"We never read, we just look at letters"
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Why hello there typophile!

I know you love design, appreciate type and are passionate about your craft. So you're going to fall head over heels in lust with the work of John Mawby. John is a lettercutter; that is both his craft – and compulsion. His passion for type cut the traditional way defines not only his practice but also his identity. I have been admiring his work (both outcomes and process) via Instagram, and I was so honoured to interview John for this feature where we discuss what he has learnt about type from his chisel, and the contemporary practice of an age-old process.

Lettering meets letterpress collaboration

I had seen Craig Black's beautiful lettering online and was immediately drawn to his craftsmanship and skill. After featuring his work in a couple of posts,  and corresponding back and forth on social channels, we struck up a friendship and a collaborative process was the natural next step.

Northern Southern (pictured above) is one of the first pieces we collaborated on in what is an ongoing series of work which explores the juxtapositions in our relationship. Collaborating analogue in opposing hemispheres has been challenging but also so rewarding. We both have been overwhelmed by the wonderful feedback this project has received and are looking forward to keeping the TypoPairings going!

I messed-up!

Some of you might have seen on instagram I started an ambitious shapesetting composition with ornate fraktur letterforms... It was slow progress (partly due to complexity but also because I have been at the mac catching up on client work since getting back from the Design Assembly events in NZ). One of the biggest challenges to printing the feet (the backside of the type) is the sorts are less stable on the face. As I inched closer to completing the lock up last weekend I accidentally knocked a large section over and am now back at square one! In an act of ink therapy, I restored sanity last Saturday by layering up overprints of woodtype which was infinitely less tricky to work with. But I am hoping to have another go at this composition and am itching to get some analogue playtime in the print pavilion this weekend!

I hope you have a great weekend and allow time for your own creative practice, play, curiosity and catching up on a monthly dose of TypoMusings over the next few days!
x Np

Fontsmith produced a typographic terms infographic. Like a type dictionary, the A-Z (or A-x as the resource ends with x-height!) expands on typographic anatomy, type classification, the jargon of contemporary type production and language of typesetting.

Spector is a pocket-sized gadget that takes the detective work out of identifying fonts (and colours).

Robin Rendle started a fantastic weekly newsletter called Adventures in Typography. Topics include web typography, type design, print, education, and dusty old type specimens. Sign up here.

Pyte Foundry's, Ellmer Stefan is ambitiously publishing a new display font each week of 2016. I just downloaded (and fell in love) with Overdone. (Thanks to Robin Rendle for the tip!) I am excitedly following Ellmers progress on twitter.
Brand Union and Colophon design this clever fragmented typeface to convey the confused and broken characteristics of Dementia.
The above image describes a gadzook - a term I had never heard until I saw Graphicacy's Type Anatomy Diagram - a collaboration between Benedict Richards and Carolina Scarpetta.
Alice’s keen understanding of craft, respect for tools, and interest in historical forms have contributed to her extraordinary skill. Although practising for over 60 years relatively few of her works have been published in book form until now.

Perfect in their imperfection O.OO produced a guide to Risograph printing that embraces all of the imperfections and difficulties that are associated with the process.

The Alphabettes are running a series called My 2¢: on the lettering and typography of currency. This beautiful stamped Empathy penny, was designed by Marian Bantjes. You can read the series here.
Very excited to learn the Letterform archive is poised to publish a Monograph on calligrapher, book and type designer William Addison Dwiggins - his work has been pivotal in my understanding of how best to balance humanist gesture with modularity in typographic form. I first became fascinated by his approach and methodology after discovering a facsimile copy of WAD to RR: A Letter about Designing Type
Respect by Resistenza draws inspiration from the traditional techniques of sign painting and calligraphy while injecting some street art attitude.
Martina Flor's new book on Lettering and Type Design 'Lust auf Lettering' is published in german by Verlag Hermann Schmidt and will be released in English later the year as 'The Golden Secrets of Lettering' by Princeton Architectural Press

I am fascinated by the relationship between mechanical, rational and optical components of type construction, so I loved this write up on the design of Grifo which explores the geometry of glyphs in detail. 

Watch as Dan Rhatigan shows how to improve that final 5% of your typography with the help of OpenType features.
In this great interview Type Thursday dive into Jessicas publishing process and thinking behind her book In Progress.
In the latest lunchtime talk video from FastCo Type designer Bruno Maag argues that type, not a logo, is the most important aspect of any great brand.
Honoured and excited to have TypographJournal volume 04 featured in the Spanish Experimenta Publication!
You should follow TDF on instagram - they have been teasing out images of a new woodtype collaboration with Anthony Burrill that has me in total suspense!
There are some awesome new events listed in the calendar including Sarah Hyndman's LDF TypeTaster events (which are bound to be amazing!) and DesignNerds in Italy which will feature Resistenza's Giuseppe and Paco (who screen printed these awesome postcards for the event!)
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