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Grand Junction Breaks Ground for New Church, Academy and Daycare Center »  “The ministry of God’s church is to help the poor and bring healing. [We are] to connect people with Jesus Christ . . . we are to serve others,” said Randy Mills, pastor of the Grand Junction church who welcomed 170 participants--church members and the community--to the Grand Junction church groundbreaking March 26. They came to witness the exciting development for Grand Junction from neighboring areas of Palisade and Fruita.
   The complex, which includes the church facility and two educational institutions, Intermountain Adventist Academy (K-8) and Little Lambs Learning Center (6 weeks – Pre-K) will be built on the new  eleven-acre property which has been purchased at 550 25 1/2 RD, Grand Junction CO (1.5 miles from the current location).
   Plans for the new, expanded campus have been submitted for approval to city planners and building departments and, according to Bernie Hartnell, project coordinator, the first buildings of the complex are planned to open in the Fall.
   Since the beginning of discussion on the building committee, the new project became a topic of daily prayer. Church member Viki Carrik said a group of seven believers prayed daily for a year. “Today, two of us walked around the perimeter of the property for two hours, stopping and praying for God’s blessing on the project,” she said.
   The prayers aimed to connect with the primary purpose of building and enlarging the Adventist presence in Grand Junction and the region and to stay ahead of growth needs. This was a common comment by other members and leaders of the church. The church itself, and schools which provide Christian education to more than 100 children, have sold their current properties to Colorado Mesa University.
   Hartnell explained his personal excitement about the new project. “Before we moved here, and when still in the old church, my thought has always been, if we are going to do it in the future, do it now. Start now, start listening to God now. So, when you get to the new spot, you are to rock and roll. I am just excited about the new direction and the new vision that we have.”
  The majority of the congregants have rallied behind the project, he said. With the transition, naturally, there is always a significant uneasiness in leaving something that was a part of the congregational life for decades, Hartnell commented. For others, it meant being with “old technology, old facilities, and tired facilities with brand new stuff …” The new, and miraculously-acquired property with a much bigger space for the new facility will offer new opportunities. Hartnell lists the advantage of being in a park environment, an environment “where we can be a part of the community. It offers unlimited possibilities,” Hartnell added.

   For Casey Prindle, who has clocked-in a 16-year connection with Intermountain Adventist Academy, first as a student and now as principal, there was a similar tone of excitement. He refers to the mission driving the school and the church. “Rebuilding almost forces you to reevaluate your mission and vision,” he commented.”It is a very exciting day, it’s a recommitment to the public, and yet it is an opportunity for us to put forth what I think would be one of the best programs for the community,” he added. Currently, the academy has 31 students (K-8th grade) and plans are to expand to 60-70 students within the next five years.
   Speaking of the newest of the three units of the project, Bob Nicolay, a businessman and chair of Little Lambs Learning Center said “We’ve outgrown the place.” Opened in 2010, the day care center currently has 68 kids and the new facility will aim at 80. The center is fully self-supporting.
   State and county regulations require additional changes which, Nicolay said, require us to comply. “With the new facility, we are doubling the size,” he added.

   Hubert Sturges, retired missionary doctor, commented on how having a new facility will draw new people and stepping forward in faith will result in a blessing to the congregation and the community.
   Greg and Joline Kolsky noted that this attractive campus in a new neighborhood will be exposed to a different flow of people generating positive interest.
   Over the next year, Maranatha Volunteers International, a non-profit building
organization, will be joining local building contractors in making the project come to life. The first of three waves of volunteers are scheduled to arrive and begin work on April 30. Members of Adventist congregations throughout the Grand Valley will dedicate time and volunteer labor to complete the project.
 Speaking at the groundbreaking, Ed Barnett congratulated the church in Grand Junction for the vision to make the presence of the Adventist faith community stronger. He also challenged them not to be discouraged by the pressures of fundraising and moving, but to look forward to the exciting day when our new facilities will be a shining light and an even greater blessing to the community. "What is great is seeing all three units come together in one facility. If all lift up Jesus, you will make a difference in the community," said Barnett. The Rocky Mountain Conference was also represented by Eric Nelson, VP for administration who was a district pastor in the Grand Valley area, and Lonnie Hetterle, VP for education.   
   Grand Valley Adventists date their presence to 1901 with the establishment of a school in downtown Grand Junction. A house of worship followed a few years later.  
Adventist churches in Grand Junction, Palisade and Fruita, with an attendance approaching 500, are three of 130 Seventh-day Adventist congregations in Colorado.

[Rajmund Dabrowski with Ron Johnson; photos by Rajmund Dabrowski (top 2) and Sandra Adcox]
Human Trafficking Abhorrent Says Young Adventist Activist  »   She abhors human trafficking and her faith fortifies her resolve to fight it. That’s the story of 19-year-old Katie McTavish from Newday Christian Seventh-day Adventist Church in Parker.
   On March 11, Katie joined 300 other activists at SHIFT Justice Conference 2017 in Denver.
   The lineup of speakers for the SHIFT Conference reads like a list of Who’s Who in the fight-against-human-trafficking. They came from Dalit Freedom Network, Hope Academy, and A-21. They arrived from Free Indeed, Girl Above, Tall Truth, and Joy International. And, lest you think this is an exhaustive list, just google “list of organizations that combat human trafficking” and you’ll see at least 70.
   “Human trafficking is the third-largest global criminal enterprise, exceeded only by drug and arms trafficking . . .” shared Laura Lederer, a leading State Department official on human trafficking at a Washington conference.
   That’s why as many as 60 young volunteers from several high schools in the Denver area organized a March 11 conference to educate, empower, and motivate people to get involved in the fight for justice. That’s why these well-known organizations were willing to send speakers to this event organized by high school students.
   Begun by six students and a teacher at Valor Christian High School last year, they chose the name SHIFT, realizing it takes a SHIFT in thinking to actually do something about an issue after hearing about it.
   Although we typically think of human trafficking happening in countries like Cambodia or Greece, it has sadly become a problem in the United States. Evidently, Denver is a human trafficking hub. “We’re in the middle of the country, and that makes us a destination state, but also a transit state,” says Finger in Brandy Simmons article, “Inside Colorado’s underground sex trafficking empire.” “With I-25 and I-70 connecting us to the coast or to the borders, we sit right in the middle of a lot of action.”
   Professionally executed, the conference, held at Valor Christian High School, provided attendees with a goody bag of information flyers, along with a SHIFT bracelet and water bottle. As many as 20 vendors set up booths where they peddled such things as bracelets to benefit women in Africa.
   With featured speakers and breakout sessions, much information was shared and digested. A head deputy from the police system in Denver—part of the FBI—spoke about what they’re doing to stop human trafficking in Denver. Created in 2012, they participated in Operation Cross Country IX, conducted in Colorado and Wyoming. In Denver, 20 underage victims were recovered, according to FBI officials.
   After the conference, Krisa Van Allen, founder of Girl Above and speaker for the conference, spoke with sisters Laura and Katie McTavish, both avid supporters of the push for justice for victims of human trafficking; Katie, a member of the original six organizers. “Can I take you guys to coffee before I go to the airport?” Krisa asked, evidently impressed by their enthusiasm.
   “The conversation we had over coffee was an answer to prayer,” shares Katie, communication student at Colorado Christian University. “I’ve been wondering what to do with this passion and this call.” She fired questions at Krisa and received answers for things that had been burning in her heart: What should I take in college? What is one of the hardest times you’ve had as well as one of the most rewarding times working in this field?
   Her answers were encouraging, Katie says. Krisa explained that some days she sits in her office working on spreadsheets, while other days she’ll find herself in Greece working with victims. “She encouraged me to finish my education and to step into volunteer opportunities.”
   “Today’s Christians have to realize the need for justice in the world,” says Katie, “and that it is something God calls us to do. Our congregations really need to talk about these things. A lot of poverty as well as human trafficking  is based on messed-up justice systems and corrupt governments. People can’t get out of poverty nor out of human trafficking without help.”
  Dave Kennedy, pastor of Newday Church says that several of his members are involved in fighting for justice. Among them is Kirk Samuel, founder of Free Indeed and a contributor to the Justice Conference. "Katie and Kirk are examples of passionate Christ followers who love God and serve people in tangible ways," says Dave. "They use their gifts to fight oppression and set the captives free." 
   She encourages people to get involved. Give a week, a month, a year, she urges. It’s not easy and it won’t be comfortable, but it is something that has to be done.”
Find more information on the SHIFT Justice Conference here.
[Carol Bolden; photo courtesy of Facebook: student volunteers prepare for conference by filling goody bags]

Campion MusicFest Draws Students From Every Corner of Rocky Mountain Conference » Academy students, public school students, and homeschool students came from all over the conference to meet with like-minded music students and teachers for two days of music instruction and concerts the weekend of March 23-25.   Yves Clouzet, Music Department director at Campion Academy, together with Jonathan Wall, director of choral studies at Southwestern Adventist University, and Leandro Bizama, director of music at Mile High Academy directed string, orchestra, choir, and band ensembles. 
[RMCNews; photo by Ed Barnett]
Cultural Immersion by Campion Students Brings New Friendships »  The road to the campus of Azul Wasi, passes through cornfields and a chest-high cactus fence runs along one side of the property. A blue gate depicting Jesus backed by mountains greets visitors and a sign proclaims that this is, indeed, Azul Wasi.
   It is here that Nate Marin and Jim Hughes took 36 Campion Academy students during their recent spring break to “do something of significance and to be immersed in the culture,” explains Jim.
   Azul Wasi is an orphanage founded in 2002 by a retired police officer after he saw the trouble kids living on the streets were into, kids who had been abandoned or had run away from abusive homes. Located 45 minutes out of Cusco, Peru, in the tiny town of Oropesa, the orphanage is home to around 15 kids.
   To further enhance the immersion experience, CA students either slept in the dormitory or in a classroom cleared for their use. They were divided into three groups, one of which headed to the Adventist church in Oropesa with Dr. Stacey, a dentist from Loveland, where they ran an all-day dental clinic for the local people. The second group provided a Vacation Bible School program for the children in the town and again at night for the children at the orphanage. The third group worked with construction. Student volunteers were able to rotate through the three groups to experience each type of work.
   During their 12 days in Peru, the construction crew tore down three unused buildings, did the groundwork for installing a septic tank, and poured the second floor for the main building. “[The concrete pour] was a major undertaking,” explains Jim Hughes, “which we hammered out in a day.” Both guys and gals hauled buckets and wheelbarrows and worked very hard.
   To show their gratitude for everything their guests were doing for them, the kids from Azul Wasi worked right alongside Campion students, matching their work bucket for bucket, wheelbarrow for wheelbarrow.
   The inconsistency of hot water in the showers--Campion students probably had no more than one hot shower during their time there--was a catalyst that helped them realize what privileged lives they live.
   Campion senior, Jay Mamanua wanted to make sure the lessons he learned would stick with him as long as possible, “so I try to be appreciative of everything I have,” Jay explained.
   While it was difficult to say goodbye after making heart connections with others, Azul Wasi residents and Campion Academy students are staying in touch through social media and video chat.
   “They discovered,” said Jim as he wrapped up the story, “that giving is better than getting.”
[Carol Bolden; photo by Jim Hughes]

Belize Mission Trip Sees Baptisms, New Classrooms, and a Barrier Reef »  The small, Central American paradise of Belize was the location of a March 9-20 spring break mission trip for 20 Campion students, plus a student from Kansas and one from Nebraska.
   For the past 12 years, Campion students have traveled to Belize during their spring break to work on building a junior college in Corozal in northern Belize. This year, however, they worked on a new project in Ladyville, near Belize City.  
    Staying at a large, dormitory-like building called The White House, five of the missionaries held a week of prayer each morning for Ladyville Adventist School and for Hattieville Adventist Elementary School 20 miles away.

   In the afternoon, they practiced their sermons and preached at five different churches each evening.
   The 17 builders worked on the Marysville School, finishing one-third of the 135’ x 35’ slab and the entire first floor for four new classrooms.
   The students were rewarded the last Sabbath when they witnessed ten baptisms from five locations. One student preacher, Ricky Crews, was also baptized. At the end of the teen week of prayer, 55 students came forward for baptism.
   One Campion missionary, Lizbeth Camacho, shared her reaction to the time she spent in Belize by saying, "We were able to learn teamwork and see Jesus through the people of Belize. They are so humble, yet always willing to help with a smile. We appreciated their passion for Christ and love for us all."

   Their final day was spent snorkeling at Belize Barrier Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, swimming with sharks, and sunning on San Pedro Island.
[Carol Bolden; photo by Phil Jones]

Lander Church Blesses Village in Zimbabwe »  The little village of Nechilibi in Zimbabwe recently received the gift of a new church and water well thanks to a donation from the Lander Church. With just nine active members there, raising the money for this project might seem a bit ambitious, but “a little one shall become a thousand” Isaiah 60:22 tells us.
   In Nechilibi, the round trip journey for water takes about an hour and happens several times a day. It was obvious they needed a better and more convenient source of water.
   After the Lander Church made their donation to the project, Maranatha International sent a crew to Nechilibi to build a church and drill a well.
   The women of the village were especially excited, knowing that getting water was about to get much easier. But as the team drilled, they kept hitting rock. Not until they reached 78 ½ meters did the mud begin to blow from the hole.
 Nechilibi inhabitants received literal and spiritual water. The gift from the Lander Church proved to be a life-enhancing, community-building gift.
[Carol Bolden; photo by Maranatha International]

Community Invited to Step Into Easter Story at Campion »  What has become a staple event for the region, the annual Journey to the Cross and Beyond will again be enacted on the Campion Academy campus April 15 between 1 and 7:00 p.m.
   Dick Stenbakken, a well-known re-enactor of biblical stories, will present a revised presentation on the Easter theme. This year, “we hope to be able to present the Easter story with a unique way of experiencing the gift of Easter,” he said.
   Doing these tours during the Passion week “we invite people to step into history and experience biblical history as if they have been there,” Stenbakken said. As previously, the Journey is an effort of several churches in the area, an experience of collaboration of the area Adventist community for the larger community. In the previous years, several hundred visitors participated in the Easter experience. Stenbakken hopes that the numbers will increase “for close or more than a 1,000 visitors.” The current Journey will be presented only on Saturday, a day before Easter Sunday.
   Tours will begin on the hour each hour. Although this is the third year for this Easter extravaganza, it has been revised and expanded. The Journey will take place at 300 SW 42nd Street, Loveland and is free and open to the public.
   After an introduction and directions, the interactive production leads the participant through the streets of first century Jerusalem, meeting costumed merchants, priests, shoppers, tax collectors, beggars, and even Pontius Pilate himself.  
   Each guest will be provided with Jerusalem coins with which to pay for items in the shops,  pay taxes, or fend off the beggars. After they leave the market they will be led to a dramatic presentation of the crucifixion and resurrection. Visitors will see and feel what it might have been like that first Easter. Guests will then be invited to the cafeteria for refreshments and to view an extensive collection of first century Roman military artifacts. Each hour a guest will also have an opportunity to win a drawing; they must be present to win. There will also be a grand prize.
   The entire program is free, and no reservations are required but visitors are asked to bring at least one non-perishable food item to donate to a local food bank. Everything is handicap accessible.
For more information go to
[Ardis Stenbakken; photo by Rajmund Dabrowski] 


"The effort to earn salvation by one's own works inevitably leads men to pile up human exactions as a barrier against sin. For, seeing that they fail to keep the law, they will devise rules and regulations of their own to force themselves to obey. All this turns the mind away from God to self. His love dies out of the heart, and with it perishes love for his fellow men. A system of human invention, with its multitudinous exactions, will lead its advocates to judge all who come short of the prescribed human standard. The atmosphere of selfish and narrow criticism stifles the noble and generous emotions, and causes men to become self-centered judges and petty spies." Ellen G. White, Thoughts From the Mount of Blessings, p 123

   The Rocky Mountain Conference Prayer Request line is up and running! You are invited to leave a voice mail prayer request at 303-282-3618 or email your request by clicking "Submit a Prayer Request" on the home page. Requests will be shared with out prayer team to pray over them. We would like to expand our prayer team! Please email the RMC prayer coordinator at to say, "Yes, I'm willing to pray!

Camping Excursion Adventure Dinner Happening at Brighton Academy » Brighton Academy will hold its annual worthy student fundraiser at 6:30 p.m. April 1.
Worship, in the church, will feature students recently returned from a mission trip to Hawaii to bless a homeless community and make improvements on their summer camp.
   Then, take a hike to the annex to begin a camping excursion. You'll pack your bag (stomach, haha!) by choosing the order in which you receive your dinner items. Will you receive dessert first? Will you be daring and eat without a utensil? Would you eat your entree with a knife if that's all you have? It's all part of the adventure.
   Brighton Academy students will provide camping tips and it will e a fantastic time!
All proceeds from this love offering dinner will go directly to BAA student aid. Come support Brighton Adventist Academy. For questions, email or call Tammy at the church office.

Canon City Church  »   “Living in the Final Week” by Dr. Tim Rumsey, is a prophecy series focusing on the life of Christ and the final events of Bible prophecy. Held at 7 p.m. nightly (except Sunday and Wednesday) beginning April 7, it continues through May 6 at the Canon City Church. 
   Learn from the Bible about events in the life of Christ that form a detailed prophecy of end-time events and the practical implications of walking with Jesus each day. Study guides in English and Spanish are available for each presentation.
Dr. Tim Rumsey has taught and lectured on Bible prophecy in the United States and South America. His passion is to share with other people the Bible’s special message for today’s world. 

Before It's Too Late  »   ASI's Mid-America Convention is scheduled for April 27-30 at Ramada Plaza in Denver. Speakers include Pastor John Bradshaw, director It Is Written, as the featured speaker; Dr. Neal Nedley, Weimar president, as seminar speaker; and Jesse Johnson, It Is Written manager,  will present the "Gospel Through Technology" workshop. Morning devotionals will be presented by Pastor Gary Thurber, president of the Mid-America Union Conference. Experience Members in Action testimonies, music, exhibits and more. For more information, visit To see the flyer, go to
Let the Light Shine Forth »    Denver South Church will hold a  "Let the Light Shine Forth" Sabbath event which will take place April 8 with Pastor John Davidson presenting the morning sermon at 10 a.m.. Pastor Davidson is president of  Eden Valley Institute of Wellness. Afternoon seminars will be presented by Mark Cromwell, ASIMA executive VP and Adventist United president, from 2-4 p.m. The church is located at 2675 S Downing Street, Denver 80210. For more information, visit
Exile: Easter Through the Eyes of St. John  »    Come to LifeSource for a special one-person play featuring our very own Pastor Tim Cress as the Disciple John at 7 p.m., April 15. See first-hand what it was like being with Jesus through his ministry all the way through Easter morning. You will be inspired! LifeSource Adventist Fellowship is located at 6200 W Hampden Avenue, Denver CO 80227, 303-988-8371.
Widow/Widower LifeGroup  »    Are you a widow or widower? Would you like to connect with others who are experiencing your same journey? We are attempting to connect as many people as possible from the Denver metro area. If you would like to be kept in the loop or be a part of this group, let us know at
Boulder Church  »    Join us April 15 for an all-day celebration of the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Family worship includes a sermon by Pastor Japhet titled, "Who Do You Say I Am?" based on Matthew 15:13-24. 
   In the afternoon, there will be an Easter celebration concert and a special children's program (both 2-3 p.m.). This special day will conclude with a family hike up Mount Sanitas (4-6 p.m.) Any child under the age of 12 who reaches the summit by 6 p.m. will be rewarded with a chocolate bunny. Contact Pastor Japhet for more information about the Easter program.

Mile High Academy Kids' University Summer Camps »    Our summer camps provide a safe place for your kids to thrive. Between Fit For Life, Imagine It, Innovation Station and Math Central station, along with our sports and learning camps, your child will learn and grow in creative ways every day. Contact us for more information at or call us at 303-744-1069. Be part of the fun!
Campion's Academy Days  »  A FREE Open House for prospective high school students in grades 7-11 and their parent(s) or sponsor will be held April 21 and 22 at Campion Academy under the theme "Never Stop Exploring." To register, go to For questions, contact Jessica Rios at 970-667-5592 or
FIRE REKINDLED 2017 »  Be REKINDLED by His Word! Join us for an amazing experience at three different locations at 7 p.m. Fridays, 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. Sabbaths through April 22 at the Golden Church (March) and Denver West Church (April) or at 3 p.m. at Lakewood Fellowship (March and April). Come for Bible-based messages, kids' programs, music and more!
Making Sense of God: A Live Multi-night Event  »  Why should anyone believe in Christianity? What role does faith play in an age of empirical reason? Join us LIVE for five conversations about faith, featuring music, presentations and plenty of time for questions and discussions. If you consider yourself a skeptic or a person of deep faith, we'd love to invite you in. Plan to join us in the LifeSource Cafe from 7-8 p.m., May 5, 6, 9, 12, and 13 or livestream from Facebook or our website. AND, if you'd be willing to host a viewing party each night, we'll give you a free Roku to livestream the sessions (and you get to keep it!) The church is located at 6200 W Hampden Avenue, Denver CO 80227.

Prophecy Seminar  »  Aurora First Church continues its Prophecy Seminar on the books of Daniel and Revelation at 7 p.m. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays through May 30. Aurora First Church is located at 11400 E Mississippi Avenue, Aurora CO 80012. All are welcome!
Vista Fellowship  »   Vista Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship is conducting a Prophecy Series presented by David Steward of Amazing Facts. Meetings are held Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 p.m,. and Saturdays at 6 p.m., March 24 through April 22 at 701 Kimbark Street, Longmont. For more information, contact Tim Jones at
VBX Training 2017  »   You're invited to the RMC's VBX training from 2-3 p.m., April 1 at Denver South Hispanic Church.
Learn the details of the new theme, Cactusville: Where Kids are Called to Follow Jesus. Please RSVP to Patty Rivera by March 15 at The church is located at 2005 S Lincoln Street, Denver 80210.

Women's Ministries Leadership Certification  » Women are invited to attend a Level One Leadership Certification Seminar beginning at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 7, and continuing from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sabbath, April 8 at the Rocky Mountain Conference Office Meeting Room, 2520 S. Downing Street. Carla Baker, Women’s Ministries Director for the North American Division will conduct this seminar along with her team.  Two meals will be provided on Sabbath.
Any woman desiring to enhance leadership in ministry should attend. It will include a series of sessions on subjects such as “Principles of Effective Leadership”, “Visioning and Goal Setting” and more. Each woman completing the seminar will receive a certificate. There is no charge to attend. You are responsible for your own lodging. 
Registration is essential. Contact Ginger Bell at 720-980-9006 or by March 31.

Health Partner Training Retreats  »    Be part of the revolution in health ministry reflecting Christ's character. In just one weekend, you can become a Health Partner and experience a transformation in your own health and in your evangelistic programs. Learn how to help people move from information to real-life changes through effective coaching skills. Form a group of 10-15 from your church, or join another group and gather with us to enjoy a weekend retreat in beautiful Silverthorne, Colorado, while learning, practicing new skills, relaxing, hiking and fellowshipping. Contact Rick Mautz for available dates for 2017 at 303-909-8274 or at

Celebrating Life in Recovery »    Twin Peaks Church is holding a 14-week program presented by Cheri Peters to help with recovery from domestic abuse, perfectionism, alcoholism, drug addiction, anger, dependency, and so much more. Join this FREE program at 7 p.m. Thursdays continuing through May 11. Register at For questions, call 720-890-3767. The Twin Peaks Church is located at 9696 Paschal Drive, Louisville, CO.

Women's Ministry Retreats 2017  »   RMC Women’s Ministries is excited to announce the Area Women’s Retreats for 2017:
Wyoming: Seaside Escape–a study of Sarah and Hagar
                   Mills Spring Ranch on Casper Mountain
                   August 26, 27
                   Contact:  Rhonda McDonald: 307-259-8147
Colorado Western Slope:  Falling in Love Again
                    Speaker:  Darla Sherman
                    Mountain Top Retreat (15 miles from Montrose)
                    October 6-8
                    Contact:  Linda Johnson:  970-245-2294
Colorado Metro, NE/SE:  The Best Is Yet To Come
                     Speaker and Musician: Jaclynn Huse along with
                     her daughter Shelby, age 16 
                     BEGINS SATURDAY NIGHT
                     SEPTEMBER 16
                     WITH FREE CONCERT
                     at Greeley Adventist Church
                     EVERYONE INVITED! -- not just for women.
                     Followed by one-day Women's Retreat
                     Sunday, September 17
                     at Pinehurst Country Club in Littleton                   
                     Contact:  Ginger Bell:  720-980-9006

Cooking at its Funnest!  »   Cody Church is hosting Chef Mark Anthony at 6 p.m., Tuesday, July 11 where you'll enjoy a free dinner and a message on plant-based health nutrition, including weight loss, lowering cholesterol, and increasing energy. Seating is limited. The Cody Church is located at 1608 19th Street, Cody, WY. For more information, call 307-213-5009 or go to


Vista Ridge Academy  »  is looking for a part-time group leader and part-time aide for its preschool program. For more information, contact Sandy Hodgson at 

The Voice of Prophecy is looking for a digital content specialist/webmaster to work at the ministry headquarters in Loveland. For more information, visit


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-- about developments, issues, notable events, as well as experiences of church members. 
     Please email your story to so we can share how God is working through His people in your territory. When submitting your story, please include the following: the Ws (who, what, where, when, why...also how), a personal quote, a photo and the name of the photographer. Please consider time constraints and always send in fresh new stories instead of outdated ones.
Submission deadlines are Wednesdays by noon.

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