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2016 is off to a cracking pace! Today is a really big day in typographic publishing! Sarah Hyndman's new book Why Font Matters launches, as does The second edition of The Counter Press's Extra Condensed Newspaper. Two documents I am super excited about. (So much so I am going to be celebrating with a glass of bubbles this evening and participating in a little TypeTasting to mark the launch)!

Why Fonts Matter -  Physically, we use our voice, facial expressions, gestures and posture to convey a wide range of emotional cues. Typefaces and the way they are used provide a similarly extensive emotional range visually. In Why Fonts Matter Sarah opens up the science and the art behind how fonts influence you. It explains why certain fonts or styles evoke particular experiences and associations. Fonts have different personalities that can create trust, mistrust, give you confidence, make things seem easier to do or make a product taste better. They’re hidden in plain sight, they trigger memories, associations and multisensory experiences in your imagination. Read more about the book here, or purchase your copy here. If you want to raise a glass to Sarah take part in this little survey (you can drink anything while you do it, sparkling wine, a fizzy drink, beer or sparkling water are all very appropriate choices!). If you’re really keen you could also help to spread the word about the launch by posting your fizz (and/or type selection) on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #whyfontsmatter and @typetasting

Extra Condensed No.2 - The Counter Press are a top notch letterpress outfit based in London. I am a long time fan of them and their work (as featured in vol01 of TypographJournal) and I have been on the edge of my seat watching the production for the second installment of Extra Condensed. It’s been a long time since newspapers were printed by letterpress, and even longer since they were typeset by hand from moveable type. This is what makes Extra Condensed so remarkable. Check out the video link below to see the production process and visit The Counter Press shop (after noon GMT) to pick up a copy.
Those of you on instagram may have seen I am working on a new series of 'analogue bitmaps' (or type-as-pixel) letterpress prints. I am hoping to have two or three of the series completed in time to submit for Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft's open call for submissions for Interrobang, (an international showcase of letterpress printing). The g above is the lock up from one of the pieces I aim to submit and I encourage those of you who (like me) are letterpress Luddites to get involved and submit your own print work.

Over to you?
What have you been working on so far in 2016? I would love to see your work and welcome your submissions for the blog.

x Nicole

I have a bumper line up of typomusing this month. Full of great reading, terrific tools and outstanding opportunities for creatives!

"The spaces inside and around your letters are actually MORE important than the letters themselves." and other great advice in this article from from atf's Wayne Thompson.

I recently contributed an edition of 50 letterpress prints to the first CPCANZ Letterpress Network collaborative project ‘Typo’. The shot above is my visual/verbal language print for the 'Typo' series. There are a few remaining copies of Typo, available for the nominal cost of wrapping & posting them. NZ$4.50 for New Zealand, or NZ$8.20 for Australia if you pay using PayPal. Learn more and request a copy by clicking here.

HypeForType are seeking submissions of artwork showcasing their fonts in use for a new website launching soon. More details here

It's no secret I think Jamie Clarke is a gun designer. I also think Typorn is a fantastic online resource... So it wont come as a surprise I think this interview is ACE!

Silver Buckle Press is a working museum of letterpress printing. Staring this month the collection will be housed at Hamilton woodtype museum. This is fantastic news for typophiles and print lovers as it ensures the Silver Buckle Press resources are more accessible for letterpress lovers worldwide.

"Visually, the ampersand is a loner. Thanks to its convoluted development, it has no relatives among any of the letters. It has a strange brief to satisfy, operating on the same scale as letters but never being mistaken for one. So the type designer is left to wing it, right from the start. It’s tempting to think that the top bowl will find guidance in the figure eight, or that the diagonals can be cribbed off the K or X. It never works out that way."
Tobias Frere Jones discusses the ampersand's challenges, character and allure in this great feature on FastCo.

Your favourite fonts might have glyphs that you don’t know are there, because your character viewer might simply not show them to you. This insightful article by Type Guru Ralf Herrmann explains why that happens and what you can do about it.

My crush on  Dr Shelley got significantly larger

you will enjoy reading this article on the 17 year evolution of the foundry's site.

One of my guilty pleasures is cranking the music up loud and dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner. This happens most nights in our household - I love music almost as much as type and even though I have little co-ordination and limited talent I LOVE to dance. So I really enjoyed the thinking and playfulness behind this dancing typeface by Summer Studio

Get access to 9,000 fonts over 2,200 type families with Monotype's new $15 per month cloud subscription services.

One for the punctuation lovers... In the Land of Punctuation  — is a beautiful and clever type-as-image adaptation of German poet Christian Morgenstern’s darkly delightful 1905 poem “Im Reich der Interpunktionen,” illustrated by Indian graphic artist Rathna Ramanathan and translated into English by Sirish Rao read more via brain pickings...
London-based studio Sawdust created an 'aerodynamic and sleek' new bespoke typeface inspired by cars for Audi Magazine UK.

There are lots of Fabulous new workshops, conferences and TypeCentric events listed in the Calendar. The above penmanship is by Maria Montes who is offering 6 calligraphy sessions over 6 Saturdays this February/March 2016 at Rotson Studios in Melbourne. But there are loads of listings for events with Wayne Thompson, Matt Vergotis, Carla Hackett, Jess Hische, Jess Walsh, OSNS, Letterform Archive, CooperType and TypeEd too!

This Innovative and fascinating series of typographic experiments expands our understanding of the role technology can play in type design (and construction). Training A Neural Network to create Typefaces
So honored to have TypographJournal featured on Typostrate this month. Christian and his team are also running an instagram comp to give away a set of the journals - get involved and win your copies here. (FYI volume 04 of the journal is well underway so stay tuned for more info & competitions soon!).
FontSprings new Demo Fonts are free trial versions of your favorite typefaces that you download, install and use like any other font. Super generous and super exciting right!
Last month I encouraged you to support Analogue Digital's 2016 design conference. Matt and his team did a fantastic job of fund raising for the event and have secured a stellar line up of international speakers to come down under (including legendary letterer Jess Hische)! Matt and Zak followed up my recent visit to Analogue Digital HQ with an interview - in the feature I talk about my career pathway, early academic influencers, required reading for Type aficionados and workshops I would recommend for curious creatives.
Dutch Graphic designer René Knip creates beautiful (and functional) environmental typography. In this Grafik feature he discuss the intersection of language and landscape with Robert Urquhart.
Check out this Beautiful video from David and Elizabeth showing their typesetting and print process for the latest edition of Extra Condensed (a newspaper, of sorts).
Typography Supply is a great list of different typographic tools and resources from Tim Brown and Andrew Johnson finds the relationships between viewing distance as well as the physical and perceived sizes of type. Great for environmental graphics and signage. While Fount finds, interrogates and identifies type on websites.
Epic Opportunities for Students - TypeTogether recently announced the 3rd edition of the Typeface Publishing Incentive program, an initiative aimed at helping promising typeface design students develop their careers. And Pangramme have opened an international call for applications for recently drawn, unpublished type designs by students.
Publishing your first commercial typeface is a really big deal! TypeThursday discussed this milestone with Font Bureau’s Victoria Rushton in this excellent interview on medium.
Taking risks in our creative process can produce beautiful and innovative results. Which is exactly the case in Ruben Montero's scanned experiments.
What happens when you survey UK- and US-based graphic designers and ask prying questions about life and work? Presented here are the responses, by turn fanatical, funny and frank, of 1,988 designers. Exhausted but enthusiastic, critical and creative, frustrated yet optimistic… their answers will surprise. I recently received my copy and while I have not finished reading yet I am really enjoying the content and Layout of Graphic Designers Surveyed and I am confident you will too!
Theo Inglis pays tribute the greatest British designer you've probably never heard of Edward Wright in this Grafik letterform piece... An accomplished typographer, Wright was also a concrete poet, printer, painter, collagist, exhibition designer, historian of Modernism, writer and teacher.
Anatomia's weight distribution provides it a distinct visual signature. This typeface is quirky, strange and yet masterfully crafted. Read on to find out how an old book inspired 3 students to create this grotesk typeface
Video Vixen Drop Caps by Jade Schulz is an ongoing series in which Jade is creating an illustrated typeface using video vixens (fierce hip-hop music video babes) as her inspiration! Check it out here
James Edmondson from the OHNO type company walks us through his method for building lowercase script letterforms in this excellent (& fun!) timelapse video.
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