A Yom Kippur Message In 4 Pictures

We opted for a 4 picture Yom Kippur message instead of a 4,000 word message... But, we've been told they're worth about the same!

1: Sophomore, Ariel Haim, holding our "RIGOROUS ACADEMICS" Yom Kippur message
Can you decode this visual puzzle? Our literature students imagine this might be how EE Cummings would have sent his Yom Kippur message to you...

2: Junior, Yekusiel Paley, holding our "LIVING JUDAISM" Yom Kippur message
גמר חתימה טובה  (G'mar Chatima Tovah) is one of the traditional greetings exchanged on Yom Kippur, meaning "may you have a good final sealing." It is in reference to the fact that "on Rosh Hashana the decree is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed," an idea, rooted in the Talmud, which is referenced throughout the Yom Kippur liturgy. "Rabbi Kruspedai said that Rabbi Yoḥanan said: Three books are opened on Rosh HaShana before the Holy One, Blessed be He: One of completely wicked, one of completely righteous, and one of the people in the middle (whose good and bad deeds are equally balanced). Completely righteous people are immediately written and sealed for life; completely wicked people are immediately written and sealed for death; and the people in the middle are left with their judgment suspended from Rosh HaShana until Yom Kippur, their fate remaining undecided" (Talmud, Rosh Hashana 16b). 

3: Senior, Amitai Haim, holding our "PROUD ZIONISM" Yom Kippur message while running at Cross Country practice
For hundreds of years, the message of "Next Year in Jerusalem" has echoed at the conclusion of the Yom Kippur service the world over. But, why? The conclusion of Yom Kippur is one of the most joyous times of the year and, much like the tradition to smash a glass during the Chuppah ceremony, this ancient liturgical custom is a means of remembering Jerusalem "at the height of our joy." 

4: Sophomore, Amiel Paley, holding our "CARING COMMUNITY" Yom Kippur message while "resting" at Cross Country practice
We wish you and all the members of our community a meaningful and easy fast!

In Other News...

  • Community Sukkot@Boomers event - October 16th (for details contact Yisroel Weiser -
  • Please continue to daven for the refuah sheleimah of Fred Lepow (Aharon ben Batya Kaila) and his kidney donor (Avrohom Yehuda Leib ben Maleh Faige)
  • Mazal Tov (again) to Liam Aron (Class of 2014) on his engagement to Aliza Pahmer. It was great seeing Liam back at SCY High this week!
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