'Nothing will work unless you do'. Maya Angelou

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♥  The Jewels of July  ♥ 

As we glide into sunnier climates, a reminder to stay hydrated & step back from the busy-ness trap.

Take a moment today to breathe in, lengthen the spine,  breathe out , release tension in the jaw & melting the shoulders down towards the earth.

Let the light in & fill you up with positivity.

We had a great few months with workshops.  The pic below is from or last one at Eden Hot Yoga! We will be doing more throughout the year so keep tuned in.  
This month I have a free guided meditation for you all, please feel free to share with folks you know, especially if they have trouble sleeping, it's a good one for switching off. For lovers of turmeric I have a great detox drink to try, & an inspiring story from Austria about beautiful small eco homes. Go Planeteers!

 We hope you enjoy the articles, curated for you with love ♥ 
All the best,

The Cherish Healing Team x
The new meditators from Cannock Eden Hot Yoga, lovely afternoon teaching Mindfulness and Meditation to this fantastic bunch of people.
Foods to avoid if you have Acne. An interesting article from
Dr Mercola 

6 Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System to Fight Allergies

We have started putting FREE meditations online click here for yours 
Downward Dog Done Well.

Look into what makes this pose work better for your body.  Did you know this pose helps to combat anxiety & depression as well as strengthening the arms & legs.  
Click here for more on this restorative pose

Golden Detox Drink

I love Earth Sprout, it's a fantastic source of nourishment & love.  As a family we have been using turmeric since I was a child.  I love this use of the root relative of ginger & modern twist.  To read more about this Golden Detox Drink click here
Eco home anyone?

The Wohnwagon is an Austrian made off-grid tiny house. It is self-sustaining and produced locally. For the insulation they use sheep wool, power the house with the sun and recycle the water on the roof. The mission of this start-up is to show how the future of sustainable living could look like
If you’re ready to reach out for some change & ease in your life, or if you have a team who would benefit from wellbeing in the workplace to reduce stress 

Get in touch.
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