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February has really flown by, I feel like it was just yesterday I wrote the last TypoMusings email! I am putting the final touches on volume 04 of TypographJournal and have been engrossed in that (while also juggling client work) - so don't feel like I have come up for air this month! This volume of the journal explores the interplay between technology (print and digital), craftsmanship and design of type and goes to print in the next 2 weeks - I don't have a delivery date from the printer yet but I will be in touch again as soon as it launches! I am looking forward to sharing this volume with you - as I think its pretty epic!

Speaking of time moving quickly - Earlier this week I went to hear Jess Walsh talk about her creative practice. She shared so much valuable insight - I came away feeling super inspired! One of the things that struck me most (especially given how prolifically and frequently she publishes both personal and client work) was her understanding that the best work takes time. At Sagmeister & Walsh as well as dedicating a lot of time to their self initiated work and their practice of taking creative sabbaticals they also insist on enough time for each client deliverable to allow for play, experimentation (& failure) so that they can come up with innovative solutions rather than relying on creative pathways they have tested before (genius!). After the event I was fortunate enough to chat with Kevin Finn (who expertly juggles DesigNerd, Open Manifesto and The Sum Of) about the challenges of finding time (and giving yourself permission to prioritize personal work) which reminded of a wonderful postcard from Myrna at Expedition Press about "allowing" time - which I thought was a beautiful sentiment - Myrna wisely wrote: 'my first thoughts for the verb were “make time...” and then “take time…” and then “steal time…” But hey, if I can learn to allow time… well, there’s something!'

This month although I was super busy with the journal I did "allow" time for my letterpress play. The Above Q is one of the outcomes - I am pleased with how it turned out but as always for me my time in the print pavilion is more about the process than the outcome! This month before we jump into the TypoMusings I wanted to encourage you all to allow time for your own creative practice, to play, experiment, innovate and advance. Allow yourself time to do your best work!

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I spoke with Keith Bates - founder of K-Type - about Type revivals, Observational Design process and his eclectic catalogue of typefaces inspired by culture, time and place.
The Pattern Project is an ornamental type family built from a series of patterns, which applies the visual richness of medieval manuscipts to contemporary digital typography.

Talented local Typographer Matt Vergotis releases Dissimo - A Family of 8 sexy slab serifs.

I earn my crust as a book (& document) designer. As well as typesetting large volumes of text I create a lot of infographics and charts as part of my scope. Visualizing data into accessible/easily understood chunks of information is an artform - (and a labour intensive process!) But FF Chartwell makes data visulisation a breeze with discretionary ligatures
TypeThursday chatted with Ethan Dunham, about insights on the type market and how type designers can better sell their work.
Memoire: is a beautiful Typeface by Sub Rosa which mimics the wear of well used metal type - the letterforms lose their sharpness, fade, soften and spread just like our memories overtime.
Carolina Scarpetta's work demonstrates a great eye for detail, proportion and layout while straddling both Graphic and Urban design disciplines.
Have you ever walked past a hand-drawn sign and thought that it would make a great typeface? Elizabeth Carey Smith did just this via a number of signage sites in Melbourne,
Submit a cover artwork for the opportunity to be featured in this years Secret 7" exhibition (the above record sleeve is Craig Black's 2015 submission). details of how to get involved here
For this years Secret 7" David and Elizabeth the duo behind London Letterpress outfit The Counter Press were asked to host a print workshop at Sonos Studios - the print fanatics among you are going to go bananas over these ink and type images
Fantastic news via New York based design book retailer New Metaphor books that Designers & Books has Launched a Program for publishing Facsimiles of Out-of-Print Books
Tactile Typographer Dominique Falla (featured in volume 01 of TypographJournal) launched a fabulous new website.

Ksenia Belobrova takes us on a visual journey through The process of designing a multi layered script typeface (Di Mare).

There are loads of fantastic new events listed on the calendar - I am really excited about attending Wayne Thompson's Creative Type Vectoring workshop in Brisbane in a couple of weeks! Hope to see you there.

I was honored to be interviewed by Rebecca from TypeBasics - we spoke about my professional/passionate practice business model and using letterpress as a form of creative therapy, the importance of experimentation, client relationships and the expressive potential of typography (among other things!) you can check out the full interview here.
I am feeling inspired by stone cutters and 3d sign makers to 'up my game' with traditional hand tools!
Share your favourite glyph on instagram to win 3 volumes of TypographJournal details here
Chris Costello sold Papyrus for the equivalent of $2,500 when he was 23. He never could've guessed how big it would become—or how reviled. Read more in this excellent FastCo article.

Hey Studio’s athletic and geometric typeface for ESPN’s magazine makes a contemproary nod to roman stone carved capitals with its chiseled lines and dimension.

Use parametric sliders to create and submit your own letter to Hato's publically designed typeface for the pick me up 2016 festival interactive identity.

It's brilliant to see contemporary typefaces being produced with traditional mediums which is why I am so enamored with the Typoretum Rebrand!

Operator is a new monospaced (inspired) typefamily by Hoefler & Co. Among Operator’s unique qualities is its usefulness for code geeks. Distinct italics, inspired by old IBM Selectric script letterforms, allow developers to efficiently highlight key words in their code and “color” or differentiate the syntax without actually using colors.

TDK interviews Sean Kane who offers excellent advice. "Stop going to the internet for inspiration, get that contract sorted, and pick passion projects over free pitching"

Visual platform and photography app VSCO has launched a new visual identity, based around the VSCO Gothic typeface developed in collaboration with Letters of Sweden founder Göran Söderström.
FlatFile is a new Weekly publication featuring one piece of graphic design at a time. In order to admire them, but also to learn something useful in the process. The context and the story behind each piece can reveal lessons that are timeless and invaluable to every contemporary designer. Similarly check out - Why is the question that separates style from substance. Why that format? Why that font? Why that image? A good answer means good thinking: an idea at the heart of the work.
As we mark the 100th  birthday of Johnston Underground discover how London's famous tube typeface was born...
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