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For the week of May 06, 2019 --- Vol. 17, Issue 18

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Last Week in Review:  Is low inflation finally ''transitory''?  
Forecast for the Week:  A break from high-risk events  
View:  Learn about the 2 must-have apps to keep your schedule on track  

Last Week in Review...
     Transitory = non-permanent or lasting a very short time   
     "Transitory" is the word Fed Chairman Jerome Powell used this week at the Fed Meeting to describe the current low inflation environment, meaning that inflation will likely pickup from this “temporary” low level.  
     The problem? Inflation has been relatively low for a decade and while the Fed called low inflation "transitory" many times in the past, it sure has been anything but transitory.  
     Nonetheless, both stocks and bonds didn't like the "T" word, because if inflation does move higher from here, rates will move higher, and ultimately stocks would decline because they don't like higher rates.  
     Just because inflation was low the last decade doesn't mean it has to remain low. So what could make inflation rise from the "transitory" low level?   
     Wages are rising at the fastest pace in a decade, and unemployment is at 50-year lows. There are one million more job openings than there are available workers to fill them. And companies are firing people at the slowest rate in years. This is the strongest economy we have seen in quite a while -- for many it's the strongest in their lifetime. All of this, should it continue, could stoke higher inflation.  
     Bottom line -- home loan rates held steady at one-year lows from week to week, despite ticking higher in response to the Fed Meeting. Now is a great time to purchase a home and take advantage of the strong economic backdrop and low rates.  
     If you or someone you know has questions about home loans, give me a call. I'd be happy to help.  

Forecast for the Week... 
     After last week's risk-filled events, this week slows down quite a bit as far as economic reports and major events are concerned. The upcoming week will feature the inflation-reading Consumer Price Index (CPI). As mentioned, inflation continues to run low and there should not be a spike higher from the CPI data.  
     Earnings season will just about come to an end in the upcoming week with most of the big-name companies having already reported. As of Thursday, 74.7% of the S&P 500 companies that reported have exceeded earnings estimates.  
     One thing is for certain, the Goldilocks economy lives on in the US. Low inflation, solid economic growth, low unemployment, strong retail sales and increased consumer spending along with rebounding consumer confidence will fuel home sales in the months ahead.  
     Reports to watch:  
  • Economic data doesn't kick off until Thursday with Weekly Initial Jobless Claims along with wholesale inflation data from the Producer Price Index.  
  • On Friday, the closely watched inflation-reading Consumer Price Index will be released.   
Chart: Fannie Mae 4.0% Mortgage Bond (Friday, May 03, 2019)  

The Mortgage Market Guide View... 
Tip: 2 Must-Have Apps to Keep Your Schedule on Track     

     With life seeming to get busier every day and technology allowing us to achieve twice the work that used to be possible, it can sometimes be hard to stay on top of everything that needs to be done. Although technology has created the need, it has also created the solution with a number of time-management apps to help you juggle even the busiest days.  
     If you are someone who finds yourself trying to keep track of tons of post-it notes, Evernote can help you manage these little reminders even across digital platforms. You can sync all of your documents, notes, and reminders in one location. Evernote also functions as a planner, journal, personal to-do list, calendar, and a note-taking platform. It can even allow you to store and share handwritten notes and drawings.  
     For those who like to think of their tasks organized on a bulletin board, Trello will be your ideal app. The app utilizes a card system and functions just like a digital bulletin board. Not only is it easy to use, but it also allows you to add your lists, notes, photos, and files, which you can label and color code to make everything easier to find. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to create the visual image that works best for your eyes.  
     If you are having problems keeping on track or are just looking for a better solution for your time-management, one of the apps above may be your answer. Your time is valuable, and you can make the most of it by staying organized.  
Sources: Flexjobs, The Muse    

This Week's Economic Indicator Calendar...     
Economic Calendar for the Week of May 06 - May 10

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