Please Support A Member Of Our Family 🙏

Please click the image or the button below to support a member of the SCY High and San Diego family who is truly in need and deserving of our support. See below for details.

I'm reaching out to my San Diego family for help. A local family, who has been a part of the San Diego Jewish community (schools, shuls, etc.) for more than thirty years, was recently given the devastating news that the husband is in immediate need of a kidney transplant. Thank God a donor who is suitable match was found and the husband is scheduled to undergo kidney transplant surgery at New York's Cornell University Hospital in just two weeks time.

Unfortunately, the nature of the surgery requires that the doctors place substantial limitations on his day-to-day activities for the period of time immediately following the surgery, which will require that he remain in New York, thousands of miles from their home, for approximately three months following the surgery.

The cost of lodging alone will cause severe financial strain to this family, which is why I am humbly appealing to you to show your generosity and help ease some of their financial strain in their most desperate hour.

For additional information feel free to contact Rabbi Avram Bogopulsky (619) 987-5613. Email -

Thank you!
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