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Dear Colleague,

Please tell NPQ what to do!

If you fill it out:

  1. You will know that you have had an impact on NPQ’s editorial agenda for 2013. We choose topics to follow guided by the answers we get from you;
  2. You may be invited to join NPQ’s Editorial Advisory Board and attend our annual reader advisory committee meeting, an always-fascinating two-day event on the East Coast. The more complete your answers are the more likely it is that you will be selected (if you cannot pay your way, we will, and your name will appear on our masthead as an advisor);
  3. You may receive a free subscription to our print journal (every twentieth respondent completing a survey will receive one);
  4. You will receive a summary of our findings from the survey.

Most important, you will know that you have helped direct NPQ—an important information source for civil society—just by showing up (taking the survey) and having informed opinions!
Thank you in advance.

Ruth McCambridge, Editor in Chief

Rick Cohen, National Correspondent


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