Merry Everything and Happy Ever After.
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I am hoping to be out of my cast this week just in time to spend the holidays in the printpavilion - after 9 weeks of not being able to print I can't think of a better time to get inky! (Expect letterpress play in your instagram feed!) Also given how glorious the weather is down under right now I hope to have at least a few days at the beach for reading, swimming (if given the all clear!) and a little typographic cryptography too (see the below musings about which code I aim to crack!).

As the year draws to a close I wanted to take the opportunity to say a huge and heartfelt thanks - the TypographCommunity has experienced huge growth. I am grateful for all your support, encouragement and for producing such inspiring work (that is a pleasure to discover and share!)

Wishing you a very merry whatever you're celebrating this month! Be it graduation, Christmas, Hanukkah, ice skating in Central Park, a good wave down the coast, a new year, a new bub (I know that applies to a good number of you!), a new job or non-denominational public holidays spent with your loved ones... Whatever and however you're celebrating, cheers to you!

This edition of TypoMusings is jam packed so should give you plenty of type, lettering, calligraphy and print content to muse over while trying to avoid awkward conversations with relatives at family events...

Although, before we overindulge in this holiday type-candy, (I don't mean this to sound at all salesy!) but I have just received a heads up about international shipping price increases (of an average of about 5% to most destinations) that will be effective from the 1st of January. There was a postage increase earlier in the year (both domestic and international) that I choose not to pass on to customers... But I don't have enough margin in the documents to absorb the next rise so I will have to increase prices in the new year. So I wanted to let you know with total transparency if you're considering buying any of the TYPOgraphJournals it will cost you less in 2016 than it will in 2017.

Take care - stay curious, make time to create (and experiment!).
I will be in touch again in the New Year
Xx Np
I caught up with publisher (& type designer) Mathieu Christe to find out more about his type periodical Footnotes applied research in type design.

Wayne Thompson is a Type designer with an impressive collection of text and display faces under his belt. I caught up with him to talk about his approach to teaching type, and his new workshop Principles of Typeface Design launching 2017.

The hidden glyphs in your fonts: Ralf Herrmann explains why some characters are hidden and what you can do about it in this Typography.Guru article
TienMin Liao project "type 字" is a beautiful ongoing exploration of 100 contrasting styles of bilingual lettering.
Highly respected Type and Media (KABK) teacher Françoise Berserik displays and describes her craft: the Dutch letter carver introduces her work and explained some of the process and design of cutting type in stone.
The Essentials of Typography & Type Swilling Social Nights: I am really looking forward to collaborating with Design Assembly to deliver new type events in New Zealand in 2017. Not in NZ? I am also working on a program of events for Australia - kicking off with two workshops in Feburary here in Brisbane which I hope to confirm details of (and share with you) soon!
Counter Print's newest Publication 'Art Marks' is a compendium of logos from designers, artists and creative organisations from all over the world.
The typography of Lisbon's store fronts tell a story about the city: ‘re-tale’ conveys the vibrant essence and energy of the city, highlighting its historic architecture and commercial spaces.  (thanks to Jen Marchant for this link!)
How to start a revolution with Comic Sans: Dazed explores the hidden power of a typeface... “I was thinking the other day that ultimate rebellion is if we all start using Comic Sans.” – Sarah Hyndman
How to Design Typefaces in a Language You Can’t Speak: Fiona Ross shows us why fonts are the true universal language.
I often feel upside down and topsy turvy - perhaps it has something to do with the symmetry in my initial?!
UPSIDE DOWN N – is a collection of Unruly N's (this fun project is lead by N-huntress Adele RenaultRogier Bot, N-thusiast, Niels Shoe Meulman.
Excellent News! Typophile (the forum where type designers and typographers come together to talk type) is back online! Established in 2000 (but defunct for a number of years) this relaunch is a fantastic outcome for our community!
Rafael Serra's latest self-initiated project (Adjectives + Typography = Adjetipos) visually investigates how type functions on multiple levels. 

What we need is clarity. We want to be told straight, but we want to be told gently. We want the truth, but we don't want to be hit over the head with it... meet Fabriga! Fabriga is the typeface for this time.

Read about the process and inspiration behind Marisol Ortega's new header
Barry Spencer's Clara typeface is so complex the enigma machine would be proud! Both the design and message are encrypted. In this TypeWorship feature, Barry issues us a challenge to crack the code.
How to Draw Type and Influence People... Sarah Hyndman's latest book project is due for release 17th April 2017 - Here’s a link to pre-order, it on Amazon!

Registration is open for #tdcbne17 Brisbane's premier creative event.. There is some fantastic type design & lettering talent (local and international) in the line up this year. Get your ticket at

A slick monolinear slab and script: LatinoType's Hogar Slab, is derived from the Hogar sans typeface (based on interior design, furniture design and architecture). The monolinear system now also boasts a slab serif & new script style.

This episode of Anthony Bourdain's Raw Craft champions the art of bookmaking at Arion Press

Looking for holiday reading? Editions At Play, is a digital bookstore for books that cannot be printed. Essentially an experiment in digital literature this playful typography tests the traditional e-book format.
There are loads of new type, lettering, print and bookbinding events listed on the calendar.
The festive greeting above is set in Turquoise from the clever chaps at Resistenza. and Verb by Yellow Design Studio. Support the excellent independent type foundries in our community - fonts make great gifts, there is something for every budget and they ship same day for free!
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