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As has been stated many many times before, street kids ministry is difficult and requires that we always be ready for changes. 
Many of our kids are getting older and as they get older they become more independent and want to make their own decisions. However, for many of them the parents are not actively involved or unwilling to enforce basic discipline.  So at night they go out begging and a few of them have discovered that they can also go to a 24 hour internet shop and play computer games until the early hours of the morning.  So for a while they were not getting nearly enough sleep and in the mornings they were acting out and refusing to even come to the center because they wanted to sleep.
While the ideal solution would be for the parents to make them go to bed at a more reasonable hour, we know that’s not always possible with street children.  One of the biggest reasons why children end up in our program is because their families are struggling with social issues, addictions, and are often unable or unwilling to commit to doing the basic jobs a family should be doing.  So our simple solution has been to switch a handful of our students from morning classes to afternoon classes.
So now while we still pick them up in the mornings, we then allow them to sleep for several more hours at our center before they go to school.  In this way we are able to ensure they still get 2 meals a day and attend classes.  They miss out on our afternoon activities, but sometimes a little sacrifice is necessary to succeed in the long run.
We ask your prayers for these students as we continue to grow with them and adapt to the unique needs of children and families who live on the street.  Pray that by our willingness to change and commit to their best interests that they will see God’s love shining through us.


Feeling generous this time of the year? We could really use your help! We are in need of quite a few things and would love your support.
  • New Truck
  • Kids Christmas Presents - $15 each (New pair of clothes for each child)
  • Christmas Party for Street Kids & Families - $200
  • Mushroom Hut - $150 (Convert old Rabbit hutches to space for growing mushrooms)
  • Mushroom Spore Bags - $5/bag
  • Lights & Turn Signals for Tuk-Tuk - $100
  • New Vine Support for Billy’s Garden - $200 (Old one collapsed)
  • New Whiteboard - $35 (For English classes)
  • Cots - $20/each (For children to sleep on)
Just a few items on our Christmas list

*NEW* Drop-In Center

Due to the oversaturation of causes and campaigns made available through things like social media and crowdfunding platforms, people have become much more picky about the type of projects they invest in. They, understandably, prefer projects that help as many people as possible for as little money as possible. Projects that provide the most “bang for their buck.” This has caused large groups of people to be overlooked, deemed hopeless, or simply not worth the financial investment. The “glue boys” are just some of these overlooked people.

“Glue boys” get their name from the bags of white paste they can often be seen huffing on street corners and in alleyways around Battambang. When asked why they huff glue it is common for them to respond with a simple, “It helps me not feel so hungry.” To make matters worse, a lot of these kids and young men find it extremely difficult to trust people outside their community. Many have already caused themselves permanent brain damage due to the fumes they have inhaled and are going to require more long-term care than simply a one time meal. Sadly, this has had a discouraging effect on anyone wishing to start a project helping the glue boys as it is difficult to convince people to give to a project that helps people who have little or no possibility of reintegrating into society.

We at Crossing Cambodia have seen this need for a long time now and hope with God’s grace that He will provide a way to meet this need. We hope to start by renting a house and providing a daily meal, a place to take a shower, clean clothing, and eventually a place to sleep away from a lot of dangers that come with sleeping on the street. In this way we hope to build trust between ourselves and the community while working towards more long term care solutions.

The secular world measures people’s value based on what they can contribute to society. We as Christians place value on people not based on what they can contribute back, but because they are created in the image of God and because our Christ identified Himself with the poor, the broken, and “the worthless.” Christ said, “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me” (Matthew 25:35-36 ESV). In this way, we can know that we don’t help people because they can eventually give back to society, but because we see Christ in them and in their poverty. When we serve them, we serve our Savior who has already given up everything for us. So even when the rest of the world sees a lost cause in these glue boys, we should look upon them and see Christ Himself.

Please pray with us as we seek God's guidance and support for this project of compassion!

  • Patience and wisdom as we continue to adapt to the changing needs of children
  • We have been dealing with some complications involving the preschool we enrolled our smallest children at.  Pray for a swift resolution for the benefit of these kids.
  • God's direction and support for the drop-in center
  • Health of the children in our program and their families during this cold season
  • That God will bless the efforts of the World Race team currently staying with us and serving at Crossing Cambodia.
  • A blessed Christmas to all our children, their families, our donors, and our staff
  • Sufficient financial support for all our long-term volunteers: the Brooks, the Lobato Family, and the Holz Family


Supports center operations such as rent, utilities, transportation, repairs, etc.
Supports a child's tuition, meals, supplies, etc.
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Supports Greg Holz and his family with their costs of living as missionaries here.
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