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Online Newsletter - May, 2021

The Best of Times & the Worst of Times:


Getting covid twice wasn’t in our plans when we came back from Zambia! We thought the first time was bad enough, thus our return Stateside to heal and recover. Things were actually just getting back to normal when we all came down with the virus a second time in May. It was pretty intense with us being completely immobilized for weeks. That was last month and while the kids and I have just about fully recovered, Lisa is still facing post covid issues with her eyes. As long as we don’t have a round three, I really think time will lessen many of the symptoms that she’s still facing. We appreciate your prayers and those who’ve given to help with medical expenses. 

I’m pleased to announce that we reached our fundraising goal for the truck in Zambia! This is a huge answer to prayer and we’re so thankful for all those that helped us as we outfit ourselves with the tools we need to minister in Sub-Saharan Africa! In addition to securing these funds, we were also able to quickly find and purchase a vehicle already in country! So right now we have a Toyota Land Cruiser that’s waiting for us! The paperwork is all done and it’s already upgraded with a roof rack, bull bar, winch, snorkel and new suspension! All that’s missing is... us driving it in the village! 

While we can’t wait to get back to Zambia, we have several things to do before making that trip again! A lot of planning and ground work is being laid for new ministries and opportunities in the coming days ahead. This next term is going to be amazing and we have some really big plans! Pray for us as we raise our monthly support. We’re at about 81% and as our ministry abroad grows, so do our expenses. If you’re interested in partnering with us financially but have questions, please feel free to write me at We’ve been so blessed with an incredible support team and we’re thankful for you all and the work we’ve been able to do together! Thank you for your faithfulness!

A Little Letter From Lisa

When we first returned to the states for our medical furlough, I did little more than doctor’s appointments and rest for several weeks. As God granted healing and my strength began increasing, we added outings. One of our first trips was to the Rochester Zoo. This zoo has a fun section called “Step Into Africa” we especially enjoyed! Seeing elephants and giraffes behind enclosures was new; we’re used to seeing these animals in the wild! As we “Stepped into Africa”, one darkened display case was filled with my worst African bug nightmare- cockroaches. They had a case. of. cockroaches! Those cockroaches were lucky they were behind a thick pane of glass- it was the only thing protecting them from my sharpened aim and heavy shoe!

Truck Fundraiser Completed!

Throughout the last twelve months we’ve been fundraising for a new truck that can take us out in the village and throughout the regions beyond rural Zambia. Reliable transportation in the middle of the bush is so important! Our job requires us to reach some of the most difficult places and trek some of the most worn down paths imaginable. A key word that we focus on is access. It’s easy to search through satellite imagery for villages we haven’t been to and places outside our normal reach. But simply having a desire to go out to these new areas isn’t enough and the decision often comes down to access. How can we access a new village? Are there any roads and will they be passible throughout the rainy season? If we somehow get there, will we be able to get back if a storm comes in? If we breakdown, what’s the next step? Is our vehicle strong enough to handle the terrain? These are all questions we consider before starting out. And these are the reasons why our new truck is so important to our cause. Thank you for helping us with this campaign and equipping us with the tools we need to carry out the Great Commission in Zambia, Africa!

The Robinson Family Newsletter

The last couple of months have been a busy time for my family and I as we travel, but over and over again, we have seen God’s Hand of protection and provision. We are thankful that we have been able to stay healthy, and that the kids are doing well with all the travels. We are thankful that our daughter Rosalie has enjoyed the deputation process and is always looking to find new friends at every new church that we go to. It shows you how resilient children are and how much better they respond to the pressures of life. Last week we were able to pick up some 55 gallon drums that we are going to use to pack our goods in. They are cheaper and easier to send overseas, so we are excited about this next step and what it means for our future. We are going to pack some of our belongings this month since we have some time to work on things in between our June meetings.... READ MORE.

The Ministry & Work at CMB!

Our village ministry at Chiyembekezo (CMB) is primarily made up of farmers. These are people that work the land to survive and provide for their families. It’s hard and time consuming work that many do with simple tools. This makes the job considerably longer to finish, leading many to sleep in their fields while the harvest is being brought in. With all of that just coming to completion this month, we’re now entering a time period where people are more free and ministry events can be scheduled. This month the members of CMB are organizing a two day Bible conference as they reach out to their local community. The leaders of this church are young Christians that are growing and using the little they know and have to help others. Please pray for these believers as the pathway forward is strewn with challenges and opposition. Generations of witchcraft and ungodly traditions have built walls that are not easily broken down. While so much has already been accomplished here, we know that we're still laying a foundation in this area as we reach minds and hearts for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Joining A Team You Can Trust!

People value working with us at Hope Zambia because of our good name and hands on experience in the field. We’ve earned the trust and confidence of so many people, churches and organizations throughout the last 20 years in Zambia. From our time with mission teams and college internships to making sure donations are secure and wisely used, we take our job seriously. Learn more about how you can join Team Hope and get involved with the ministry at Hope Zambia International. 

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