Actibump Traffic safety system
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Do it right and you pass on level road. Do it wrong and you get a physical reminder. A fair treatment regardless of vehicle type means an even traffic flow at a safe speed. Accessibility for all. Edeva AB is the inventor and vendor of the Actibump system, an intelligent road system. Actibump is a robust system that increases road safety and accessibility while lowering emissions and noise. Actibump leaves the road level for vehicles driving at, or under, the legal speed limit. Speeding vehicles activate a hatch, integrated into the road, that lowers a few centimetres creating an inverted speed hump
Actibump is installed in Linköping, Uppsala, on the Öresund bridge and in Malmö in Sweden.

The Czech are checking us out


The City Mayor of Černotin brought with him a member of the city council to visit Linköping and check out the Actibump.

- We had high expectations coming here and they have been met, says Jiri Andrys, Mayor of Černotin. We trust that the Actibump will solve our problem.

The Czech visitors spent the day looking at the three different Actibump installations in Linköping city, both from the side of the road and from inside a car. They also took the opportunity to have a look at the system in production.

-Seeing it only strengthens our trust that this will solve our problem, says Mayor Andrys.
In Černotin there is a zebra crossing used by school children and the police in the district consider it the most dangerous crossing in the entire district. The decision to install an Actibump at the site has already been made by the city council. They are now awaiting approval of their application for state funding. 

The representatives from the Czech Republic visiting Linköping, Sweden, believe the Actibump system will have an even bigger impact on the drivers in Černotin than it does on the Swedish drivers. 
- The Swedes drive slower than we do back home, says Actibump retailer Daniel Čada. We believe the Actibump will still create a safe and legal speed even though the current speed is higher than it has been on the Swedish installation sites.

Come visit us!


The best way to understand the Actibump system is to come visit us in Linköping and see for yourself. Bring your maintenance personnel and your traffic safety people. 

We can arrange for you to meet with representatives of Linköping municipality, to hear about their experience of the Actibump system. You will also have the opportunity to test ride the system, watch it working in traffic and see what's under the hood .

Please contact David Eskilsson to book your visit: +46 13 474 61 01

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