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The truck is simply sitting idle in the parking area.  We need your help to get it rolling again!


Our truck has been in poor condition for a while now.  However, as of Friday, October 21st, our mini-truck has ceased to function.  While we do have a tuk-tuk to help transport children, it is neither large enough nor powerful enough to move all the children.  The tuk-tuk is mainly intended as a back-up and to help split the pickup route in the morning to save time.  Without the truck we will be forced to rely on hiring an additional tuk-tuk every school day for at least $5 per day.

Our truck is a Suzuki model and parts for it are difficult to come by in Battambang, thus we need at least $800 in the very immediate future to get the engine rebuilt and the transmission replaced with Daewoo parts so that we can continue to use it and get repairs more easily.  Long term we will continue to pray and seek support to purchase a newer and larger vehicle, but for now it is extremely difficult for us to operate without our primary ministry vehicle.

A newer, larger pick-up truck will likely cost somewhere in the ballpark of $8,000 to $10,000, part of which we can hopefully gain through sale of the small truck.  However, until it is functioning again, the mini-truck is only really worth it for the scrap metal in it.

If you can help us please consider donating towards this urgent need!  Otherwise please pray that God will provide what is necessary for us to keep providing transportation to the street children.

Our tuk-tuk is cool, but not big enough to be our only vehicle.


One of our biggest struggles as of late has been a regular turnover of our staff.  In the last year we've hired at least 7 new staff and had 7 staff leave.  At present only 2 of our current 5 staff people have been with us for more than 1 year.  Within the last month we hired 2 new young men to come serve in our ministry as Children's Advocates.

As you may know the purpose of the Children's Advocates is to be a point of stability in the lives of the street children and to build positive relationships through which we can share the gospel to them and their families.  When staff that we hired leave so soon after coming on board it can make it difficult for the children to trust new staff that come after them.  The new staff, who must start from scratch to build a relationship with the children, may have a more difficult time building trust and bonding with the children as they worry that the new person may also soon leave them.

Please pray that we will be able to encourage our new staff appropriately and that God will enable them to commit to remaining a part of our ministry long-term so that we can most effectively reach out to these precious children.

Please pray for all our staff, that they will use this opportunity to put God's love into action in the lives of the street children!

Heng & Samuel are our newest staff members having just signed on with us.  We are happy to have two young men who can be positive male role models for the boys in our ministry.
They are also very valuable to us as they are learning to drive our tuk-tuk.  Please pray that God will uplift them and encourage them to stay with us for long-time to come!


For this school year we made the difficult decision to suspend our preschool operations.  We only have 4 preschool students, the cost of schooling for the older children has increased, and we needed to restructure our staff in order to work within our budget constraints and best serve the street children.  We therefore made the decision that this year we would enroll the smallest of our kids in a preschool ministry run by the local YWAM base.

This means that very soon our 4 small preschoolers will begin attending classes as we hope to prepare them for attending regular school.  We will likely be doing this for the next couple years until all of them are ready to enter 1st grade with the rest of the children.

Please pray for our preschoolers as they get ready for school and that through this they and their families will continue to see how Crossing Cambodia puts God's love into action in their lives!


As some of you many know, if it were not for the rides we provide our kids, many of them would have no way to make the trek to school each day and would stop attending without the rides we provide. We've had our truck for a long time, but it’s coming time to replace it. While in the immediate future we plan to repair it, we still hope that we will be able to purchase a newer and larger vehicle to replace it as the vehicle itself it over 20 years old and right side drives may eventually become illegal.

Please prayerfully consider donating to help us acquire a new truck so that we can continue to provide this vital service to the street children for many more years!



Supports center operations such as rent, utilities, transportation, repairs, etc.
Supports a child's tuition, meals, supplies, etc.
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Supports Greg Holz and his family with their costs of living as missionaries here.
  • That we will be able to repair and/or replace our aging truck quickly.
  • Pray that our new staff will be beacons of hope and love for the chilldren we serve.
  • Pray for sufficient funding (as always!)
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