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Hi Beena!
Happy November and hooray for "Gratitude" month at Daring Divas USA! This month's events will revolve around our theme of "Gratitude" with the intention of bringing more joy and fulfillment into our lives and the lives of others. So let's get grateful! To kick it off, here is a list of my top 10 gratitudes:

I am grateful for...
  1. My incredibly loving, handsome, and hilarious husband, Robert Donald. We have so much fun together and he inspires me to create this kick ass life I'm creating!
  2. My parents. I'm so grateful for the healthy adult relationships I am creating with my mom and dad.
  3. My in-laws. I couldn't have asked to be married into a better family. My mom and dad in law are two of the most supportive, fun loving, generous people I know, and my sister in law Cate - I miss you all the way in Shanghai!
  4. My dog Junebug. This little dog brings so much joy to my world, and there's no better stress relief than a doggie snuggle.
  5. My girlfriends. I am beyond grateful for the solid circle of supportive women I've brought into my life over the past few years and my two best childhood girlfriends, Ashley and Emma.
  6. Daring Divas USA. My dream of owning my own business that supports women's empowerment is coming to fruition as Daring Divas USA continues to grow and expand. The success we've had would not be possible without the hard work, commitment and love that myself and my leadership team has breathed into this organization!
  7. Boulder. I'm grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the country where nature and health are so accessible!
  8. Self awareness. I'm grateful to be self aware, to have the ability to listen to my body, and to make adjustments to my thinking and my actions that will improve my life.
  9.  My healthy body. I'm grateful to have a healthy body that allows me to hike mountains, lift weights, hug and kiss my loved ones, smell flowers, snuggle furry friends, write letters, bake cookies, dance my booty off, run sprints, watch sunsets, etc.
  10. Chocolate. Yep, the simple pleasures. Life without chocolate would be way less sweet.

Now it's your turn. Type up your top 10 gratitudes (those things that come to your mind immediately, without effort) and post them on our Facebook wall. That way we can all bask in the joy that being grateful brings to our lives!

We hope you'll join us at some of our events this month, all designed to support you in bringing more gratitude into your life. Remember that if you're a Card Carrying Diva, your membership card is good at any of our three locations! Check out the links below and join us - we dare you!



Fort Collins

We hope you will join us!


Certified Life Coach and
Founder of Daring Divas USA, LLC

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Diva Spotlight with Beena Kavalam, MBA
Many of you have met our November Diva Spotlight interviewee, the fun, fierce and fiery miss Beena Kavalam! She is one of our most active members and also one of our most beloved workshop leaders.

We're interviewing Beena this month, because she recently did something very daring, she left her secure job in corporate America to launch her full time coaching practice: Personal Revolution Coaching. We hope that Beena will be the inspiration you need to take your next leap into creating the life of your dreams!

Along with her interview, Beena is giving away one month of FREE personal and career coaching to one lucky Daring Diva from anywhere in the world (three 30 minute sessions valued at $300)!

You can enter to win 2 times by giving us some Facebook love (Yep, that's right ladies, your name can be added to the drawing twice), here's how:

1. 'Like' the Personal Revolution Coaching page and leave a comment on the wall telling us that you're entering the drawing.
2. 'Like' the Daring Divas USA page
and leave a comment on the wall telling us that you're entering the drawing (be sure to mention this is your second entry).

* No one walks away empty handed - each Daring Diva who enters the drawing will receive Beena's newsletter, chock full of awesome tips and tools to help you create your own personal revolution!

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Thursday, November 8th.

7 Questions for Beena Kavalam:
Question #1.
 What does being a Daring Diva Mean to You?

Being a Daring Diva means being my true fabulous self and not apologizing for it!  It means going after my dreams fully, being ‘all in’ and truly invested in my life, my community and my world.

Question #2. What are the three most significant qualities that make YOU a Daring Diva? 
  1. Confidence in my abilities and in my self
  2. Cheerful optimism
  3. My ‘kick in the pants, let’s do this’ attitude!

Question #3. Being a Daring Diva isn’t always easy. What keeps you motivated and inspired to choose the Daring Diva life?

I lived for many years as a shadow of myself. I was afraid that if I showed my true self and was different from the norm people wouldn’t like me.  I realize now how much joy, happiness and ‘awesomeness,’ I missed out on!   I don’t want to waste anymore time!

Honestly, there are days when I still doubt myself, but what keeps me inspired and on the path toward my dreams is that I know what it's like to hide in plain sight. And I don’t want to feel like that anymore.
So, no more playing small for me, sista!

Question #4. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done and what did you learn from the experience?

My most daring thing was to ditch the corporate world to follow my entrepreneurial dreams!  I learned that when I finally did the thing that scared me most, a whole new world opened up to me.  I learned that I let my fears stop me from choosing the unchartered path simply because I wasn’t sure of the outcome.  When I finally took the flying leap into my dream, I realized a level of joy and a happiness I didn’t know was possible!   

Question #5. Tell us about a time when you failed or nearly gave up. What did you learn and how has this experience influenced your current relationship with failure?

Years ago, when I was working in consulting, my alma mater called me asking for a last minute replacement panel speaker for a women’s conference.  The organizer asked me to say a few words, but was clear that nothing really needed to be prepared and that it would be a small group.   I love to give back and speak to small groups of students so it was a no brainer.

Well, when I got to the event and was asked to join the other speakers on stage, I realized something was up.  Apparently, we each needed to give a 5-10 min speech to the crowd of 400 students and conference attendees. 
I freaked out.  I remember sitting on stage in my business casual wear while the three other women wore professional suits and had typed speeches in their leather portfolios.   I had a piece of scrap paper and a few bullet points.

I was the last person to go and had to sit through all three eloquent, polished speeches while going through a literal melt down on stage (picture: sweaty everything).   When it was finally my turn, I got up to the podium and …completely froze. 

After what seemed like an eternity of me looking out onto bewildered faces, I took a breath. I reminded myself that I was there to serve these students and give them advice on making the transition from college to the real world.  I stopped focusing on me and just focused on giving.

So, I put aside my bullet points and just talked for 15 minutes from the heart.  I have absolutely no idea what I said.  It’s frankly a complete blur.  All I remember is connecting with the students in the audience, seeing the head nods as something resonated and hearing their laughter as I said something comical.

The point is that when I stopped focusing on “doing a good job” and instead focused on being of service and helping others, the nervousness and anxiety melted away. I could be the real, authentic me and still have people like me!

After that speech, I got a lot of thank you emails from students (apparently I gave out my email address mid-speech!).  They were grateful that someone was honest and open with them and didn’t really care that I wasn’t polished or in a designer business suit.

I learned I have a lot to offer the world… right now, just as I am.  Now, I’m not as afraid of failing, or of not being good enough.


Question #6. What are your top three tips for living an extraordinary life? 

  1. Be truly honest with yourself about what makes you happy and what is stopping you from being happy.
  2. Take action now!  There’s something right now that you know if you did your life would be way better. Just do it.
  3. Celebrate your successes and be grateful for the learning that comes from those not-so-great experiences.  Those lessons will lead you to more successes to celebrate.

Question #7. Daring Divas USA's theme for November is "Gratitude." What is your relationship to gratitude and why do you believe it is essential to being a Daring Diva?

I’m so grateful for the life I have.  Just over a year ago, I had a major accident that caused a bleed in my brain. Although I’m fine now, there was a lot of pain during the recovery process. 

One of the things that got me through it was gratitude.  At first I was really angry at everything and everyone. I remember thinking, “I’m a good person, why is this happening to me?”

Later that night I took a walk around the ICU with the nurse and she told me “you’re the first ambulatory patient I’ve ever had. Most people who come here are bedridden, unconscious, or worse. You are really lucky.”

She was right.  I got grateful and soon I got happy again.  I started to focus on what I had in my life and not on what I didn’t have.  Today, I’m so grateful for the accident. It showed me that I had a great life and the freedom to achieve ANY goals I put my mind and heart towards.

That is the essence of being a Daring Diva. We believe in ourselves and we are thankful for all our talents that we get to offer the world.  We support one another and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our experiences with our families, our friends, and other amazing, empowered, Daring Divas!



So, are you ready to win the month of FREE coaching that Beena is so generously giving away? You can enter to win two times:
1. 'Like' the Personal Revolution Coaching page and leave a comment on the wall telling us that you're entering the drawing
2. 'Like' the Daring Divas USA page
and leave a comment on the wall telling us that you're entering the drawing (be sure to mention this is your second entry)

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Thursday, November 8th.

* No one walks away empty handed - each Daring Diva who enters the drawing will receive Beena's newsletter, chock full of awesome tips and tools to help you create your own personal revolution!


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