Atlantic Yacht Basin, Inc. is a full service yacht repair and storage facility strategically located on the A&C Canal of the Intracoastal Waterway in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Atlantic Yacht Basin

Winter Newsletter - Even if the Weather Gets Frightful, AYB is Ready for the Holidays and for 2014!

The holiday season always brings out the spirit in the boating community. Copyright 2013 -   

December is a unique time at AYB -- a time for celebration and reflection -- but also a time when the Yard is hopping with interesting jobs and lots of friends coming in and out.  This winter looks like it is going to be a cold one and while a lot of people have already brought their boat in for storage, still others are gearing up for or have started off-season projects with us to get ready for 2014!  

AYB is an ideal winter location for your boat as our thousands of feet of covered storage provide sheltered in-water protection for most any kind of vessel.   Our twin-bay, climate-controlled work sheds also mean that we can get work done on your boat year-round, including jobs that other yards can't tackle in the winter months.  

Accessible by land, air, or water and located on the ICW midway between the NE and Florida, our one-stop location can handle everything from routine maintenance to major projects and restorations -- all with the quality, craftsmanship and care you have come to expect from AYB.   Not only will you find friendly service, a skilled crew, and decades of history, tradition and experience here, but AYB is festive this time of year too.   There are many great holiday concerts and events nearby, plus we are in striking distance of Colonial Williamsburg and many other local attractions that are fun for the entire winter season.

To find more about our facility or comprehensive range of marine service and storage options or to get a free quote on work you need to get done, please call AYB  toll-free at (800) 992-2489 or local at  (757) 482-2141 or drop us a line at .  As always, we also invite you to discover more about AYB on our website at or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for interesting updates, tips, and specials going on at the Yard.

Wishing you and yours a festive and not too chilly winter!

Your Friends At AYB 

Meet Marty Berman and Aime Lerner of Lady M

AYB continues this popular  feature -- an interview with the interesting people and their great boats that visit us here at AYB.  We recently caught up with our friends Aime Lerner and Marty Berman.  Full-time cruisers, this active couple lives aboard their 49' Grand Banks motor yacht, Lady M, and have been coming to AYB for many years.  They share their perspective here with us about their happy life aboard Lady M. 

Aime Lerner and Marty Berman aboard their beloved Lady M on one of their frequent visits to AYB.  Copyright 2013 - Atlantic Yacht Basin.   

How did you first meet?  How long have you been together?  
Marty: We met at a very logical place -- a marina.  Both of us were living aboard our boats full time and both of us had lost our spouses.  We feel fortunate to have found one another.  I like to call Aime the "Commodorable", because she is such a good person for me to share this life with, knows boats, and is also pretty cute.  

Aime:  I was living alone on my Hatteras with my two dogs and Marty was on his Grand Banks.  When we decided to get together, we sold the other two boats and bought Lady M, which is something that a lot of second-time-around cruisers do. Of course, I wanted to buy another Hatteras, but we ended up with a Grand Banks.  The boat is named after me, though, so that is definitely worth something!   My real name is Mina (pronounced Minn-uh) and so that is the M in Lady M.   Marty and I have never married. but we have been together for nearly two decades. We like to say that we are living in sin but there isn't a lot of sinning going on anymore!  Marty is 84 and I am 72, so we aren't getting any younger, but we have had the incredible fortune to enjoy this life together as we do and we will continue to do so for as long as we can. Eventually we may have to move back to land, but we won't go down without a fight!   

For more of this interview, click here

Meet Our Crew & Tips from AYB

Every e-newsletter, we highlight the interesting and highly experienced people who make Atlantic Yacht Basin the unique place that it is.  This time we're talking to Tim Bodman, Mechanic in our Machine Shop.  Not only do we get to know him a little better, but he's also got some great tips from a mechanic's perspective.  

 Tim works  on a diesel engine in the engine room of the many large boats that come into AYB.  Copyright 2013 - Atlantic Yacht Basin.

Where are you from and why did you come to AYB? 
I am a native of Portland, Maine.  I moved down here to get away from the cold weather to be honest.  Coming to AYB meant coming back to what I love.  Although I was most recently working on tractor-trailer engines in RIchmond , my background is in engine and machine work in boat yards.  I also had an independent business fixing boats on call while still living in Maine.  

What would be on your top list of things to do to properly prepare a boat mechanically for both the on and off-seasons?   Do you have any tips or recommendations? 
Sure, I have a few.  We see so many real-world examples of what happens when boats come in that are overheating or have fuel system blockages or plumbing and electrical problems.  Many of them could have been solved much less expensively or drastically had they been caught sooner or rectified properly the first time.  We'd love to help people avoid some of that by following this basic advice from the mechanic's perspective.   

1. Keep an updated and complete maintenance log for your boat.  This is probably the single most important thing you can do to keep on top of what is going on and avoid costly future repairs or disastrous, even dangerous failures.  It also helps mechanics more accurately diagnose problems and better estimate what jobs are really going to cost if they know the boat's detailed history.  And nothing keeps you more honest in terms of getting the recommended upkeep done that will keep your boat running right for years to come.  Remember also to log any work that you do on your own in addition to the work you leave to outside hands.  

2. Make and actually use different checklists for off-season storage, on-season commissioning, and mid-season use.  If you keep a running "boat list", but don't actually use it or don't observe the differences between running or storing boats in different seasons across the year, you will definitely slam into problems at some point.  Some can be costly and others can be treacherous, but staying on top of things in advance and running regular systems checks is always the right way to go.  Remember also that you have to customize these lists to your specific boat -- the larger and more complicated a vessel the more items you will have to stay on top of.   

3. Find a shop that does quality work and that you trust for the work that you can't handle.   We end up cleaning up the disasters made by fly-by-night contractors or inexperienced owners on a regular basis.  Having a "go-to" shop for both the routine maintenance and the bigger projects on your boat's engine and systems increases the chance that you will get the right work done at the right time and the right price.  We love working on familiar boats and with familiar owners from the other side too!

4. Know the limits of what you can and can't handle with the care and upkeep of your boat. Nothing ruins a cruising life faster than a balky engine or a boat that floods while in storage just because some routine thing like turning off the pumps wasn't handled right before the boat came in.   We'd rather help you do something relatively simple than have to help you fix something awful later on. All of us at AYB like working with you to help you understand your boat's mechanics better too.  

For more tips and the rest of this interview, click here.  

Calendar of Events

Boating & Nautical Events 

Safety at Sea Seminar 
Mariner's Museum
Event is February 22 but preferred-pricing registration must take place before February 1, 2014
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Doors open at 7:30 a.m.)
Newport News, VA

Join the Mariner's Museum & Landfall Navigation for a day-long Safety at Sea seminar designed and conducted by sailors and experts in their fields!  This seminar provides both novice and experienced mariners alike with the information and skills required to sail the Chesapeake Bay or offshore, handle heavy weather, conduct rescue procedures and much more.  This seminar is open to all cruising and racing skippers, crew & their families, recreational boaters, as well as commercial mariners.  For registration, course details, cost and more information, please click here. 

Holiday Events 

Illuminate Your Holidays - Enjoy the Season in Colonial WIlliamsburg
December 1, 2013 - January 1, 2014
Williamsburg, VA

Experience the beauty of these traditions dating back to Colonial era  including the Grand Illumination, in the Revolutionary City filled with special holiday events, classic decorations, shopping and festive dining.  Click here to find out more. 

Dominion Garden of Holiday Lights at Norfolk Botanical Gardens
Nightly from Thanksgiving through December 31
Open 5:30 to 10:00 p.m 
Norfolk, VA 

Don't miss Hampton Roads' favorite holiday tradition.  Bring your family and friends to our 19th annual light show extravaganza for a magical holiday experience.  During this event, our garden is transformed into a winter wonderland where you can enjoy a 2-mile drive through a million sparkling lights bringing the four seasons to life.  Click here for ticket prices and more information.

For more information on events through the holiday season and beyond, click here.  

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