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Image of a 1924 water tower with the Frisco Logo on it.
Monday, November 14 - Sunday, November 20
Based on the data from Frisco’s weather station, no watering is recommended this week due to the recent rainfall.

Watering Schedule Map - Set Your Controller - Cycle & Soak Watering - Free Sprinkler Checkup

Overseeding is Prohibited in Frisco

Save money and water by letting your lawn go dormant this fall and winter. Overseeding your lawn with cool season grasses, such as rye and fescue, is prohibited in the City of Frisco. The exception is for erosion control and public spaces where safety is a concern. (Ordinance 19-04-34 Section 8).
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The warm colors of autumn leaves help brighten this cooler season. As leaves begin to fall from their branches, many residents wonder how to best manage the extra plant material on their lawns. Below are our tips for leaf management:

Go natural. Allow plant material to break down naturally in your lawn or garden. The nutrients in decomposing plant material enriches your soil and prepares your landscape for warmer seasons.

Protect storm drains. Never blow plant material into your street or alley, as rain washes yard waste down the storm drain. Storm drains lead directly to our streams and creeks without filtration. Excess nutrients from discarded yard waste can cause dangerous algae blooms which negatively affect water quality and wildlife.

Skip the trash cart. Still want to rake your leaves? Plant waste does not belong in your trash or recycling carts but is collected on your regular curbside service day! Place plant materials, such as grass clippings and leaves, in paper yard waste bags (plastic bags are not accepted) and set them on the curb. Up to ten (10) yard waste bags are accepted per week.

Compost made easy. The City of Frisco partners with Texas Pure, North Texas Municipal Water District’s regional composting program, to recycle your yard waste into nutrient-dense compost and mulch. Frisco residents can purchase this compost and mulch at a steep discount!
You've got questions and our Licensed Irrigators have answers.

This week's question:

I saw the notice about changes in the way the free sprinkler inspection works. What exactly is changing?

Beginning January 2023 WaterWise will implement scheduling changes to the free sprinkler system checkup program.
  • Residential addresses with an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) as their last digit can schedule a free checkup during odd number years.
  • Residential addresses with an even number (0, 2, 4, 6, and 8) as their last digit can schedule a free checkup during even number years.

Appointments are currently being accepted for 2023.  

The WaterWise free sprinkler system checkup program began in 2006 with one licensed irrigator. The program is very popular with Frisco residents and saves homeowners millions of gallons of water. Learn more about free sprinkler system checkups here, or use the myFrisco app to schedule an appointment.

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In observance of Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24, residential recycling and trash services will be delayed by one day.  This means Thursday services will move to Friday, and Friday services will move to Saturday. Regular service days will resume on Monday, November 28.

The Environmental Services offices and the Environmental Collection Center at 6616 Walnut Street will be closed November 24 - 27. Both facilities will reopen on Monday, November 28.
Valve Locate Services

Conserve water and save money! For a limited time, WaterWise Licensed Irrigators are offering a FREE Irrigation Valve Locate Service. During this visit, our irrigators will attempt to locate irrigation valves, test your solenoid and rain/freeze sensor, and reset your controller if needed. Use the myFrisco app or call 972-292-5800 to schedule your appointment today!

*Appointments began November 1st but residents may schedule today.

Please note that due to time constraints, irrigators will not be able to perform a full Sprinkler System Check-up or find broken or nicked wires during a Valve locate appointment.
GPCD: Frisco's Water Statistics
The average daily water usage per person in Frisco is known as the GPCD. Calculations are obtained by dividing the total number of gallons used in Frisco by our city's population.

This week in Frisco, the GPCD was 129.
Last week, the GPCD was 138.
2022 Water Quality Report
Frisco water meets with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. Learn more by reviewing the Superior Rating. The City of Frisco is proud to let its customers know they receive safe, high-quality drinking water. Frisco’s water system has an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.

To learn more about how Frisco keeps your drinking water clean, check out the City's most recent Progress in Motion video!
Water levels in Lavon Lake, our primary water source, remain lower than normal for this time of year. Residents are asked to continue limiting outdoor water use and follow specific guidance from their local provider regarding the timing and frequency of irrigation.
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