Sokly is coming to America this month!  Find out more about what's happening and how you can support Crossing Cambodia.
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We've been working on this for a couple years now and we've got some awesome news!  Sokly finally got a visa to visit the United States!

We're super excited for this opportunity as it means that Sokly will be able to observe firsthand how the fundraising process works and she will be able to meet many of our donors!  We are seriously praying and hoping that not only will this be a good educational trip for her, but that by having her along it will help us in recruiting new child sponsors and building strong long-term relationship with our donors.

We will be departing for the US on October 15th and will be in the country for 5 weeks.  Below are some of our noteworthy engagements and important dates.
  • October 21st - Lake Auburn Moravian Church in Victoria, MN
  • October 28th - St. John's Lutheran Church in Yankton, SD
  • November 1st to the 3rd - Beautiful Feet Student Conference in Austin, TX
  • November 4th - ACTS Church in Leander, TX
  • November 11th - TBA
  • November 18th - Trinity Lutheran Church in Billings, MT
  • November 22nd - Thanksgiving in Minnesota
Because of a slight change in the schedule we are currently open on November 11th and are currently working to arrange a church visit then.  However, if you are in the area of any of our major appointments we'd love to see you and I'd appreciate help in showing Sokly around your part of the USA!

I would also like to ask you to please pray for us and consider helping us with domestic travel costs while in the US.  We still need to book flights around the US to certain destinations, there are a couple occasions when we will need rental cars, and of course with a lot of driving comes gas purchases.

We would greatly appreciate it if anyone with extra frequent flier miles might help us book plane tickets or if you would make a special donation to help us cover the upcoming travel expenses.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and we hope you'll be able to come meet Sokly this fall.  Please keep all the kids and the rest of the staff of Crossing Cambodia in your prayers that they will be safe and effective in ministry while both Sokly and I are out of the country.  And please keep on praying for a successful and safe trip and that God will be glorified in all that we do!
Travel Needs/Requests

So here is a list of some things we need and a few things we'd much appreciate help with this fall while travelling in the US to raise support for Crossing Cambodia.  If you can help out please Donate Now!

Needed Items
  • Vehicle in Minnesota - Rental or Loan from October 22nd to the 30th (Estimated Rental Cost - $500)
  • 2 Plane tickets - Minneapolis, MN to Austin, TX on October 31
  • Vehicle in Austin, TX- Rental or Loan from October 31st to November 7th (Estimated Rental Cost - $400)
  • Vehicle in Billings, MT - Rental or Loan from November 13th to the 19th (Estimated Rental Cost - $500)
  • 2 Plane tickets - Billings, MT to Minneapolis, MN on November 19th or 20th
  • Other Plane Tickets - Once we've nailed down the final schedule there will probably be more plane tickets we'll need.
  • Money for Gas - On any given fundraising trip I can wrack up 3000+ miles which takes up a lot of gasoline.  Any contribution will help greatly!
Would Much Appreciate
  • Gym guest passes: Its hard and expensive to keep up with working out when travelling.  Guest passes to local gyms where we're travelling or passes to national chains would be much appreciated.
  • Take Sokly out to eat or go shopping: This will be her first truly international trip outside the tropics and she's going to need some warm clothes!
  • Show Sokly the best of America!  She's played host to so many people over the years in Cambodia and shown them around the country, we'd love to show her our appreciation by showing off America to her.
  • Thanksgiving that Sokly finally got a visa to visit the USA!
  • That God will uplift and empower our local staff while both Greg and Sokly are away!
  • Safe travels to the US all around and back to Cambodia.
There is always more to share, but for now we just want to focus on the immediate needs of the upcoming fundraising trip with Sokly.  Please keep praying with us and following along, later this month we'll get out another update with more info on how the Street Children's Ministry is progressing and where we hope to go next!


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