, 40-minute class sharing his amazing vector type skills. Luke walks you through a step-by-step process for styling your favorite word — sketching, defining letter proportions and connections using a ribbon as your letterform guide and finalizing your word in Illustrator with some cool effects. Perfect for a portfolio piece, fun print headline, or even just for fun, you'll not only master this technique, but you'll be able to add all kinds of finishing touches to create a custom script of your own!

In 'A Craft Of Consequences: Reader, Writer And Emotional Design' Robin Rendle explores the elements of design (and production) that impact reader experience and engagement.
Our good friends (& champions of the New Zealand design scene) Design Assembly are seeking writers to become regular author/contributors for their site. Design Assembly aims to celebrate New Zealand graphic design industry and creatives, (those that work locally and overseas). If you're interested and have something to say I highly recommend you get in touch with Lou and the DA team to see how you can collaborate.

I love type that encourages you to get your hands dirty so am totally head over heels for this new Tripper Stencil Set by Underware

Pistachio by Thalia Echevarria was designed as part of the 2015 Masters program at Reading University. This reversed contrast typeface has lots of personality and charm.

There has been a lot of debate via social media this month about the pros and cons of parametric font editors... (these are tools that allow you to quickly edit and create type). I can see why some of the type design community have concerns but on the whole I think tools that enable designers to have greater control and customization of letterforms across a system is a step in the right direction for our industry! Preview some of the tools creating a stir here, here and here (Similar features were just demoed in new versions of Glyphs & FontLab also).
Portuguese designer Rafael Serra is regularly publishing unique and colourful letters in a 500 pixel square format. são outros quinhentos 500px letters by Rafael Serra
Check out the Calendar for lots of fantastic new type-centric events including more info on the sure-to-be-AMAZING 'I'd letterpress the shit out of that' exhibition in melbourne next month.
You Say Cute, I Say Code by Ulrike Wilhelm is an insightful read on the Making of LiebeLotte, A Connected Script Font (via medium).
Designer Masato Nakada's web typography experiment TypeSnap allows users to create dynamic words and sentences using only half of letters. (warning its addictive!)
Speaking of type specimen how cool is this awesome printed spec book, about new typeface Frank? Launched by London-based design agency Bunch and Alberto Hernández, in collaboration with Milieu Grotesque. Frank is a contemporary rounded stencil - that uses kit-of-parts thinking to build a modular typeface. The spec book playfully uses dicut and pop out features to make the type component tangible and explore the positive and negative forms of each letter and module.
In Print magazine’s 75 years of publishing, they’ve seen (& published) lots of type specimen! Print dug deep into the archives to find their favourite type-vurtisements. Some you might recognise, others, not so much. Check out these vintage font ads from decades past.
In the latest Grafik Letterform article Designer Andy Luce sings the many praises of Bellissima Script Pro's uppercase 'P' designed by Ale Paul. "To see a refined contemporary letterform maintain both its humanity and an understated appreciation of historical masters is inspiring"
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