Where do Beauty and Maths intersect?
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Hello! I hope you have had a fabulous July. I have been super busy with Nicoleap consulting, TypographHer workshops, lectures and speaking, as well as spending some downtime in the print pavilion playing (read making a mess) with geometric letterpress experiments! It has been a hectic month - and I am very excited to announce...

TypographJournal vol03 is here!

Volume 03 sees Typograph.Journal expanding its community conversation to profile more of the exemplary work of industry, building upon the manifesto of passionate practice and continued learning established with volumes 01 and 02. The latest volume questions where maths and magic intersect in visual communication. Key sections explore:

  1. Visual metrics
  2. The common optical illusions at play in typography
  3. Modular approaches to type construction
  4. Typographic contrast and stress
  5. The tension between maths (rational) and magic (intuition) in design
  6. A new FreshBet Feature profiling experimental and expressive letterforms
  7. TypePorn showcasing featured fonts, and foundries.

With the decision to shine more of a spotlight on the great work and thinking of our community (and keep the document under 249gms) the format of the journal has evolved from the first two. One of the features that has been removed (in print) was the glossary which I still felt was crucially important to the journal. So I have taken the opportunity to start developing more online content to accompany the print format.

As well as launching volume 03 today, I have also made live the first draft of TypographGlossary. I will be expanding the content of the glossary regularly (not just when I release future print volumes). And it is my intention to revitalize the TypographHer website in coming months to create a better (more interactive) platform for knowledge exchange.

Volume 03 is 168pages printed 2 colour in Australia on Australian paper.

You can buy volume 03 of TypographJournal here (and use the exclusive TypographCommunity discount code TYPV03 to get $5.00 off your order. And check out the new TypographGlossary here - let me know if there is a term or vernacular you would like me to expand upon!

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support of the Journal. It is awesome to be collaborating with our community on this publication! Now onto this months TypoMusings (below)!
X Np

Old School New School founder, letter crafter (and contributor to TypographJournal volume 03!) Veronica Grow was recently interviewed on ABC Radio's 774, discussing the profound influence that Typography has on the decisions we make. You can listen here
In TypographJournal volume 03 we explore the maths and geometry at play within type. The square, the circle, and the triangle form the basis of our Roman alphabet. We will work with variations of these forms in both traditional and experimental ways to create images of beauty and unexpected power. Calligrapher Alan Blackman celebrates these principle in an upcoming geometric type workshop in California. Details and bookings here (Thank you V for sharing!) and Make announce a summer workshop in Berlin
This is an introductory look at Italic or Cancelleresca, one of the most widely used and versatile calligraphic hands around. Italic is the perfect hand to learn for the beginning calligrapher yet versatile enough to experiment with for the advanced. Giuseppe will take you through a step-by-step approach of learning this style of calligraphy. More info and bookings here
I was so grateful for the opportunity to travel home to Auckland this month to deliver my Alphabet is code workshop with Design Assembly. Exploring the alignment of visual verbal language for a full day with New Zealands creative community was a real honor. The workshop participants were super engaged and produced beautiful expressive type outcomes. I will post more on the event in a future blog post on the typographHer site. But huge thanks to Lou, Zoe and all the participants for an excellent time in Auckland.
Matthew Butterick's book Practical Typography has been published  online. A great read on the mechanics of type "this book is partly an ex­per­i­ment in tak­ing the web se­ri­ously as a book-pub­lish­ing medium". Butterick shares his knowledge online for 'free' but asks people who find the content useful and relevant to participate in the experiment and help fund the project.
Check out this excellent 2 part article on I love typography about 'unusual 15th century type' and inspired revival fonts.
Writer for we and the colour
A jaw droppingly beautiful fusion of Calligraphy and Choreography - Artist Julien Breton practices calligraphy with his entire body, traveling the world to paint Arabic letterforms and words in light. Check out more here
The Sentinel & Enterprise Newspaper has been celebrating typography and editorial design with a series of stunning alphabetic front pages (you can track them on twitter with the hashtag #FItchburgAlphabet)
Today's front page revolves around the letter "O" by Russell Maret in New York and is stunning - but my favourite so far was yesterdays N pictured above by @kioskfonts. "You know your ABCs, but you've never experienced an alphabet like this" Read more
Ten Dollar Fonts (TDF) has just relaunched a new website as The Designers Foundry - the site is excellent and the platform is full of fantastic faces at great value. Check them out!
Wayne Thompson and Jess Cruickshank are teaming up to teach a Type by Hand workshop in Sydney very soon. Wayne is also hosting type by hand in Canberra, sign painting in Melbourne and a new event on creative lettering in Newcastle over the coming weeks. More info on the ATF site here.
Another celebration of geometry in type. Cassandre’s mix of curves, diagonals and straight lines in typeface Bifur – most perfectly displayed in its stunning number ‘2’ – is a stroke of pure genius, says Barcelona-based designer and Ultra Types founder Wete in this Letterform piece for Grafik mag.
I love discovering type process and craft on social media - this beautiful work in progress typeface 'fraqtura' was shared via instagram by type designer Rodrigo Fuenzalida (@erre.efe) using the #TypographJournal hashtag. The rhythm of the letterforms is beautiful and I cant wait to follow this typeface as it develops.
Design Mario De Meyer (a contributor to Typograph Journal volume 03's freshBet feature) is currently also featured on Type Worship's 8faces blog for this series of 2 coloured posters.
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