Welcome to the  December 2020 ESTHER  newsletter, this month's edition features:
  • ESTHER Improvement Coach Virtual Network Launch - 21.10.20.
  • Feedback from the ESTHER Cafe - Elaine's Story.
  • Making History in the Virtual Classroom

ESTHER Cafe- Elaine's Story

The series of ESTHER webinars continued on 18th November with a digital ESTHER Café, via Microsoft Teams, working in co-production with Mary and Bex from Maidstone based Phoenix Support. Our ESTHER at the Café was Elaine, who shared her experience of living with Parkinson’s Disease through a pre-recorded video, due to not being well enough to participate directly at this time. Elaine shared her experience of not being listened to, having to frequently repeat details of her condition and prescribed medication to professionals, varying levels of understanding about Parkinson’s Disease amongst professionals and medication errors while in hospital. Elaine also had much praise for her consultant and questioned the delay in being able to access treatment he had prescribed.

At each webinar an element of Universal Personalised Care is considered, with Supported self-management being the chosen subject for 18th November. This is very much in line with how Elaine has managed her condition and would like to continue to do so, given the right support.    
At the Café participants were divided into break out groups, to simulate the table-based discussions that would normally take place at an ESTHER Café and asked to consider:
  • Which aspects of ESTHER’s health and care experience worked well for ESTHER?
  • Which aspects of ESTHER’s health and care experience did not work well for ESTHER?
  • Top three improvement actions to feedback at the Café.
As well as the improvement suggestions, participants expressed how impactful Elaine’s story was and agreed that there needs to be much more awareness of Parkinson’s Disease and other conditions. The outputs from each break-out group were shared and discussed as follows:
Top 3 Improvement Suggestions Group 1 Top 3 Improvement Suggestions Group 2 Top 3 Improvement Suggestions Group 3

1.Consultant to arrange
fitting of canula on same day of Consultant Clinic appointment, to eradicate waiting period for this.

2. All professionals involved
with Elaine’s care to have access to the single patient record system, to minimise repetition when attending appointments with the different professionals and organisations involved.

3. Better joined up working
between all involved in Elaine’s care, with all trained in Parkinson’s Disease.
1. All professionals involved
in Elaine’s care to be trained in Parkinson’s Disease and more time to be available for listening.

2. Ensure there is continuity
of care, instead of long waiting periods.
3. Ensure that all care is person centred and based on listening to Elaine.
1. Care plan to contain a linkto a good information source on Parkinson’s Disease, so that all professionals accessing the care plan can be well informed and up to date with their knowledge.

2. Better communication in
 place, regular checking in with Elaine. Communication to include family and carers depending on what is decided by the patient. Continue to build on trust through regular communication.
3. System wide solutions to ensure agreed treatment plans are not completely compromised by   unexpected factors or events.
As Elaine could not participate directly at the digital ESTHER Café, the improvement suggestions were relayed to her by Mary and Bex from Phoenix Support. Elaine was impressed with the Café process and suggestions her story had generated but also responded with a challenge back to health and care services: “how can we ensure that professionals absorb and follow through on the suggested actions?”. This question is at the heart of the five levels of continuous quality improvement of the ESTHER Philosophy of Care and will continue be reflected to health and care services by the ESTHER Team.
As a service provider Phoenix Support are leading the way with a commitment to personalised outcomes in care and support plans, to really implement supported self-management, by including information that individuals feel is relevant to self-management of their condition. The ESTHER Team will be following up on other suggestions made, to see which ones can become a reality.
Going forward an ESTHER Café is planned for 2021 to continue with Elaine’s story, to see what has changed and to ask ourselves if we are doing what matters to ESTHER? – details to be confirmed in our February newsletter.

Making History In The Virtual Classroom!

History was made on 9th December when the first group of ESTHER Improvement Coaches completed the pilot training course for the on-line version of the Coach Training. Five months of learning and practical application in the workplace was summarised by the Coaches, when they delivered their presentations describing their improvement work and impact for ESTHER. The improvements for ESTHER included life-style changes in a residential setting and better, more supportive patient flow in an urgent treatment centre. All improvements were very much welcomed by ESTHER, following detailed engagement, observation and listening in all cases.

Congratulations to:
  • Bernadette Kelly
  • Catherine Wilson
  • Sarah Lower
All Care Workers from Garland House Care Home in Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
  • Charlotte Bye
  • Mandy Hawkins
Clinical Manager and Service Manager, Partnering Health Limited, Lymington and Ringwood, Hampshire.
Leading the way on quality assurance of the presented improvement work and joining the on-line session as ‘guest invigilators’ were Dr Robert Stewart from the Design and Learning Centre and Kent and Medway Medical School and Anna Carlbom, Head of Dementia and Home Health Care, from Sweden.
Quotes from Robert and Anna:
The ESTHER team are looking forward to welcoming the new Coaches to the next Virtual Network event on 28th January, to continue the discussion on improvement work and what matters to ESTHER.   
Calling All ESTHER Improvement Coaches

The new ESTHER Improvement Coach virtual network was launched on 21st October, bringing Coaches together for the first tithis year.The launch event included:
  • The high-level plan for the virtual network
  • Current Coaching activities and impact for ESTHER
  • Expectations from the launch event
  • Support required from the ESTHER Team
Coaches were invited to co-design the virtual network arrangements, providing much more detail to the high-level plan, the full results of the co-design can be viewed here . Some highlights from what was important to Coaches and how they would like to utilise network time:
  • Clear guidelines and expectations requested for the Coach role
  • Positive examples of working with ESTHER to share and learn from
  • Negative examples and case studies, to reflect on and share learning on how practice and delivery can be improved
  • More workshops and delivery that refocuses on ESTHER and ESTHER Coaching.
  • Opportunities to top up Coaching skills, refresh methodologies and learn new methodologies
  • Explore the links with International ESTHER – what can we learn from ESTHER sites abroad, what can they learn from us?

The 2021 dates for the virtual network events are as follows:
  • 28th January
  • 15th April
  • 7th July
  • 20th October
Network events are from 9.00am to 10.30am on each date, via Microsoft teams – although this will be kept under review, in line with any changes to Covid 19 restrictions. If you are an ESTHER Improvement Coach, sign up to our next virtual network event on 28th January here. The next network event will include:
  • ESTHER International perspective and guest speaker
  • Coaching impact survey
  • Sharing of new Coaching questions e-booklet
If  you have any other suggestions for the network event agenda on 28th January or forward plan for the later dates please let us know via
For enquiries about ESTHER Improvement Coach training please contact:        
 What matters to ESTHER 😊
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