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June Issue


The 100th Anniversary of the Assemblies of God

2014 Candidate Missionaries Statement

Robb & Rhonda attended this years candidate missionary training school in Springfield, Missouri where the class represents the 100 years of world missions of the Assemblies of God. Each class is tasked with developing a missions statement. The world missions theme this year is, "ALL".   Here is this years class statement of commitment:

"For the ONE who is all in all;  and honoring those who gave their all, so that we can go and preach to all; Therefore, we pledge our All."

Oral Learners Initiative


SHOUT software in Beta testing.

A major breakthrough was reached recently as the SHOUT software that has been in development for the past few months entered into Beta testing.  You can only imagine our excitement as our phones rang one morning and we heard the greeting, "Welcome to today's episode of the Storms of Life."

Beta testing is when a software program has been developed enough to enable it to run and be interfaced by users.  This allows any problems or glitches to rise to the surface so that they can be dealt with. The first round of testing revealed a few programming issues that should be resolved quickly and allow the second round of testing to begin.  Robb, who wrote the specifications for the software, is in constant contact with the programmers in Jupiter, Florida. A new batch of audio files were created to expedite the testing.

Robb & Rhonda Hawks

Itineration News

Monthly Commitments!

It has been 20 months, 62,000 miles, over 100 churches, and upwards to 1000 phone calls.  The good news is that the majority of our monthly commitment budget has been raised.  The even better news is that our required cash budget is raised and now we are left only raising cash for upcoming trips to Tanzania and India.

With all of this great news there is only ONE fly in the ointment:  we still need a handful of pledges to finish out our budget.  

How would you like to double the impact of your monthly pledge?  We have a major contributor who has stated that he wants to help us complete our budget.  He will be doing the equivalent of matching whatever pledges come in during the next 30 days!

Would you please consider adding us onto your regular monthly missions giving ASAP?  Your pledge will carry double the weight in us reaching our budget and getting us to Africa and India this fall.

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Pen. Florida District

Mission Night Recap

$1,000,000 for Global Teen Challenge

The mission's night at this years District Council was spectacular as the District committed to raising $1 million to plant new Teen Challenge Centers in 32 new countries.

The Heritage portion of the program was amazing as District Missions Director Tom Manning and GTC President Jerry Nance took the the 1000+ attendees on a power trip punctuated by dynamic testimonies, a 100 voice Teen Challenge choir, and music directed by Pastor Dominique from CLC, Fort Lauderdale.  The was followed by an heart breaking drama written and produced by Robb Hawks and performed by the School of Ministry students from Dan Betzer's church in Fort Myers, Florida.

Click on the image above to view the drama as performed at Faith Assembly, Orlando.

South Missouri District

Church Missions Testimony

Sanctuary Built for Cash!

I had the joy to run into the retired pastor of a church that has supported us.  He told the amazing story of how a church in a village of 150 people was able to give 48% of their church income to world missions.  Of course it took many years to build to this level of giving.  But that is when the story gets interesting.

Pastor James McHaffie explained to me that after many years of giving it became time to build a new sanctuary.  The cost of the building was going to be $900,000!  Can you imagine how long a little country church in a village of 150 people would have to save and sacrifice to build such a building?

But when the time came to build the building, money began to appear.  The church was left in someones' will.  A person sells some property and donates a tithes.  Bottom line:  0 Debt.  The entire building was built with cash.

If we will make God's priorities our, i.e. winning the lost of the world; then he will provide for our needs.
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