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Newsletter October 2012

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We are now in the final week of our "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" solo show by Lee Ellis so we'll look back on that and then look towards the next show, another solo exhibition, this time by Jim Starr. We'll also remind you of future exhibitions we have planned.

The Last Supper by Lee Ellis

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

The "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" solo show featuring 33 pieces by young Bristol-based artist Lee Ellis has been a great success on several levels. Firstly, it has given us, the proprietors, the opportunity to see our front gallery space covered in works by a single artist, and it looks good! Secondly it has given Lee the opportunity to show all his most recent works in one place.
And thirdly and most importantly it has given the public the opportunity to see a rising star in the Bristol art world.

We were also very fortunate to benefit from the skills of our friend Steve Flanagan who very kindly constructed a "virtual tour" of the show to post on our website.  For those of you who have been unable to attend, this tour gives you a flavour of the show.
Restless by Lee Ellis
Wild Thing by Jim Starr

Wild Thing

Personally, I can't wait for this show by Jim Starr. He's been locked away in his studio these last few weeks and I have been forbidden to go in. Several custom-built frames arrived at the weekend so it won't be long now before I get the sneak preview. Speaking of which, the poster to the left gives us all a teaser...

The private viewing will take place on Friday 12th October from 7pm to 9:30pm and the show will be open to the public from Saturday 13th October to Sunday 11th November.
Jim Starr has exhibited in upwards of 70 group shows and 7 solo shows. In this, our second ever solo exhibition, we are given the opportunity to see an entire collection of Jim's new work that has never been exhibited before.

More details on Jim's Wild Thing show will be posted on our website here in due course.

Future Shows

Forthcoming shows include:
"Christmas Bazaar" - group show -
16/11 to 06/01

Mystery Show
11/01 to 20/01

"Arcanum" - Neil Roberts solo show -
25/01 to 24/02
"Dark Funns" - Everly Dark & Funns -
01/03 to 24/03 (see picture right)
Dom Williams, SPZero76 and others -
29/03 to 28/04
The Neon Group -
03/05 to 02/06
Everly Dark & Funns

Dreweatts Urban Contemporary Sale

Dreweatts winter Urban Contemporary Art auction takes place on the 13th December in London and we are delighted that, for the second sale running, several pieces from our gallery will be appearing in the catalogue listing.
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