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Image of a 1924 water tower with the Frisco Logo on it.
Monday, July 25 - Sunday, July 31
The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) is requesting customers reduce their water use immediately, especially outdoor water use. This call to action is due to production quantity, and not water quality. Our water supply is safe to drink and use!  NTMWD took one of four treatment plants at its Wylie complex off-line for critical maintenance on Saturday, July 16.  Read the full release at this link.
While data from Frisco’s weather station recommends .63 inches of water this week, please don’t run your automatic sprinkler system more than one day this week on your regularly scheduled trash collection day. This week’s recommendation is impacted by the NTMWD request to limit outdoor watering.
The hot, dry weather has the City of Frisco nearing record water usage. Please consider these alternative methods of outdoor watering which are allowed in addition to your once-a-week watering schedule: Hand-held hoses, driplines and tree bubblers. These are good methods to water your lawn, landscape and foundation during this extreme heat.
Time-of-day watering guidelines are critical this time of year!
Irrigation controllers should be set to run before 10 a.m., or after 6 p.m. during Daylight Saving Time (DST). Running your sprinklers in the early morning and evening helps minimize water loss due to evaporation.

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In our wrap-up to Smart Irrigation Month, we would like to leave you with one final thought: there is no “set it and forget it” when it comes to your sprinkler system. This is the constant refrain of our irrigators, and they would love you to both remember and act upon it by running a test on your sprinkler system once a month.

Every controller is set up a little differently, but they should all have some sort of a test function. Some controllers will allow you to test by manually running through the system zone by zone for 2-3 minutes. Others will have a clear “test all” designation. When our licensed irrigators come out to perform your annual free sprinkler system check, ask them how to do this on your controller.

When you test your system, look for broken or misaligned heads. This happens more frequently than most homeowners realize. After watering, if a head does not retract fully it may get caught by a lawn mower blade and be gone before you know it. Likewise, the same pressure which allows your sprinkler heads to pop-up will also produce torque, causing those heads to twist slightly each time you run your system, eventually causing a misalignment. 

Another part of maintaining your system is checking your rain and freeze sensor. Check your controller during the next rain event to make sure that your sensor is registering the rain and functioning properly. If your controller doesn’t reflect the rain, your sensor will need some attention.

Remember Frisco, WaterWise is always here to help.  So if you have any questions about irrigation, just send us an e-mail at  Thank you Frisco, for being smarter about water by becoming better informed homeowners during Smart Irrigation Month!
My sprinklers are spraying the sidewalk. How do I fix this? Brandon is here to help demonstrate “How to Adjust a Nozzle”. It is important that nozzles are adjusted correctly to reduce the chances of water runoff on driveways, sidewalks, and streets.
For months you've gotten their advice, now it is time to meet the Licensed Irrigators answering your questions!

This week's Licensed Irrigator:
Charles Nash

Bio: In 2003, my interest in irrigation began. In 2006 I obtained my irrigation license and a few years later got my backflow license and irrigation inspectors license. I have been with the City of Frisco for almost nine years and was the first irrigation inspector hired by the city. During that time I have been to nearly 9000 homes here in Frisco, performing free sprinkler checkups. I love what I do and hope to help as many homeowners as possible with their irrigation needs.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the acoustic guitar and spending time with my wife and kids. I enjoying welding, making custom metal and wood picnic tables and grilling out.
You've got questions. Our licensed irrigators have answers. 

This week's question: I
s there a benefit to using Cycle & Soak as opposed to watering just once a day?

Good question,
People often ask us about this. The reason we use multiple cycles of water for your spray zones on your watering day is due to the clay soil, which has a hard time absorbing water. To get around this we run a cycle of 6-8 minutes per zone. wait an hour, and then run another cycle. This allows the water time to soak into the clay before we add more. Make sure you set your controller start times during the summer as recommended by the City of Frisco for the best absorption rates.

Example: 1am start time: cycle the sprinkler zones one at a time and then let soak for 2 hours
                   Another start time at 3 am: let your sprinklers run their cycles and soak in,
                   A 3rd start time 5am and a 4th at 8pm to end your watering day.

Call 972-292-5800 for a free sprinkler inspection from one of our Licensed Texas Irrigators.

- Charles Nash, Licensed Irrigation Inspector

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GPCD: Frisco's Water Statistics
The average daily water usage per person in Frisco is known as the GPCD. Calculations are obtained by dividing the total number of gallons used in Frisco by our city's population.

This week in Frisco, the GPCD was 301.
Last week, the GPCD was 301.
2022 Water Quality Report
with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. Learn more by reviewing the Superior Rating. The City of Frisco is proud to let its customers know they receive safe, high-quality drinking water. Frisco’s water system has an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.
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