"It's not sufficient to do things better. We need to do better things." - Mark Shayler
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KiaOra, type and print friends,
I am about to head home to NZ to host some workshops with Design Assembly. There are still spots left for Auckland Saturday and Christchurch on Sunday - and if you're in Aotearoa I would LOVE to see you there! You can use the code Typographer20 here DA Workshop: The Essentials of Typography with Nicole Arnett Phillips, 27 May, Auckland or DA Workshop: The Essentials of Typography with Nicole Arnett Phillips, 28 May, Christchurch (I am still packing?!) so I will keep this month TypoMusings brief but there is lots of great stuff to read and explore below including some fantastic events for those of you in Australia and the Northern hemisphere!
Take care, keep up the brilliant work and I will be in touch again June (Oh my word this year is flying by!)
All the very best
The world is topsy turvy at the moment - so I wanted to focus on a project that makes my heart swell with love, joy and pride. (I hope it does the same for you!) I am in awe of the beauty (not just aesthetics but also sentiment) in the Love Wins Font. Comprised of a series of 60 phrases handwritten with expertise and love specially designed to celebrate diversity.

As letter crafters, Giuseppe and Paco (the talented gents behind Resistenza) enjoyed seeing the signs people designed for their different pride parades and wondered Why don’t we create a collection of handcrafted lettering to share some love and to add a typographic realness to the party? 

The lettering was drawn with different calligraphic tools creating diverse aesthetics. You can use them to create your signs, t-shirts, stickers, poster, banners.. all you need is to spread love during your Pride Celebrations (or day-to-day life!). So if you support love, equality and freedom, this is your new favourite font freebie!

As designers, we focus on our client's needs (and solving their problems) but often forget about our personal development as creative practitioners. Although investing in our advancement is critical, whether it be to;

  • learn new practical skills,
  • expand our existing knowledge,
  • define our point-of-view or voice as a designer
  • actively seek new collaborations or relationships in industry, or
  • discovering fresh sources of inspiration is vital to keeping our work relevant and exciting.

No matter what stage of our design career we are - we should all be curious students of design, embracing each and every opportunity we have to learn. The Porto Design Summer School is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a collaborative intensive learning environment and explore a stunning city with like minded curious creatives. This year teaching staff include Porto school founder Andrew Howard typo systems luminary Hamish Muir masterful book designer David Pearson, and artist/typographer Catherine Griffiths (of typ gr ph c) representing the ladies and our talent from down under!

Barbara Enright and Carla Hackett are two of the most talented ladies in the business of brush lettering. They are hosting a 2-day beginners workshop in Brisbane next month. It will be a fantastic opportunity secure your spot!
The Design Conference and its Sideline events roll into Brisbane this week - the launch party kicks off this evening at Greaser bar in the valley. One of my Favourite type designers Wayne Thompson is speaking if you can't be there in person I would highly recommend following along on social media using #tdcbne17
TypeNotes is cause for excitement and celebration A publication that promises to entertain & educate Fontsmith's TypeNotes is a love letter to letterforms. Cheese and wine = LOVE, Type and Ink = LOVE,  Quiet beach and clean waves = LOVE, Salty Kumara chips and Tazaki = LOVE, Liquorice tea and a good book = LOVE. Some combinations are always a good idea, rounding out the above list of pairings I get excited about is; Fontsmith and Counter Press = LOVE
“Eventually, we need to switch off, to process, to think it all through,” As I am currently overwhelmed in all aspects of life and despair at most of what is in the news at the moment - I was incredibly inspired by artist Joseph Ernst Nothing in the News, project. Ernst’s blank newspapers offer a reprieve from the news cycle.

Dublin designer/printmaker Dave Darcy of One Strong Arm delivers bold colour, complexity, creativityand nautical inspired delight in the Ships debut album.

Essential reading for everyone interested in designing type (now translated into English!) How are typefaces designed? What is the process? Which characters are essential? In How to create typefaces Cristóbal Henestrosa, Laura Meseguer and José Scaglione answer these questions in a straightforward and direct way.

Ethereal words and an artefact of note... Beach Burial, a poem by Kenneth Slessor in Sabine Pick's hand The production adds resonance to the text. The delicate colouring and subtly of print - which are often signatures in Sabine's work - add depth to the reader experience of the book. Urging the reader to linger, focus and meditate on each word.

Experimental Type by Subscription Join David Jonathan Ross' Font of the Month Club and get one of his distinctive display fonts delivered to your inbox every single month (for only $6)!
Starting at the end of the alphabet Clever copywriting, a fun user experience and great quality type make for a winning combo at XYZ Type, a new independent type foundry offering fonts by Ben Kiel & Jesse Ragan
A Map Of The (google fonts) Typographic Universe, Drawn by artificial intelligence Kevin Ho, the software design lead at Ideo recently used machine learning algorithms to visualize the nuanced relationships between hundreds of fonts.
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