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Demo sites wanted!

The Actibump system has been in use in Sweden since 2010.In total we have installed 50 Actibumps and have had over 80 000 000 passages over the systems in total. Three independent evaluations have corroborated our data and the results on both traffic safety and traffic flow look great. We are now looking to expand internationally and are searching for sites and partners for demo installations. If you have a site that matches these criteria please get in touch!

  •  Speeding issues
  • >3000 vehicles/day
  • Pedestrians and cyclists crossing
  • Speed limit 50 km/h or lower
  • One lane per direction
  • Minimum one passing bus per half hour, daytime weekdays 
We'd also like it if the site is:
  • Route to school
  • Prioritised rout for emergency vehicles.
There is no upper limit to how many vehicles can pass per day. There is also no limit to how heavy the passing vehicles can be. If the road can handle the load, then so can the Actibump.

What's in it for you?

First of all you'll get a  state-of-the-art traffic safety system that provides your with good accessibility at a safe speed for a complex traffic situation where you might not have any other options, and you'll get it for a much, much lower price than usual.
Second, you'll get publicity and cred for being brave and innovative and for being good at both protecting your vulnerable road users and for maintaining good accessibility for buses and emergency vehicles.

And third: You can get the kind of really nice statistics shown in the picture. As many vehicles as possible at the same speed, on the correct side of the speed limit. Nobody forced to go too slowly and emergency vehicles being able to go at whatever speed they need. 

See you in Oslo?

We will be at the Trafikksikkerhetskonferansen arranged by Trygg Trafikk in Oslo April 9-10. We'll have a stand at the conference and the day after, the 11th of April, we invite interested parties to a breakfast with some information about the Actibump. If you're in town please sign up here to participate!

Let's meed up! 
We will be at the following conferences/exhibitions:
Trafikksikkerkhetskonferansen April 9-10 - Oslo, Norway
Breakfast and Actibump information April 11 - Oslo, Norway
Resultatkonferensen April 24 - Stockholm, Sweden
Kollektivtrafikdagen May 15 - Stockholm, Sweden
UITP Global Transport Summit June 9-12 - Stockholm, Sweden

Tylösansseminariet September 3-4 - Tylösand, Sweden

You are also very welcome to come visit us for a demonstration of the Actibump system. Our head office and manufacturing facilities are located in Linköping, Sweden. Call or e-mail Karin Wiklund, +46 13 474 61 03, for more information and booking.
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