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Image of a 1924 water tower with the Frisco Logo on it.
Monday, June 27 - Sunday, July 3
Based on City of Frisco weather station data: We recommend watering .5 inches on your regular watering day (about 2 cycles using the Cycle and Soak Method).

Time of day watering guidelines apply now that it's Daylight Savings Time (DST). Irrigation controllers should be adjusted for the time change. Do not set them to run between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Running your sprinklers in the early morning and evening helps minimize water loss due to evaporation.

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Hot temperatures are here! How can we maintain a healthy lawn in extreme temperatures, while remaining water-efficient?
  • Plant Right. Some grasses do better than others in our North Texas heat. The best options for our area are Bermuda, Zoysia, and Buffalo. They have the advantage of developing deep root systems which are important for developing a drought-resistant lawn.
  • Go Blonde! Really. When it gets hot out, plants naturally slow their growth in order to conserve moisture. This means that your grass will go “blonde” during the peak of heat. This is a natural process and does not harm your lawn.
  • Forget the Fertilizer. Putting fertilizer on a blond lawn will encourage your grass to grow. But doing so, will make it thirsty. This will put stress on your lawn’s root system and cause your water bill to soar with the high temperatures.
  • Mow Higher. Once your grass goes blonde, its growth has slowed, and leaving it a little taller may help it remain green during future hot spells, as your grass can spend more energy on expanding its root system (making it more drought tolerant) instead of trying to recover from a short cut.
Most of all, remember to take care of any yard work early in the day to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Come up with a plan the night before, get organized, stick to your plan, and finish quickly.

While no one looks forward to the days when temperatures soar above 100 degrees, with a little planning and a little understanding, we can all reach the other side with our lawns intact and a sense of accomplishment for staying WaterWise.
You've got questions. Our licensed irrigators have answers. 

This week's question:
How do I check for leaks in my sprinkler system?

Answer: The easiest way to spot a big leak is to run a test of your system for two minutes and watch each zone while it runs. If you notice water coming up from around the heads, low pressure on a zone, or water beginning to come up from the ground, then obviously you have a leak. Some leaks are not as visible and requires someone who knows what to look for. The best way is to schedule a Free Sprinkler Checkup and have one of our licensed irrigators come out go through the system.

- Julian Posada, Licensed Irrigation Inspector

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Alert: Environmental Services Holiday Hours
In observance of Independence Day, The Environmental Services offices and the Environmental Collection Center at 6616 Walnut Street will be closed Monday, July 4. Both facilities will reopen on Tuesday, July 5.

Residential recycling and trash services will be delayed by one day.  This means Monday services will move to Tuesday, Tuesday services will move to Wednesday, and so on. Regular service days will resume on Monday, July 11.
Alert: Independence Day - Delayed WaterWise Newsletter
In observance of Independence Day, the City of Frisco will be closed on Monday, July 4. The weekly WaterWise Newsletter will not be available until Tuesday, July 5.  Although recycle/trash services will be delayed by one day the week of the 4th, your watering day will remain the same.

We recognize that for our Monday waterers, this will cause a bit of a hiccup in a normally smooth routine. We want to provide you with a few tips to get you through the coming week, despite the delayed watering recommendation:
  • First, we recommend that you keep an eye on the weather. If it has rained, chances are your lawn does not need to be watered. Natural rainfall is the best source of water for our lawns and watering in addition to a recent rain can cause your lawn to become soggy.
  • Next, we ask that you check the moisture level of your lawn with a soil moisture meter. If the moisture meter says your lawn is dry, water according to the Cycle & Soak method.
These easy steps will allow you to continue to water wisely!
FREE Irrigation Sprinkler Checkups
Conserve water and save money! Frisco's licensed irrigators offer free inspections to residents. Please be aware that our free Sprinkler Checkup program is extremely popular and there is currently a wait list going into August. 

Use the myFrisco app or call 972-292-5800 to schedule your appointment.
GPCD: Frisco's Water Statistics
The average daily water usage per person in Frisco is known as the GPCD. Calculations are obtained by dividing the total number of gallons used in Frisco by our city's population.

This week in Frisco, the GPCD was 258.
Last week, the GPCD was 236.
2022 Water Quality Report
with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards. Learn more by reviewing the Superior Rating. The City of Frisco is proud to let its customers know they receive safe, high-quality drinking water. Frisco’s water system has an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report.
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