Actibump - Accessibility at the right speed
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Actibump will ensure safe passage to schools in Malmö

Malmö municipality is currently installing a dynamic speed bump called Actibump. The system has a trough covered by a metal hatch installed in the road surface. Speeding vehicles activate the hatch that pivots down into the road surface. This causes a dent in the road, giving the speeding driver a physical reminder to slow down.

-The really positive thing about this system is that those who maintain the correct speed are not affected, says Hossein Ashouri, traffic safety commissioner at Malmö municipality. The hatch remains level with the road surface if you maintain a legal speed.

Malmö municipality is continuously working on improving safety on school routes and this year Actibump systems will be installed along three of them.

- We usually build the so called Malmö bumps but there are sites where they are not suitable. We needed to find an alternative that works for those places. The Actibump is more expensive than the regular bumps but in certain places it is justified, says Milan Obradovic (S), chairman of the traffic board in Malmö.

- Different traffic environments demand different traffic safety measures and the Actibump will not compete with the other solutions already in use in Malmö, says Mr Ashouri. The Actibump is a complementary solution that suits the complex traffic environments where we can not compromise between high traffic safety, accessibility and comfort. For example sites where there are a lot of buses, emergency vehicles and school children crossing the road.

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