Atlantic Yacht Basin, Inc. is a full service yacht repair and storage facility strategically located on the A&C Canal of the Intracoastal Waterway in Chesapeake, Virginia.
Atlantic Yacht Basin

It Only Takes One -- Having a Hurricane Storm Plan Is Critical Every Season. What Is YOUR Plan?   

AYB Hurricane

The National Weather Service is calling for a below average number of named storms this 2012 hurricane season.  

While that may seem like good news, it doesn't mean that any boat owner on the East Coast can really afford to rest easy until the season is over.

It only takes one storm of magnitude to do the damage that takes your boat out for good. Even smaller storms can put a serious hurting on your vessel, especially if you do not have a good hurricane plan in place. 

AYB is already the preferred storage spot for many and with our Guaranteed Hurricane Dockage and Storage Program, you can also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a safe harbor for your boat.  Click here to find out more.  

Because we are in a relatively protected, non-tidal location and on the Intracoastal Waterway, AYB does not get the same storm surge or wave action of other locations in the Tidewater area or on the East Coast.  

No matter what you choose, you need a clear cut storm plan for your boat.  And many captains and owners choose to store with us in the off-season as well.  No matter what, the minimal investment in peace of mind is a great investment -- especially when compared with having to rebuild or purchase a new boat.

Space is limited and demand is high so please give us a call toll-free at (800) 992-2489 or local at  (757) 482-2141 or drop us a line at to get your guaranteed hurricane storage spot or find out more about our comprehensive range of marine services and storage options. 

If you are outside of the area, we can also help arrange transport to our facility or recommend a licensed captain to bring the boat in for you via the Waterway.

We also invite you to find out more on our website at or like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for interesting updates, tips, and specials going on at the Yard.

Tips from AYBKent Mack

We're holding a boating safety workshop this Saturday, June 2 featuring expert Kent Mack, retired U.S. Coast Guard Commander and veteran of over 2,000 search and rescue missions.

Come out to AYB and learn what you need to keep you safe, sound and out of trouble on the water this season.  There will be refreshments and safety equipiment on sale after the event.  To find out more or to let us know you are coming, give us a call at (757) 482-2141 or drop us a line on Facebook.  

In the meantime, here are a few things to consider. 

 1. Know What to Do In the Event of a Major Emergency

Do you know what to do when your vessel is taking on water?  How about if there is a fire on board?  Or a major medical emergency?   Asking yourself what you would do in advance and preparing for these possibilities with the right equipment and contingency plans is critical.  And it is often what makes the difference between staying afloat and alive and keeping your boat intact or not.  Keep your safety knowledge and your emergency and communications equipment up to date and make sure to refresh all of them on a regular basis.  An experienced boater knows that you can never be too prepared for what can happen out on the water. 

2. Know What to Do To Keep Yourself Out of Trouble 

Do you know how to avoid being boarded by the Coast Guard, law enforcement or natural resources wardens?  Do you always remember that piloting a vessel requires the same kind of sobriety and attention to your surroundings as you would use when driving a car?  Do you know what the laws are governing conduct on the water?  Many people confuse having a good time with being reckless on the water -- drinking too much, not obeying right of way or navigational common-sense and overloading their boat.  And those are guaranteed ways to get into trouble - either with the law or with your life.  Knowing and understanding your rights and responsibilities on the water and living by those guidelines lets you have fun and keeps everyone safe.

3. Know What Is Going On WIth Your Boat

Have you done your seasonal checks and maintenance on your boat?  Are you checking to make sure everything is top-notch when the season is underway?  Do you protect your boat and service it in the off-season?  Not only is it key to have updated safety and communications equipment on your boat, you need to know what is going on with your boat in general at all times.  Keeping your boat well maintained and understanding its limitations or your own as a captain can be the difference between getting out of a sticky situation in one piece or not.   Don't put off the minor repairs until they become major headaches - especially when those small fixes can literally save your life when the unexpected happens.   

4. Know What You and Your Boat Can Handle 

Do you check weather conditions and your safety and communications equipment every time you head out?  Do you have a contingency plan and do you let someone know what you are doing before you go?  Do you know what kinds of situations would be too much for either your boat or you to handle and how to avoid them?  Treating your boat and the water with respect means that that you will be able to concentrate on enjoying both of them rather than surviving a worst-case scenario.  Too many novice boaters hit the water without having a good understanding of these things and too many experienced boaters get complacent and make that devastating error in judgment that costs them their boat or their lives or that of someone they love.   Be prepared, stay alert, and stay safe - you will be glad that you did.

Meet Our Crew

Every e-newsletter, we highlight one of the interesting and highly experienced people who make Atlantic Yacht Basin so unique.  This time it's Brett Taylor, our Carpentry Shop foreman, who is also one of the longest serving employees of the company.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised right here in Great Bridge (Chesapeake, Virginia).  I am the ultimate local boy.  I like to say that I have canal water in my veins.

When did you first start working at Atlantic Yacht Basin?  Where did you start?  
I started as a carpenter 33 years and some months ago.  My wife was 9 months pregnant with our second child and I needed a job!  I was already experienced working in sailboat carpentry, but I couldn't believe that I found a job so close to home that allowed me to do what I loved. 

What do you like best about working at Atlantic Yacht Basin?  
How many places do you know where you can go to work and meet as many interesting people as I do, work on as many beautiful boats as I do and have new challenges and projects to tackle as I do?  I have stayed so long for an unbeatable combination of reasons --  all of these things plus my great team and being part of a business that cares about its customers and the boats it handles the way that AYB does.

What do you think sets AYB apart? 
Craftsmanship and our love of the boats are what set AYB apart from other places.  We treat every boat and every customer as an individual and we do what we do with skill and pride.  I believed in my team so much that I actually had them help me build my house -- you know you have to really like the guys you work with and trust their abilities to do that.  

What first drew you to boats?  
I am not kidding when I say I have canal water is in my veins.  I love the water.  I was a surfer when I was younger and have been sailboat-crazy for most of my life.  I went into boat 
carpentry because I loved it -- the creativity as well as the workmanship that are required to do it right keep it really challenging and really interesting.   

What are your favorite boats that you have worked on over the years?
Sailboats remain my true love, but I also love working on the power vessels and luxury cruisers.  Carpentry doesn't just mean working with decks, masts and brightwork - it also means working with fiberglass and other hull materials as well as interiors.  And there is nothing I like better than a job that involves design or engineering.  I love the challenge of doing new custom modifications as well as top-notch restorations, so of course the former Presidential Yacht, U.S.S. Sequoia, has been a real highlight.

If you could have any boat you wanted, what would it be?
I am blown away by so many of the boats that come through AYB, but for me a nice 40 foot historic sailboat is the dream. 

What is the wildest thing that you have witnessed at AYB?
You mean besides me?  Seriously though, AYB is a place where there is always something interesting going on or something to see.  There are too many stories to tell - you'll have to come see me here sometime and I'll share a few.  

What else is important to you besides boats? 
I love my family and hanging out with them.  I also like tinkering with my house - I never grow tired of working on it and coming up with new things -- it's a creative project that never seems to end.  And I love being outdoors.  Bruce, (foreman of the Paint and Refinishing Shop) and I are good friends outside of work too.  We like to do Civil War reenactments (Bruce is on the left and Brett is on the right in shot above)  - we don't always care which side we are on as long as we get to play.   We even built a replica of a Civil War-era ammo box that was actually a beer cooler -- blending the historic with the modern and practical and letting us have a good time too. 

Calendar of Events

Boating/Nautical Events

Opsail 2012

June 1 -12, 2012
The Port of Virginia will once again host an impressive fleet of tall ships, navy and military war ships representing the world. OpSail 2012 Virginia is planned to illuminate the community with spectacle and festivity, and will place our Commonwealth front and center on the world stage.

Norfolk Harborfest
June 8-11, 2012
36th Annual Norfolk Harborfest® presented by AT&T
Launch your summer with the area's biggest dock party!

Other Local Events

Boating Safety Workshop - Atlantic Yacht Basin 

June 2, 2012
Join us for a great 90 minute workshop with marine safety expert, Kent Mack.  Refreshments will be on hand and you can also come out and take a look around the yard too.
9:30-11:00 at AYB.   

South Norfolk Jordan Bridge River Run 5k And Bash 
July 14, 2012
Join us for the inaugural South Norfolk Jordan Bridge Bash & River Run. This unique event celebrates the grand opening of the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. The new bridge will offer a convenient, alternative way to cross the Elizabeth River between South Norfolk (Chesapeake) and Portsmouth. Modern in both engineering and design, it will replace the existing Jordan Bridge that was closed in November 2008.

The new 5,375-foot-long, 169 foot high bridge will feature two 12-foot-wide traffic lanes, two 8-foot-wide shoulders and an 8-foot-wide pedestrian sidewalk. The pedestrian sidewalk will be separated from traffic by a concrete barrier. This inaugural event surely will prove to be the most scenic, unique and challenging event in Hampton Roads.

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