'There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset' Arlen Specter
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Welcoming Spring 2016!

We are so happy to see the start of lighter & brighter days ahead! Have you got plans for Easter? A time for rest & rebirth for some. Kissing winter & old un-serving ideas goodbye & nurturing the buds of self care.  I've recently started a new self care habit & given up gluten as part of my journey to support my under active thyroid - more to come on this globally growing health concern. 

We hope you enjoy this edition of Cherish Life with a range of topics from depression & sex to the joy & vibrancy of dreams come true with our choice inspirational video. Happy holidays everybody!

The Cherish Healing Team x

Alzheimer's disease is a complex & damaging illness. Read this Harvard article on ways you may sidestep Alzheimer's.
Client contributor article by Roo Firth on Sex & Depression. To read this honest insight into libido & medication click here
What is Reflexology?

You have reflex points on your ears, hands & feet. These points tend to get tense from time to time & reflexology aims to ease the tension in these points so you can feel more balanced & relaxed.  
Click here to learn more about Reflexology
Here's a beautiful video that will definitely put a smile on your face & boy she can move! Click here to watch video.
Superfood of the month: Cocoa Nibs
A lovely, nutritional & crunchy snack that is high in antioxidants & minerals. A great Easter snack for this month! Click here for more

Mum's pamper offer throughout March!

A relaxing hour long special treatment to indulge your mother with - £38 with a gift card! To book get in touch  


Arainu, Nisha & Marco are friends of Cherish Healing & they are truly talented, amazing folk. Replenish & rejuvenate with Joyful Living Summer Retreat in Italy this July. To book or find out more just click here  
If you’re ready to reach out for some change & ease in your life, or if you have a team at work who want to learn how to reduce stress, through yoga, onsite massage or meditation click below to start your wellbeing journey. 

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'The groundwork of all happiness is health' Leigh Hunt