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Your perspective determines your journey. Your perspective is your choice. ~rln
Answer the following questions honestly. Do circumstances affect your happiness? Do other people affect your happiness? Can someone else offend you, hurt your feelings, or make you angry?
If you answered yes to any of the above, please continue reading.

Admittedly, I spent most of my life blaming other people and my circumstances for my mood, my behavior, and ultimately my unhappiness. It was really easy-breezy to point the middle finger and blame other people for how I felt. And to make matters worse, I thought I was justified. If someone—anyone—made an insulting, rude, unflattering, or unkind remark, I was negatively affected by their comments. You?

It was even easier to become negatively affected by unplanned circumstances. For example: If the stars and the moon and the sun were in “alignment,” I was happy. However, when life presented me with the inevitable “bumpy road,” I was unhappy. My mood and feelings depended on what happened “to” me or what someone said "to" me. Sound familiar?

Yes, until I learned the truth about happiness (sounds like a title for a book), I was up and down like a yo-yo. And to make matters worse, I refused to take the blame or the responsibility for any of my feelings. Honestly, I didn’t know another way to live. I didn’t realize that I had other options—until now.

Do you know that when you blame circumstances or other people for your unhappiness, you are denying your power? Did you know that when you blame circumstances or other people for your unhappiness, you are literally subtracting from your happiness? It was only when I began taking responsibility for my feelings that my life began to change.

Armed with this new insight, I began feeling a sense of empowerment. I no longer had or needed to depend on anyone else for my happiness. Maintaining happiness was my sole responsibility. This meant that if I wasn’t happy, it was my own fault.

Let me be honest here, spiritual and personal growth takes time and patience. Don't expect to master this (or any similar) new concept overnight. I still try to blame others for the way I feel, but now I know the Truth. My feelings and my happiness are my responsibility. Damn it. And between you and me, I AM the most qualified person for the job.

Warning, Will Robinson: This process is not easy! Taking responsibility for my own happiness has been one of the BIGgest challenges in my entire life. However, taking responsibility for my happiness is also one of my greatest accomplishments.

Relationship Harmony
While practicing my newfound perspectives to maintain my happiness, I discovered another huge but empowering Truth: Not only am I responsible for maintaining my happiness, I’m also responsible for maintaining harmony in each and every one of my relationships! At first this was definitely a hard pill to swallow and even harder to believe, but it’s True.

It really doesn’t matter which relationships I encounter throughout the day, whether it be parents, children, friends, co-workers, relatives, or the cashier at Ralph’s grocery store. The responsibility of creating harmony in all of the aforementioned relationships falls squarely on my shoulders. Why? Because I AM powerful beyond words. No one controls me other than me. I create my environment and therefore I choose to create harmony in all relationships. If there’s friction of any kind, in any of my relationships, I have no one to blame but myself. Ouch!

You Are Powerful
When you play The Blame Game, that’s a way of saying you're a victim. And you, my dear, are not a victim. You are powerful. Prove to yourself just how powerful you really are. Don’t you think it's time?
Written with Universal Inspiration,


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Joyce Shafer, Life Empowerment Coach; author of I Don’t Want to be Your Guru, But I Have Something to Say and other books/e-books; and publisher of a weekly newsletter, State of Appreciation.


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The Mental Laws

A outline by BARBARA BERGER that defines the Mental Laws and how our mind works.

Why is this information important?

This information is so important because without this understanding, we can easily become victims of our mind, instead of the masters of our mind. But the good news is that when we become aware of the simple, impersonal mechanisms that are governing our minds, we can then begin to use these impersonal forces constructively in our lives. In other words, I came to see that when we become aware of the laws governing our minds we can learn how to harness this power for our own benefit. We understand the laws of physical phenomena like the law of gravity, and the laws of electricity. When we understand the mental laws we can begin to use the mental laws constructively for our benefit. I also discovered that once you understand the mental laws and the way the mind works, you understand why you experience life the way you do. And when this happens, you will also understand what you can realistically change in your life and what you cannot change. Plus, you will also better understand the difference between what’s real and what is an illusion. This discovery will lead you to a deeper understanding of who/what you really are. In short, understanding the mental laws, can totally transform your life!

What is a Mental Law?

What is a law? A law is an unchanging principle that describes the way phenomena operate. There are laws which describe the way physical phenomena operate and there are laws which describe the way mental phenomena operate. Whether a law is describing physical or mental phenomena, a law is always a description of an impersonal sequence of events which is not dependent on the person or people involved in that sequence of events. In addition, laws can be observed and confirmed by anyone. The law of gravity is a good example of a physical law. As you know, the law of gravity is impersonal and it is always operating. Because of this law, if you jump off a building, you will immediately fall to the ground. There are no exceptions to this law. It doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have in the bank or how famous you are because the law is impersonal and operates regardless of the situation, time of year, or the people involved. There are no exceptions to the law. Another important thing about a law is that it is in operation whether you are aware of it or not. In other words, if you jump off a building, you are going to fall and hit the ground whether you know about the law of gravity or not. The law doesn't care if you know about the law or not. The law just operates; it is a blind force of nature. The same goes for mental laws. Mental laws are impersonal and simply describe the way our minds work. Anyway can observe and confirm this information. So when reading about the mental laws, it is a good idea to remember that laws are invisible principles that describe how phenomena behave and that laws operate automatically. You cannot make them happen or not happen. Laws are impersonal. And, it doesn't matter who you are. Laws operate equally for all. And finally – laws are scientific. They can be observed and confirmed by anyone. So with this in mind, let’s look at the mental law number one.

Law No. 7: The Law of Free Will

You can choose. You are the only thinker in your mind. This is the most wonderful discovery anyone can ever make. It is the key to freedom—the high road. Because when you understand this, you also understand that you can become the consciouschoice-maker in your life and choose. You can become the one who decides. Most people today are asleep—unaware that they have the ability to choose the focus of their attention. But just because a person is unaware and does notconsciously exercise his or her ability to choose the focus of his/her attention, the reality is that in every moment there is a choice.

This ability to choose the focus of our attention is our greatest gift. It is the gift of free will. This ability to choose our focus is what makes us free individuals. If this was not the case—if we could not think for ourselves and choose our focus, we would not be free. But we can, because no one else can get into another person’s mind and think for them. Please think deeply about it—and you will see how truly amazing this is. Yes it is true that most people are as yet unaware of this fact—and are just following their old unconscious programming without questioning it. And yes it is true that most people are not yet consciously using this power, but the power is there nevertheless. But you say what about when people are forced to do things against their will? And yes it is also true that people can use force on the outer plane to coerce other people to do or say things, but no one can get into another person's mind and think for them. This is where we are always free. Each person is always free in their own mind. Each person is always the only thinker in their mind.This is what makes us human beings. This is what makes human life so precious, because we have the ability to be aware of what we are thinking and we have the ability to choose the focus of our attention—this is something we can do. This is what makes us free.

Having free will is our greatest gift and privilege. It is also our greatest challenge! Why? Because no matter what is happening around you—no matter what—no matter what anyone says or does, you and you alone (whether you are aware of what you are doing or not) choose the focus of your attention. No one else can make this choice for you. Only you can do it. That is why we are the choice-makers.

This choice is our only freedom. Free will is our only freedom. And whether we are aware of it or not, we are always exercising this privilege, this freedom because we are always choosing. So please wake up to the fact that you are choosing right now—and every single minute of every single day (whether you are aware of it or not). Nothing else is going on. And nothing is more important—or more wonderful than this!

So contemplate this until you fully understand the significance (and power) of free will. Free will is what we are. Free will is our true nature, our essence.

Free will is all we have, and fortunately for us, free will is everything! When you observe what you are doing with this in mind, you will see that this is true. In every now moment (even if you are not aware of what you are doing) you are choosing the focus of your attention. You are either focusing on this or on that. In every situation, you are making a choice. Either you are focusing on the potential and the goodness of the situation or person before you or you are choosing to focus on the limitations and the negative in the situation or person before you. And it’s always like this. From the very smallest, most insignificant events in our lives like standing in line at the supermarket to the so-called big and important events in our personal relationships, careers and on the world stage.

When we understand this, we will also understand why the Wise say it’s all about you—and it’s always all about you. Nothing else is going on but your choice of focus. You choose your focus and then you get to experience your choice. It’s as simple as that.

Learn to Choose Wisely

This is why it is so important to learn to choose wisely. Because we get to experience all our choices! So it makes sense to learn to focus our attention wisely. This is what all the great teachers have been telling us throughout the ages—the importance of exercising your free will and choosing wisely. Learning to choose wisely requires self-discipline. Learning to choose wisely means following your wisdom rather than choosing immediate pleasure. The Wise tell us that even if this is difficult, it is necessary if we wish to evolve on the pathway of life and achieve our highest potential. Obviously this is no news to any thinking person because everyone knows that success in any field requires self-discipline. Successful people make up their minds, focus on their goals, and are disciplined about reaching them. Just think about the people you admire. How did they become great? The great leaders, the great athletes, the great musicians, the great artists, the great spiritual teachers—how did they achieve what they achieved? They used their free will to choose a course of action and then they focused all their attention on their goals. They used their free will to spend time learning and practicing their skills!

And what about successful business people? No one is successful in the world of business without exercising a great deal of self-discipline. The same goes for politicians, world leaders, and for good parents, good teachers and good partners. Everyone who succeeds at achieving anything learns to use their free will wisely and to exercise self-discipline. The same goes for happiness! Even though people may think happiness is a haphazard event, true happiness isn’t haphazard. Achieving true happiness requires self-discipline too! Now I am not talking about random or accidental type of happiness that comes from outer events and which depends on other people and circumstances. I am talking about true happiness, the deep inner happiness which is our natural state and which arises in wise people who are living in harmony with this thing calls life. The people who experience this deep inner happiness see the Nature of Reality and understand the way the mind works. This kind of happiness is stable and comes from within. It is unconditional because it does not depend on outer circumstances.

For those of us on the path who can see and understand this, realizing this inner state and achieving this kind of happiness requires continual selfdiscipline. Achieving this goal requires constant study and daily contemplation of this thing called life. Plus using our free will to practice the techniques and focus required to cultivate and nourish this deep inner peace and inner happiness. This is what spiritual practice is all about. And of course what most self-help books and books about personal development and spiritual growth are about. The best books describe practices for self-empowerment andspiritual growth which require study, daily practice and self-discipline.

Most people work with their bodies, but not with their minds. Daily practice and self-discipline.

Here are some examples of the types of practices I am talking—all of which require active use of our free will. The practices described below may seem simple, but anyone who has ever tried any of them knows they require making a conscious choice and then exercising a great deal of self-discipline!

Practicing non-judgment:

A good focal point on the spiritual pathway is making the decision to let go of our judgments about people, things and events. This is an excellent practice because we use so much mental energy judging people, things and events all the time and this creates a great deal of inner turbulence. Practicing non-judgment (in other words just letting things unfold without engaging in an inner dialogue about them) quiets the mind and slowly allows a deep inner stillness to emerge. But practicing non-judgment, even for an hour a day, requires self-discipline. To do this, you must use your free will. You must decide to do this and keep practicing! Day in and day out!

Practicing non-resistance:

Another good focal point is to use your free will to decide not to resist whatever is happening in this moment. Even though we may be unaware of it, many of us are often at war with this moment. We are resisting what is happening in our lives right now—and this creates a great deal of stress and anxiety. So what happens when we stop resisting what ishappening right now? It’s an amazing experience and wonderful spiritual practice. But again, we are so used to resisting what is, that it requires real focus and self-discipline to stop resisting this moment. Make a conscious choice and do this on a regular basis and see how it transforms your life!

Practicing seeing the potential for good in every situation:

Here’s another good inner practice that requires active use of your free will. Making the choice to see the potential for good in every situation no matter what is going on—to see the highest and best in every person present. To do this requires constant awareness and control of your focus. You have to be aware of what you are thinking, doing and saying in order to do this. You must be mindful and selfconscious enough so when you find yourself dwelling on the negative, you are awake enough to realize that it’s time to shift your focus. Again this requires constant vigilance which is why it is a demanding spiritual practice, unless of course you are Forrest Gump!

Practicing no gossip:

Here’s a wonderful practice I learned at Findhorn, a spiritual community in northern Scotland. This is what they attempt to do. Whenever a member of the community has something to say about another person, instead of talking behind the person’s back, the community member must go up to that person and tell the person directly to his or her face what’s it is her or she wants to say. In practice, this means that when you are talking to anyone in the community—if you have something to say about another person—they will tell you to go and tell it to that person instead of to them! This is a wonderful practice that requires a great deal of self-discipline! Try this for a few days and find out what a gossip you really are!

This was just a few examples of spiritual practices that require conscious choice and self discipline. Obviously, there are so many excellent practices we can devote ourselves to such as:

  • Practicing mindfulness (being present in this moment)
  • Practicing compassion
  • Practicing forgiveness (with Self and Others)
  • Practicing service
  • Practicing meditation
  • Practicing silence for an hour a day

Knowing and Practicing the Importance of Intention

The Great Ones also tell us that intention is everything. Since it is difficult to see the end of all things or to know what is good or bad in the long term for ourselves or for anyone else, the motivation behind our actions should be our guiding light. What is the reason or motive for what you are doing? Is your intention love, kindness and compassion? Do you hope to ease the suffering of your fellow beings with your words and actions? Is your intention to be of service and help people? Or are you only thinking of short-term pleasure, material gain, and what’s in it for you? According to the Wise, it is our motivation and intention which determines the karmic consequences of our thoughts and actions. Thus we see the importance of using our free will wisely and the importance of our intention when it comes to making wise choices.

So practice using the information you already have! Follow the wisdom you already have (which is always a lot more than we realize)! Remember what the Great Ones say. Don’t waste your precious time. Follow your wisdom and not your emotions. Exercise self-discipline. Keep practicing and persevere. Wake up to your true power and choose wisely!

Understanding this can and will change your life!

NEXT MONTH LAW No. 8: The Law of Underlying Beliefs 

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RealitySpirituality Radio Show—January 2014
A woman called in searching for answers.

Caller: I’m feeling disillusioned by what is happening in my life. I’m waiting for a decision, and I don’t think it will turn out well.

Rebecca: If you look back in your life, have you ever noticed that everything that has happened to you was for a good reason?

Caller: No. I cannot say that. People are taking things away from me.

Rebecca: What do you mean? External things?

Caller: Yes. My career. People are sabotaging me.

Rebecca: There are 360 different ways to look at the same circumstance, in order to find happiness and peace. Is there any way you can change your perspective and find something good in what is happening to you now?

Caller: No. You can’t help me, can you? Why don’t you just say that you don’t have any answers?

Rebecca: I answered you.

Click. The caller hung up.

When I was in my twenties, the Universe spoke to me but I was not able to hear that Voice.
When I was in my thirties, the Universe spoke to me but I was not able to hear that Voice.
When I was in my forties, the Universe spoke to me and I began to hear that Voice.
Now it’s the only Voice I hear. ~rln

RealitySpirituality Radio Show—February 15, 2014
A woman called in to my radio show this morning. Her name was Tina. She asked if I do physic readings, and I told her no. She sounded disappointed but I still asked her why she called? She told me she wanted to know what was going to happen between her and Louis.

She said she wanted to get married, and said they’d shared a wonderful day together on Valentine’s Day (2014). She wanted to know if he was going to marry her. I asked how long they had been seeing each other. She paused for a long time then said, “Quite awhile.” I asked her how long? “A long time,” she replied. I pressed on. Five years? Ten? Fifteen? “What’s a long time?” I asked. Tina was silent and refused to respond to the question.

The exact reason why she didn’t want to tell me how long she had been dating Louis could have been a myriad of reasons. Maybe she thought I would judge her? Maybe she was embarrassed or ashamed to admit how long it had been? Maybe she’s a private person? Only Tina knows the answer. One thing I do know is that if you cannot admit how long you’ve been dating a person, there is a reason why.

When I felt Tina’s energy, I was inspired to tell her that even though I’m not a physic, I was going to make a prediction. I told her, “Whatever is happening between you and Louis today is going to happen tomorrow. Whatever you are experiencing today, you will experience it again tomorrow. Nothing is going to change unless you change.” With that said, Tina hung up.

Note: When you are able to tell yourself the truth, you are free. When you are not able to tell yourself the truth, you commit yourself to a life of bondage. Some people live their entire lives in bondage. No judgment here, I’m merely stating a fact.



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RealitySpirituality:The Truth About Happiness
By Rebecca L. Norrington
Released April 1, 2014

If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Our Quest for
Quality of Life
(A Contribution of 17 Authors)
Rebecca L. Norrington, Author of Chapter 3

I Don't Want to Be Your Guru, but I Have Something to Say
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"The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking.
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