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Bring Sokly to the US
Sokly is the Ministry Director fo Crossing Cambodia.  She takes care of the day to day operations of Crossing Cambodia and has been a vital part of building this ministry.  Now we hope that she can come to the US to observe the fundraising process and meet some of our key donors.  We need your help to cover the costs involved.  We need $1100 more to purchase her round trip tickets.

We also ask that you pray for Sokly as on March 22nd she will have her visa interview at the US Embassy in Phnom Penh.  Once she has a visa we will buy tickets for her to travel with Greg and family to the US in July!

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One of the most exhausting jobs of a missionary is perhaps fundraising.  From early January to mid-February I travelled from Cambodia to the US to visit with churches and donors and share with them about our work we do here.  During the course of a month I took 14 planes, 3 trains, and drove many miles to get to my appointments.  I travelled to Montana, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and California and visited with churches, pastors, individual supporters, colleges, professors, and others.  Suffice to say, this trip to the US was no vacation but a non-stop fundraising roller-coaster.  And believe it or not, I’m probably going to do this two more time just in 2017.
But it was also one of the best trips I’ve taken in a while.  Not only did I get to make lots of great connections, but it seems clear that God is moving to help us build up our ministry and take it in some cool new directions.
The first big change that is taking effect is with our administration.  When we first started Crossing Cambodia we worked with an accounting office in Texas to receive donations and meet our legal obligations to be a non-profit.  Now as we’ve become more established and with the help of our new administrator, Ms. Paulina Lobato, we are able to bring more of the accounting and book keeping in-house and bring down our administrative costs.  Previously we had to pay 10% of donations to the accountant and pay credit card processing fees on top of that.  We are excited to announce that with these new structures, we will be bringing the administrative cut down to a flat 8% so that more of your support goes directly to ministry. Also, with all the book keeping on our hands instead of being outsourced, we will be able to be more transparent with the use of funding.
Next I am thrilled about having met so many people who are excited about the farm project!  Many people came to me wanting to talk about planting, acquiring seeds and equipment, and working on the business plan.  I’ve been trying to make this project a reality for 2 years and now we’re finally gaining some traction!  In addition to people being excited we've also got a probable start-up location picked out, a 2½ acre plot just outside the city! In the coming weeks I will be going out to the potential land to begin the work of designing the farm, getting estimates for digging fish ponds and wells, and looking for possible staff.  At my home I'm already getting lemon and lime seedlings started as an additional crop for planting.  We also need to think of a good name for the farm.  Please pray that God will bless our efforts and raise up the support necessary and will continue to guide us in this endeavor.

Our Current Needs....

We're incredibly grateful for everything that has been given thus far.  We are currently looking at vehicles and ask that you please pray with us.  We're looking at buying a van instead of a truck.  The van is better suited for when we have teams and will be ready to go as soon as we purchase it without need for modifications.  However, depending on the year available, the price may be a little more than expected and it's been slow going trying to find a buyer for the old truck.  If we can't sell it, we may repurpose the old truck to be used as a farm vehicle.  But in the meantime, will you donate to help us be able to get the van?
  • Van for Kids - $3500 more
  • Support for the Farm Project - $25,000 for start-up costs and first 12 months of operation


One of the issues we’ve always known would affect us is that of kids and families moving around.  We were very blessed to have stability with our kids for the past 2 years, but recently a number of our kids have unfortunately dropped out of our program.  A couple of the boys have decided to drop out and because the parents are not willing to support our efforts, we have no means by which to compel them to keep attending school.  Also a couple families recently relocated to other provinces where they feel the begging opportunities are better or where they can find work.  All total 4 children have moved on.  We continue to hope and pray they will return but otherwise we will continue to wait until July to consider new children.
It is a difficult reality of working with street children, but we strive to be consistent in their lives and put God’s love into action for them.  However, a recent visit from one of our first students who dropped out is an uplifting reminder that sometimes, even if our time with kids is brief, our ability to impact them can be great!
One of our first students dropped out during his second year in our program.  It was very difficult for him to be a 13 year old boy only in third grade.  While many boys on the street his age are cast out from their families and frequently turn to drugs and/or sniffing glue, he chose to look for work.  As he tells it, being with us gave him the confidence to believe in himself and now he works consistently building roads.  It may not be the long-term hope we had for him, but we can see that his life was affected in a positive way and we can see that he is someone who will indeed bring change in the lives of others.
Please join us in praying for the kids in our program, that we will continue to affect their lives daily with the love of Christ.  Pray that the kids who have left will take what they learned from us and make changes in their lives.  Finally, pray that God will give us who work at Crossing Cambodia the peace of mind that comes from trusting in His plan.


It seems a little wild, but in 2017 three of our team members will be having babies!  Just check out the bumps. Pray for God's protection and blessings as at least 2 of them are due soon.

Our missionary families are growing.  Please prayerfully consider supporting our missionaries so they can continue to serve God and raise their families here in Cambodia.
Top - Sinuon Holz    Left - Paulina Lobato    Right - Rachna Brooks
  • That God will grant Sokly confidence for her visa interview.
  • Thanksgiving for Greg's successful fundraising trip!
  • God's guidance as we look towards developing a farm to help kids and take our first steps toward making the ministry self-sustaining.
  • God's protection over the children who have left our program.
  • Peace of mind for Crossing Cambodia's staff as we trust God to watch over kids who leave.
  • That we can either sell the old truck or get a few more donations to cover the cost of the new vehicle for taking kids to school.
  • Thanksgiving for all the babies coming our way in 2017!
  • Sufficient financial support for all our long-term volunteers: the Brooks Family, the Lobato Family, and the Holz Family


Supports center operations such as rent, utilities, transportation, repairs, etc.
Supports a child's tuition, meals, supplies, etc.
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Supports Greg Holz and his family with their costs of living as missionaries here.
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