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 Monday February 12-
Sunday February 18
Based on data from the City of Frisco weather station:

No watering is recommended.

Cold temperatures and rain are projected in the forecast this week. Please keep sprinkler systems turned OFF.
Watering in temperatures below 40F is prohibited as defined by Frisco’s Water Management Plan and can result in a violation, with fees added to the water utility bill. In the event of freezing temperatures, make sure your sprinkler system is turned OFF to prevent possible hazardous conditions on streets and sidewalks.
Planting and watering cool season grasses, such as rye grass, is prohibited as defined in Frisco's Water Management Plan.
Water Warriors of the Lego League
For those in the know, FLL is where it’s at for kids interested in STEM.  FLL, or First Lego League, is a program designed to interest kids in science and technology in a sporty atmosphere.  The basis of FLL is a robotics tournament in a positive environment where kids help solve a “mission” with the help of a robot they construct and program.  In conjunction with robot development, each team must research and problem solve a real life problem which changes every year.  This year, FLL chose Hydrodynamics as their topic and WaterWise was thrilled to assist six different teams as they made their way through the competition. Check out this video from the 2017 competition.
Let us introduce you to your Frisco teams!
Meet the Aqua Ducks!  This team decided to tackle the issue of household water use so that families could better track where and how they “spend” their water.  They created a flow meter that can be installed on different faucets. The flow meter would light up as water flow passed different volume increments. The team also created an app so that people could monitor flow throughout their homes, combine the amounts, and obtain a picture of the total household usage.  This team’s efforts earned them a place in the Regional Competition!
Say “Hello” to the Master Minds!  This team focused on water conservation and created a whole educational outreach campaign, including website, to help raise awareness in the community.  This team’s efforts earned them the Champion’s Award and a place in the Regional Competition!
Prepare to be wowed by the Republic of Awesome Robots (ROAR)! This team decided to get to the roots of water waste and created a smart soil moisture meter that communicated directly with the sprinkler system to tell it when to turn on and turn off.  They also created an online game to help kids learn how little water it actually takes to keep a lawn green.  For their efforts, ROAR earned a place at the Regional Competition!
The Robotic Avengers made it their mission to protect communities from health issues caused by things like lead in water.  This team researched how water can become tainted and looked at how the water distribution system could be modified to prevent future incidents.  For their efforts, the Robotic Avengers received an honorable mention!
Devilishly creative and full of fun, the Tech Devils came up with a creative solution for water waste in the shower.  This group created a device that learns your shower pattern, plays music while you shower, and slowly cuts back on the length of time the song plays to train people to take more efficient showers, saving time and water.  The Tech Devils earned the CORE values award for their efforts!
Creating some technical magic, the Water Wizards worked on a smart soil moisture meter/flow meter combination product that would not only tell your sprinkler system when it needed to water, but also whether or not there were any leaks in the system.
For all of their hard work and genuine concern about water conservation, WaterWise applauds these teams and their efforts to help safeguard our water supply.  Congratulations!
Upcoming Workshop: Tree Care Tips & Tricks
Before your trees start to bud and bloom, come learn from Shades of Green experts, Jeff McCauley and Jarratt Calvert, the tips and tricks you'll need to keep your trees healthy and looking fit this year. 

Friday, February 16, 2018
Noon - 1:00 PM
McCallum Room
City Hall, 4th Floor 

Register Here.
Upcoming Workshops: Collin County Master Gardener Double Header
Saturday, February 17, 2018
The Landing at Myers Park in McKinney

Spring into Vegetable Gardening
8:00 A.M. - Noon
Tree Care
1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Each Workshop is $10.00 
Register Online with CCMG 
Upcoming Workshops: Earth-Kind Landscape Design & Management
Saturday & Sunday, 
February 24 & 25, 2018

Myers Park and Event Center 
7117 County Road. 166, 
McKinney, TX 75071

$295 per household
To register for the course contact
Angela Ehrler, 972-952-9256
The average daily water usage per person in Frisco is known as the GPCD. This week in Frisco, the GPCD was 99.

Last week, our GPCD was 105.

Calculations are obtained by dividing the total number of gallons used by the City by the population.

The City of Frisco has licensed irrigators on staff! Let our experts guide you through your sprinkler system operation and evaluate its water use efficiency. 
Call to schedule an appointment:

Or use the City's new myFRISCO app!

For sprinkler system repairs, visit the
DIA Website to search for a licensed contractor near you.
Frisco Quality - The 2017 Water Report
The City of Frisco is proud to let its customers know that they receive safe, high-quality drinking water.  Each year, the City of Frisco provides an annual drinking water quality report to its water customers. 

This report, often referred to as the consumer confidence report, is required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency through the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act.

2017 Annual Water Quality Report is now available online.  To receive a printed version of this report, contact the Public Works Department at 972.292.5800.
We make reporting water waste easy here in the City of Frisco.

Use the City's new myFRISCO app to 
send a real-time alert to our water patrol units.  

While you can still use the old form to report water waste, myFRISCO is the best way to notify the City of waste or request services, especially outside of normal business hours. 

Lavon Lake is Frisco's main source of water. The lake is currently 2.61 feet below capacity.

It is important that the City of Frisco and its water customers use water wisely. 
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