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Hey Jean,

Let's be honest - not all days start in the best way. Last Wednesday for example started terribly. As I was walking under a pouring rain to catch the subway, I noticed that it was closed for the day due to a worker's strike in Lisbon. Bad luck. Reluctantly, I started walking towards the office - with no umbrella. As I walked in, I noticed a mail package coming from the US. To my surprise, I opened the package and found a printed article and this customized license place below:


As soon as I read the letters on the left of the dot (covered here to honor confidentiality), I knew immediately where the package came from. One of our clients decided to thank us for having successfully brokered her 2 letter .com last month, and to commemorate the occasion, she engraved the URL sold on a California license plate. That really made my day and, by far, is the most thoughtful thank you note I have ever received from a client, which reminds me how grateful I am to be part of this industry, with great colleagues and amazing clients.

Successfully brokering a domain name however is not something you do on your own, and I have to give immense credit to my team, especially to Mr Joe Uddeme (check out his Domain Sherpa interview in which he explains how he was able to broker tens of millions in domains) and to Miss Wendy Leung, that works so much behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. The package also contained an article documenting how much license plates are sold for in the UAE. To my surprise, I learned that single and double digits license plates can be sold for millions of dollars, like the license plate reading the number "1", sold for $14.2M in a recent auction in Dubai. While we do broker several kinds of intellectual property, license plates is a market that I am still somewhat skeptical about. Nonetheless, I did promise my client, only half jokingly, that I will thoroughly investigate the market next time in will be in Dubai.

Going back to domains, one very interesting trend we have seen recently, is Chinese domain investors actively purchasing the most premium .ae (UAE country code) domains looking to capitalize on the appreciation in value. With some of the hottest real estate developments in history (like the Burj Khalifa), an unparalleled 0% income tax (unless you have an American passport, of course) and the imminent World Expo coming in 2020, Dubai is quickly establishing itself as one of the most important business hubs in the world where wealthy people from all over the world come to play and to store their wealth. Surrounded by a desert, but looking over the Persian Gulf, this is how the skyline in the Dubai marina looks like:

In terms of other intellectual property, there have been frequent requests to broker phone numbers, especially in the 1-800 form, but what is really on the rise is the brokerage requests of social media handles. Any company that wants to pursue a total branding strategy, need to also obtain the usernames on the major social media outlets, namely Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook has specific policies to restrict and control the registration of addresses, for Twitter instead, there is already an healthy ID aftermarket with several documented cases of twitter handles sold for hefty amounts, just like in the case of the Israeli government who purchased the twitter handle @Israel for an undisclosed amount in the 6 digits.

This market prolifers despite the anti squatting policy enforced by Twitter. Until a while ago there was even a public marketplace for twitter handles called, which is not active anymore. But this is not just the complete story: to give you an idea about the size of the market, there have been also cases of valuable twitter handles stolen like this one single letter @n. If you really like horror stories and don't want to sleep tonight, read the full article about the extortion; or you can also read about the story of the attempted theft of the twitter handle @jb.

But by far, the best tool I recommend to any client looking to purchase a domain to start a brand, is To use an analogy from the the crazy license plates article, sometimes in Dubai purchasing a fancy car is not worth the money spent, if you cannot match the car with a proper license plate. At the same time, whenever you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a domain name, you should already have in place a strategy in place to obtain the major countries' ccTLD extensions, twitter, and other relevant social media handles. At Domain Holdings we are trained to be always aware of these components and one of our priorities is to advise our clients not just on the single domain purchase, but on their full brand identity.



Price points that we have been seeing recently on the market (floor prices) - FLOOR PRICE $310k  (if you target the Chinese market beware of: V, O, U) - FLOOR PRICE $7k  (if you target the Western market beware of: Z, W, Y) & - FLOOR PRICE $34k (unless the domain contains "4", "0" or "o") - FLOOR PRICE $500k (if the domain contains a 4, otherwise higher) - FLOOR PRICE $50k (if the domain contains a 4, otherwise higher)


Here are some exclusive assets that might peek your interest. Simply respond to this email and we will be happy to present your offer; in addition, if you have premium inventory that you feel is attractively priced and you wish to add it to our listings, please let us know.

1. - Ask me
Would you rather own a license plate with the number 1 or This is simply one of the most premium domains available on the market. If domains had superpowers, would make your business instantly credible and authoritative. Cheaper than a license plate :)

2.  - Ask Me 
The most populous state in the US, where they make amazing customized license plates. Home of the Silicon Valley, Hollywood and 38 million people (1/8 of US population). Just think about owning a email address. This is how powerful the California brand is.

3. - Ask me are definitely on the rise. While we have seen some signs of slowing down for numerics, there is still an healthy demand for two letters. Check this great report about the historical value and the ownership of We secretly hope our reports make the market. Ok, joking.

4. - ask me
Over 167k searches and $672k in Estibot evaluation. It can be a metal, a sales lead or a verb. And, above all, is a pronounceable 4 letter word that makes for an authoritative brand.

5. - high 5 digits
I do not like to feature domains two weeks in a row, but this is worth it. If sold for $750k, does have a great price. Perfect if you are looking to build a news brand.

6. - $25,000
This is a nice little brand with great potential. Outside of the diplomatic world, can instantly provide gravitas into any company in consulting or politics. And, at a great price.

7. - ask me
One of the hottest topics. As the intangible value of brands becomes of bigger impact, establishing yourself as the authority in Brand Identity gives you a great competitive advantage.

8. - $120,000 
How do you say I in Spanish AND Portuguese? Empresario. How much is the domain worth? Probably well in the 7 digits. How big are the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets put together? Huge. Simple math - this is the deal of the week.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We are always looking for decent traffic portfolios for sale - typical multiples are 18-30x depending on stats and types of names.

Have a fantastic week - from Lisbon!

Giuseppe Graziano
Director of Business Development, Europe
Domain Holdings Group

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