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TED-Ed Clubs is on YouTube!
We are excited to announce that TED-Ed Clubs now has an even more global platform for sharing your biggest, smallest, boldest, quirkiest, bravest, most inspiring and most brilliant ideas: the TED-Ed Clubs YouTube channel! Thousands of young people around the world have shared their ideas through TED-Ed Clubs; now you can subscribe to our channel to find great talks and inspiration for your club, like this playlist of 10 student life hacks for a better world. Read more about our global library of student ideas here.
TED-Ed Clubs Spotlight
Great Visuals Through Special Effects
Visuals can add a lot to your TED-Ed talk, but this kid takes it to the next level. Watch 8-yr-old Enzo's talk on The Art of Special Effects and learn not only how to best incorporate visuals and videos into your talk but the cool art of special effects. Enzo also utilizes audience participation to start off his talk. Take out your note pads because Enzo deploys great skill and is a natural speaker!
View Enzo's talk here

Notes from TED HQ
> > Don't forget to subscribe to the TED-Ed Clubs YouTube Channel to catch some inspiration from clubbers around the world!
> > Want to see your club's presentations on the official TEC YouTube channel? The  TEDEd Clubs Leader Resources page has details on uploading media release forms (a MUST if you want to be published!) and tips on producing better videos (hint: if we can't hear what you're saying, we can't publish your talk!).

> > Before renewing your TEDEd Club, take a moment to complete the Member End of Cycle Survey and Leader End of Cycle Survey.
Tools & Inspiration
How educators can apply innovation methodology in everyday projects

“You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to use these tools." Learn more
5 Sites where any kid can learn to code

“Unless we give them tools to build with computers, we are raising only consumers instead of creators,” says programmer Linda Liukas. Learn more
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3 Rules to Spark Learning - Ramsey Musallam
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