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Hello - Hope you are well and have had an awesome September! I love this time of year and it has been an epic month at TypographHer HQ...

My taste far outweighs my ability when it comes to drawing and writing — I practice a lot (4-6 days a week) and still have a lot to learn (and a lot of room to improve)! My sketchbooks play an important part in my learning, ideation and design development professionally. They also capture the often nonsensical and ridiculous inner workings of my head personally! So I did the design equivalent of getting naked in public this month by sharing my personal sketchbooks with Tactile Typographer Dominique Falla on her new blog Everyday Creative. You can read my thoughts on the importance (and value) of sketchbooks in the full article here.

I also spent a good amount of time recently sniffing type in the name of science! We understand type as a visual representation of language — and as designers we often think about how typography might look (and sound) — but Sarah Hyndman (TypeTasting) encourages us to explore how typography can stimulate the other senses. What does type feel like, how does it taste? Have you ever considered what your favorite font might smell like? I have been collaborating with Sarah to gather data for her cross modal research. I will share more of the findings with you once we have collated all the responses but the initial trends in font fragrance have been fascinating. For example we perceive 99% of sweet smells (and tastes) as round. So we match scents like bubblegum with curvaceous typefaces. How we visualize the smell of a spice depends on our taste. Chilli is a good barometer of our palette. So if a type sniffer picks a sharp typeface, (or something with spiky serifs) to pair with the scent of Chilli they are often sensitive to spicy food... while people who like their food hot, tend to associate the scent of chilli with less angular typographic characteristics. For those of you who (like me) geek out on the psychology of type and want to know more you can get involved in Sarah's research here.

Speaking of geeking out - It has been so good to hear our community is embracing the ideas for visual research outlined in Vol03 of TypographJournal... if you've already read the document you'll know I think great typography is equal measures maths and magic - mathematical concepts are implicit in design practice. But great design moves beyond the methodical and measured conventions to compensate for the optically-distorted way that we see (and feel) things. I wrote a brief summary of the content and thinking behind volume 03 of TypographJournal for the APDL which was published this month on the DesignOnline blog - you can read the full article here. 

I encourage you all to keep sketching, keep learning, (keep sniffing?!) and to keep up the great work! Now let's dive straight into the TypoMusing's for the month!

X Np

Adrian Frutiger (1928–2015) This month the type community lost a hero - Frutiger leaves our design community with a vast legacy including some of the most resonate typefaces of the last century.
Those of you lucky enough to be in the states should check out David Wolske's latest solo show at Hamilton Woodtype which is on display from September 5 through October 28.
Experimental creative duo Craig Ward and Linden Gledhill have collaborated on an exciting project called Fe2O3 Glyphs, which combines science, design and traditional printing processes to create a fascinating series of characters that have now become a typeface. Read more here Feâ‚‚O₃ an Experimental type system.
"I am personally more interested in trying to become a true virtuoso in one field than a generalist."
The obscenely talented Seb Lester (Type designer and Calligrapher) discuss dedication to his craft and the importance of passionate practice (self initiated work) in this excellent interview on booooooom
Brand by Hand is an awesome exploration of corporate identity by Kiwi Designer Sara Marshall.  This student project was undertaken in Sara's third year of her Bachelor at Auckland University of Technology.
Maria Montes is traveling to Brisbane to deliver this Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop on the 14th November with the chaps at Workshop Brisbane (The Autumn Co. 29 Merivale Street, South Brisbane QLD 4102.
Applications are now open for the 2016 Typography as Design and Culture Program (Delivered by OSNS) This program explores typography in depth particularly - how type works, what it means, its history, and (importantly!) how to make beautiful, meaningful, letters, type and type systems...
Earlier this year the #TypographComp allowed me to discover (and connect with) so many talented creatives. One of the letters chosen to feature in vol03 of TypographJournal was created as part of an alphabetic sequence of submissions by recent grad Gary Reedman - I loved the individual letters submitted and was keen to shine a spotlight on the series, so I contacted Gary and asked him to share a little about himself & these amazingly delicious letters!
Lyn Tran (a.k.a Draw&Explore) is hosting a Christmas Calligraphy workshop on the 28th of November just in time to brush up your skills for festive cards and gifts! A work kit fool of tools and goodies is supplied and no prior knowledge is necessary all you need to bring is yourself, your lunch and your creative curiousity. It's sure to be an excellent class and if you're in Melbourne I highly recommend you check out the full details here
I wanted to take the opportunity to write a belated post on how freaking awesome the Recorder volumes 01 and 02 are... The original Monotype magazine, redesigned and re-imagined.
Recently I have been asked by three students (2 female and 1 male) my opinion on how successful women are becoming in a male dominated business. And also why typography has traditionally been such a boys club? Embarrassingly I didn't at the time (and still don't) have a good answer for these questions but I am super excited to be a part of this brand new platform of type, typography and lettering run by women in the business!
@typebasics is a new Instagram account dedicated to teaching the basic principles and terminology of typography - what an ace idea! I look forward to following their posts! Check them out!
Check out the sensational work from the 2015 MATD class at Reading. The Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading is a small design school within a traditional, research-intensive university. 
I am obsessed with Typecooker at the moment - this ingenious site randomly generates a list of typeface characteristics as a prompt for you to draw. I have been aiming to do a type cooker challenge each day to try and improve my drawing skills (fill some sketchbook pages!) and get some mileage up on the pencil. Check it out here.
There is a fantastic Article on Medium by designer Thiago Oliveira entitled 'Learning to make a font the hard way' which describes how a graduation project (& preceding lecture about the work of Jan Tschichold) turned into a self initiated font development project.
Would you wear your favourite Typeface with these new Type Glasses?
FORTY FIVE SYMBOLS is a collaborative exploration of visual language that unites students, teachers, scholars, and ideas from across the globe. More than 150 students coming from more than 40 different countries have been involved so far. 'Globalmurmurs 2015' is an open call for submissions, accepting entries from around the world.
May 2015 saw the 150th anniversary of the birth of American Type designer Frederic W. Goudy. In the tradition of those who have been influenced by and admire the work of Fred and Bertha Goudy, twenty six contributors were invited to rise to the challenge to produce a celebratory portfolio of creative typographic works. Elizabeth Fraser documents the process for her contribution via her Behance feed
Illustrator and typographer Oli Frape deliberates about which letterform from Pistilli Roman he holds in highest esteem, eventually settling for lowercase ‘c’ in this excellent Letterform contribution on
If you have an interest in the intersection of visual and music cultures I am confidant you will enjoy this self initated Rock'n'Roll alphabet project by Tony Pritchard
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