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Public Services:
What's Next?

The party conference season is over for another year. What have we learned?
The most obvious thing is that the Conservatives are going to press on hard with public service reform.  By 2020 nearly all schools will be academies or Free Schools, all set free from local authority control. 
We can expect wider reform to follow the same template. The DNA of schools reform is that any public service can perform a lot better when the leaders of those services are truly free to make change happen.
To this end, we can expect an extension of the mutuals programme (under the 'Right to Mutualise') manifesto commitment and the creation of more independent trusts to run council functions like child protection and adult services such as those already established in Kingston and Richmond and NE Lincs.
We welcome this. For too long local authorities have been granted a monopoly on the running of these services with mixed results, even during the years of plenty. 
Now that the money has really run out, a new pace of change, new models and new attitudes are needed quickly. Existing public sector entities won't be able to respond quickly enough. New players with new ideas will be needed, just as they were in education.
Of course, many Councils will claim this is impossible just like they did when academies and free schools first came along. Some will obstruct change and call instead for public sector-run 'Integrated Care Organisations' with the NHS.

This is akin to strapping two sinking ships together and suggesting that they float. Integration for users happens when there are far more diverse range of  fantastic providers in a community, not when public bodies combine to create, in effect, a public sector show.
This version of integration should be discouraged. Fresh ideas, thinking and new players are needed to break the deadlock. Just like we have seen in education. This will be the age of new delivery models, new types of provider. We shouldn't care who drives this change. It is long overdue.

On the Sofa 

This month, we are joined by Andrew Rawnsley, Chief Executive of newly spun out Aspire Community Benefit Society. They reached their spin out goal in August this year and so we spoke with Andrew to reflect on his journey. To read his words of wisdom, click here.

Ask the Expert




Click here to read the responses.

Rob Steed is the recruitment specialist with Stepping Out and has spent fifteen years identifying brilliant candidates to fill amazing opportunities ensuring that the recruitments made bring growth to the business. With a 100% success rate whilst working for Stepping Out we felt it was time to speak to Rob about his role and ask him some all important questions.
This month we asked Rob the following: 

1. What advice would you give a social enterprise looking to recruit to a high level position?

2. What difficulties do you think social enterprises have in recruiting that other business types do not experience?

3. Have you noticed any trends in the recruitments you have been a part of since working with Stepping Out?

4. Are there any real positives in recruiting for a social enterprise?

5. What are the most common mistakes you tend to see?

6. Why use a specialist recruiter?

Good Reads/Watch

The Secret Sauce of Spinning Out - Craig Dearden-Phillips

Tired of the Recruiting Process?

We have been helping our clients recruit to high level positions within their organisations for quite some time and have recently seen an increase in this service.

We are lucky to have a fantastic recruitment specialist amongst us and with a perfect record sheet we wanted to share with you a story from our of the clients who have used this service. Jonathan Parsons from Chime Audiology had this to say:

Stepping Out ran the recruitment process for Chime Social Enterprise in the hunt for our new Chair. This was a critical appointment for us and the first time that we have had to search at Executive level since spinning out under Right to Request over four years ago.

SO made this process much easier than it might have been. They were able to utilise several different routes including Social Media to advertise the post and target the right population, meaning that we got significant numbers of excellent candidates. Applications were packaged for us to short list and the administration of informing candidates inviting for interview etc. was carried out on our behalf.

We appointed successfully - and SO also helped with the final admin in terms of informing candidates etc.

So all in all we had an excellent outcome. SO took all the hassle out of the process for us and were able to tap into the right areas to ensure the right calibre of applicants."

If you have an important senior position that needs filling, Contact us today 

Spectrum CIC are currently looking to recruit a Chair and a NED, if you would like to know more please click here for more information.



Social Value UK Annual Conference - 19th and 20th October 2015

SEUK Awards Ceremony - 26th November 2015


To EPIC CIC who have been awarded five contracts to run RBKC play centre projects. In the mix for 6 more! Fingers crossed.

To new LATCO spin out Persona, many congratulations on spinning out adult social care from Bury Council.


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We get involved in some fascinating assignments and have associate opportunities for people with particular skills and experience that will help move our clients forward.  If you have a talent that you think those setting up and developing new public service delivery models could benefit from then we’d love to hear from you.  Send a CV and covering note to Rachel Willer at
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