Just A Couple Of SCY Moments Captured On Film 📸

Film? What's Film?

1: Greg Eiseman and Josh Eichner receiving an "Oscar" for Best Picture in Hebrew Class
SCY High's Hebrew language program utilizes Ulpan Or, a cutting-edge program developed in Israel. Ulpan Or leverages technology and new media to deliver an immersive and customized language learning experience to each student. One of the pillars of the program is video production. Throughout the year, students create Hebrew language short films on various topics. This recent "Oscar Ceremony" covered student short films on the theme of "You'll Know What I Did Last Summer." Congrats to Greg and Josh!

2: Students studying Talmud in chevruta format
At SCY High, Judaic studies are much more than just a dry field of study; Judaic subjects come alive, thanks to our innovative take on traditional learning formats. The chevruta model (in which students study a text in pairs rather than in a large group) has been employed in Talmud study for thousands of years, but when Rabbi Loffman implements it in his classroom, he couples this traditional learning tool with modern pedagogy. This is thanks to the coursework for his forthcoming Master's Degree in Jewish Education from Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School and the ongoing shadowing support of Rabbi Adatto.

3: Kate Chavez from StandWithUs presenting at our school-wide Israel Advocacy training
Harrison Wechsler, San Diego's StandWithUs High School Fellow and Junior at SCY High School, has been working together with the administration to coordinate and run a series of Israel Advocacy Training Workshops for the SCY High student body. The first presentation, which took place this past week, was with StandWithUs Southwest Regional Director, Kate Chavez, and discussed how to tell the difference between legitimate criticism of Israel and antisemitism. Future workshops will feature other high profile speakers and Harrison himself.

4: The 8th Bracha of Shmoneh Esrai - Please pray for Aharon ben Basha Kayla
Fred Lepow, a longtime supporter of SCY High and husband of board member, Elaine Lepow, underwent kidney transplant surgery this week. So far, things seem to be looking good, but Fred needs our thoughts and prayers to ensure that the organ is not rejected by his body and that he recovers fully from the surgery and the illness that caused his kidneys to fail in the first place. Please keep him in your heart and in your prayers for the next few weeks and consider by reciting Tehillim (Recommended Chapters of Psalms: 20, 30, 121, 130, 142) and/or inserting a special prayer in the middle of this blessing for his recovery. 

In Other News...

  • Thank you to the SCY High Board of Director for sponsoring Tuesday's davening in the merit of a refuah sheleimah for Mr. Fred Lepow
  • Thank you to Mike and Karen Aron for sponsoring last Thursday's davening in memory of Karen's mother, Eileen bat Egon
  • Mazel Tov to Liam Aron (Class of 2014) and the entire Aron family on Liam's engagement to Aliza Pahmer of New Jersey!
  • Condolences to Avi Greenboim and the entire Greenboim family on the recent passing of Avi's mother
  • Thank you to the SCY High Board of Director for sponsoring last Friday's davening in memory of Avi Greenboim's mother, Esther bat David
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