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As a follow up after Nordiskt Trafiksäkerhets Forum 2015 in Silkeborg we would like to provide you with some information regarding a traffic safety solution that also reduces noise and only affects speeding vehicles. The solution is called Actibump and, according to an independent study performed by Trivector Traffic, it significantly reduces average speed, 85th percentile and noise. See below.

Less noise and the right speed


Those are two of the conclusions in the report made by Trivector Traffic. They have evaluated the Actibump installation in Uppsala, Sweden.

Trivector Traffic, researchers in the transportation field, have measured traffic behaviour at the crossing in question before and after the installation of Actibump.They have evaluated the results and compiled a report that states:

  • Average speed decreased by 5,5 kph on a street where the annual average daily traffic is 15.000 vehicles!
  • 72 % of drivers yield at the crossing, as opposed to the earlier 51 %.
  • 85th percentile dropped from 40 kph to 32 kph.
  • Speeding decreased by 54 percentage points from 75 % to 21 % (Monday through Friday, 30 kph, 07-18.00).
  • The equivalent noise level during daytime decreased by 3,8 points dB(A).

Trivector Traffics hypothesis concerning noise levels was that Actibump would cause less noise compared to a regular speed hump. The study showed that the noise level is actually lower compared to before the installation, when there was no speed hump at all. A very positive result!

The number of ground vibrations increased but the intensity did not. The conclusion in the report is that the ground vibrations caused by traffic passing the Actibump does not affect surrounding buildings significantly.That too is a very good result!

Uppsala Municipality are positive to the outcome:
-Actibump gave us a lower speed, less noise and drivers yield more, says Christer Åkerlund, Traffic engineer at Uppsala Municipality. Actibump is a good device and we are very pleased, he continues.

Actibump is installed in three places in Sweden. The first installation was made in Linköping and has been in commission since 2010. Actibump was installed at the toll station on the Öresund bridge a year ago and the latest installation was made in Uppsala during the fall of 2014.

Read the full report:

Annex 1, that is referred to in the report, is only available in Swedish and is found here.

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